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Anonymous said...

I'm a BIG believer in black salve. Living in South Florida exposure to the sun is a given. I posted one article about my son's tumor where his ear attaches to the head and the return of the tumor after it was surgically removed. I have since used the salve on my dog who was diagnosed with an "extremely aggressive malignant tumor". The vet wanted to refer us to a doggie oncologist but I opted for the salve. The tumor fell out in 3 days and the wound healed in less than a week with no reoccurance in over a year!

I use the salve on any suspicious spots now. Am currently healing from what felt like a pin-head size spot where my glasses sit on my nose. The eschar that came out was at least 75% bigger than the original "spot". Will continue applying vitamin E and fresh aloe to the area an am confident that there will be little or no scar as has been true on other treated areas.

Anonymous said...

I have successfully used black salve on my self and on my
mother-in-law. On myself I have photos taken of the various stages of
the healing process. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with a carcinoma on
her face, that was consequently removed in hospital. Six months later
it was back larger that ever. A deeper incision was made this time.
Six months later another spot had appeared very near the eye, My
mother-in-law was very worried about this (80 years old) knowing the
cutting that had taken place on the other sites. Black salve was
applied (a very small amount due to the proximity of the eye) within
three weeks it was completely clear. She is now 91 this year and it is
still 100% clear.

Staff said...

Awesome stories, thanks for sharing, it will help so many people to see they have a natural option to their cancer battle. Please continue to share your stories folks, people need to hear the truth!

Staff said...

Hi folks,

Jim who posted just above my last post has sent us pics of the black salve use on his forehead. They are posted on the site under the "testimonials" section! Amazing what this stuff does to skin cancer, melanomas, basal cell carcinoma, and other malignant tumors and growths. Thanks again for sharing your info Jim!

Anonymous said...

I had a growth on my arm and elected to use black salve instead of surgery and that was 4 years ago. Small scar but probably not as big as if they did the surgery. Black salve worked very well as far as I am concerned!


Anonymous said...

I found an ugly mole on the back of my upper right arm in late February 2001. I immeditely suspected melanoma. On April 12 (the same day we had been told of our daughter's cancer in 1995) I was told the bad news that it was 4th stage melanoma and was referred to Pittsburgh. By the way, I also had a second stage site on my upper back. I basically was given a 50-50 chance of getting well. At the Pgh. consultation surgery was scheduled for one month later. I couldn't believe how long it was taking to get through the "system." However, that one-month wait changed the course of my life.

After punching in melanoma on the Web, I read about black salve and colloidal silver. I didn't really believe what I read but then learned neighbors in my area were using both. The surgeon in Pgh. didn't mind my using the salve, but said it would not change his plans on the surgery. I also started praying for a doctor to get me through the mess I was in. I really didn't know what I wanted. My prayer was answered with a phone call to turn on the radio to listen to Dr. Winer. It's a call-in show and I couldn't get through but the friend who called me did and I listened to her and him discussing my situation. And I was hooked. I just knew this was the way I would go. And I cancelled the surgery (five days off) that same day, even before I met him. And I was in his office a day and a half later (which was another miracle--as it usually takes 6 weeks to get an appt.). Dr. Winer tested me and said the black salve and colloidal silver were working and to keep using them. He also put me on a vegan diet and natural supplements to boost my immune system. I started all this on June 1 and on October 1 he declared me cancer-free. It's nearly two years later now and I remain healthy. All this with no surgery and no chemo or radiation.

I am now 60 and feel like 30. I thank God for my faith in my decision and my resolve to stick to the diet (a major life-change).

Staff said...

These are some great posts! If you haven't checked out the home page I suggest you take some time to look it over. If you are looking for alternative natural treatments over chemo therapy, surgery, and radiation for melanoma, basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma and other skin cancers, then you will find a wealth of info regarding black salve. Also, there are testimonies for warts, moles, and skin tags being treated for removal with bloodroot. Education is the key step before making decisions regarding your health, so take the time to get all the facts!

Anonymous said...

There maybe something to this, read it over, mates!

The Fungus, Yeast, Mould Connection to Cancer

I have studied more than 300 different alternative cancer treatments. I have studied dozens of different theories about why various alternative treatments work. But what is the thread that ties all of these treatments together?

Solving the cancer issue is like a puzzle. You hear many things, but it is sometimes difficult to put the pieces together. For example, several of the key alterntive doctors, such as Royal Rife, Hulda Clark, Virginia Livingston, and many others, all claimed that cancer is caused by a micro-organism. That sounds good, but what is that micro-organism? And even if there is a micro-organism, is it a cause of cancer or merely a harmless symptom of cancer or a laboratory contaminant?

Another common theory is alkalinity. Why is alkalinity so good for cancer treatments?

You also see articles on diet, such as not to eat meat. You see articles to avoid certain other foods as well.

Many of the best cancer treatments, such as Gerson and Moerman, were developed largely by trial and error. Yet the diets these people put together are almost identical to the best cancer diets designed today.

So what is the "glue" that links all of these things together?

Some time ago I came across an article, quite by accident (in fact the article heading had nothing to do with cancer and if I hadn't had a cold at the time I probably would have ignored it), which started a chain reaction in my mind that allowed piece after piece of the cancer puzzle to start to be put together. Major pieces of the puzzle were bridged and seemingly independent theories and discoveries suddenly were related to each other.

That "glue" was a better understanding of alkalinity, fungi, moulds and yeasts. For example, in Dr. Gerson's book on cancer, he stated that when cancer patients came to him he noticed that several diseases were common to his cancer patients. He stated: "I found cancer frequently combined with chronic osteo-arthritis, high or low blood pressure, chronic sinus trouble, or other chronic infections ..." Page 40

So what is so special about this list? First of all, chronic sinusitis is caused by a fungus. Even orthodox medicine admits that. Osteoarthritis is an inflamatory disease. The foods most suspected of creating this inflammation are rich in fungi, moulds and yeasts. The natural foods used to treat or prevent hypertension are very similar to the natural foods used to treat or prevent cancer, meaning these two diseases have something in common. Furthermore, these two diseases have many of the same causes, such as tobacco, which is loaded with fungi and yeasts.

My point is that there is some common link to cancer and the list of diseases Dr. Gerson noticed were common in his cancer patients.

I have recently bought several books on cancer and alkalinity, fungus, moulds and yeasts (and a type of bacteria). It will not be until the end of 2005 (or later) before I have had an opportunity to read most of them. The list of books is at the bottom of this page.
Author is R. Webster Kehr

Staff said...

Thought you may like to see what you should be on the look out for! Remember, black salve is for skin cancers which are mentioned below. Bloodroot salve is for non-cancerous moles, warts, and skin tags.


(From the National Cancer Institute PDQ Statement)

There are several types of cancer that start in the skin. The most common are basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer, which are covered in this PDQ patient information statement.

Skin cancer is more common in people with light colored skin who have spent a lot of time in the sunlight. Skin cancer can occur anywhere on your body, but it is most common in places that have been exposed to more sunlight, such as your face, neck, hands, and arms.

Skin cancer can look many different ways. The most common sign of skin cancer is a change on the skin, such as a growth or a sore that won't heal. Sometime there may be a small lump. This lump can be smooth, shiny and waxy looking, or it can be red or reddish brown. Skin cancer may also appear as a flat red spot that is rough or scaly. Not ail changes in your skin are cancer, but you should see your doctor if you notice changes in your skin.


(From the National Cancer Institute PDQ Statement)

Melanoma is a disease of the skin in which cancer (malignant) cells are found in the cells that color the skin (melanocytes). Melanoma usually occurs in adults, but it may occasionally be found in children and adolescents. Your skin protects your body against heat, light, infection, and injury. It is made up of two main layers: the epidermis (the top layer) and dermis (the inner layer). Melanocytes are found in the epidermis and they contain melanin, which gives the skin its color. Melanoma is sometimes called cutaneous melanoma or malignant melanoma.

Melanoma is a more serious type of cancer than the more common skin cancers, basal cell cancer or squamous cell cancer, which begin in the basal or squamous cells of the epidermis. If you have basal cell or squamous cell cancer of the skin, refer to the patient information statement for skin cancer.

Like most cancers, melanoma is best treated when it is found (diagnosed) early. Melanoma can spread (metastasize) quickly to other parts of the body through the lymph system or through the blood. (Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped structures that are found throughout the body; they produce and store infection-fighting cells.) You should see your doctor if you have any of the following warning signs of melanoma: change in the size, shape, or color of a mole; oozing or bleeding from a mole; or a mole that feels itchy, hard, lumpy, swollen, or tender to the touch. Melanoma can also appear on the body as a new mole. Men most often get melanoma on the trunk (the area of the body between the shoulders and hips) or on the head or neck; women most often get melanoma on the arms and legs.

If you have signs of skin cancer, your doctor will examine your skin carefully. If a mole or pigmented area doesn't look normal, your doctor will cut it out (called local excision) and look at it under the microscope to see if it contains cancer. This is usually done in a doctor's office. It is important that this biopsy is done correctly.

Anonymous said...

I have used black salve in the past with success. (black salve and yellow salve combination)Currently i have used it on my back (over my spine, which worries me) and it proceeded as normal, but grew to be a pretty good size (approx 2-3" dia) The inside is dead but the outside edge is red irritated and painful. It has not completely separated. My husband decided it was time to go see a doctor. So a favorable pathologist familiar with this method recommended someone, who recommended a surgeon. I was told the other day to stop all using it. To clean it with iodine and use polysporin. I am to go back Monday for debriding, and later skin grafts. I am scared to death about this. Does anyone have any suggestions??

Anonymous said...

Did you have an eschar form like usual? A surgeon will not understand the process of black salve healing. Skin will heal on its own, skin grafts are never needed when the black salve works the way it is supposed to and the body has time to heal. What you described sounds like the typical body resonse to black salve when cancer is present. How long ago did you apply the salve and how many time for this specific area you treated?

peacebestill said...

A friend told me about black salve, which she used to remove some skin cancers from her face with great success. My husband is currently in hosp, with matatstices of esophageal cancer all throughout his body. He even has some tumors appearing outside, but most are internal. Drs even say chemo and radio will not kill it. Currently, he has a blockage in his stomach, that they say is probably from a tumor (perhaps an inoperable one) so that he has to be fed IV fluids. I heard of an "internal" black salve, that used to be available on However, their store front has been shut down and the operator imprisoned, because they dared encroach upon Big Brother and the American drug industry, I suppose. Does anybody out there know where else I can find an internal version, or can this type listed here be taken internally? Chemo isnt working, we are desperate here. Thanks

Staff said...

Taking Black Salve Internally

I have not posted any info as of yet about internals but after many request and reports from many people who have used it that way, I am doing so now. One man in TX was on his death bed so to speak with lung cancer when he started to take the internal black salve. Within a week he was actually up and around and was expected to leave the hospital! My friend knows this man, and I am hoping to get a testimonial from him sometime soon, which I will post here.

I am still a bit hesitant to put info up about it because all black salve is not the same and some use different fillers that I would not want to take internally. The old cansema was good stuff but they have been shut down for over 3 years now. I use the salves from because to date they have shown to be all high quality.

Please realize, this is not medical advice, only reports of what others have been experiencing. Make sure you consult with your health care provider before starting any form of treatment. Also, this protocol is for internal black salve, NOT BLOODROOT SALVE. Here is the way most people have taken the salve internally with the best results.

Take a small pea size amount of black salve 1x a day, either placed into an empty capsule or into a piece of bread, then eat a full meal to avoid nausea.

This is to be done everyday for 10 days, then take 10 days off. Repeat this cycle until you have completed a full 30 days of the salve, meaning 10 days on 10 off, 10 on 10 off, then 10 more on.

IMPORTANT: When abnormal cells (cancers) in the body are being destroyed, it will stir up a lot of chaos and the person taking the internals will feel like garbage, but not as bad as if they took chemo! If the person has never done so before, it would be a good idea for them to do a colon cleanse and possibly a liver cleanse before taking the internal salve (If time permits) because there will be a lot of debris from the dead cancer being pulled through the major organs like the liver, kidneys, and intestines. They will want to make sure that the pathway for the debris is clear before the internal protocol is taken.

Email me for specifics about cleanses and I will point you in the right direction.

Kelly Johnson (Mary Kaitlyn - Nursery) said...

Hi Everyone,
I have had a growth on my eyelid for over 15 years. It is very slowly getting bigger and is pearl like in appearance. If I find this is cancer, I would like to know if a black salve would be safe so close to the eye. Thanks for taking time to respond. Kelly In Bama

Staff said...

Hi Kelly,

You need to be very careful around the eyes. I personally would get checked by an MD first, see if it is indeed cancer. Of course, anything that is growing is abnormal tissue and needs to be dealt with. You may want to try the Total Care Body Wash first, as it is much gentler than black salve for such a delicate area. Read up about it on under the title "Detecting Skin Cancer" :)

Bethany333 said...

I need some advice please.
Four days ago I started using black salve on a spot on my back. I initially got it for my horse who has a huge sarcoma on his ear... I was using Xterra on him, but it was very expensive so I ordered a pound of galagal, bloodroot and zinc chloride and mixed my own using 6 tblspoons zinc, 3 galangal and 3 bloodroot. I have kept it on for the most part for four days now.
I had an immediate reaction and now on day 4 I have a sore that is about 2 inches across... It is so painful it takes my breath away at times... Aleve helps the pain.
I would like to know... am I supposed to continue applying the black salve during the entire process or after 4 days should I stop the applications and let it run its course. How soon should I begin to see the eschar?
Any advice would be so appreciated...
I am going to start on my horse tommorow. Same question... how many day do I apply the salveZ?

Bethany333 said...

I need some advice please.
Four days ago I started using black salve on a spot on my back. I initially got it for my horse who has a huge sarcoma on his ear... I was using Xterra on him, but it was very expensive so I ordered a pound of galagal, bloodroot and zinc chloride and mixed my own using 6 tblspoons zinc, 3 galangal and 3 bloodroot. I have kept it on for the most part for four days now.
I had an immediate reaction and now on day 4 I have a sore that is about 2 inches across... It is so painful it takes my breath away at times... Aleve helps the pain.
I would like to know... am I supposed to continue applying the black salve during the entire process or after 4 days should I stop the applications and let it run its course. How soon should I begin to see the eschar?
Any advice would be so appreciated...
I am going to start on my horse tommorow. Same question... how many day do I apply the salveZ?

Staff said...

Please read all usage info here:

Unknown said...

Have a dog, 12 years old, his vet said we can try with Black Salve, cytological findings:
Malignant neoplasms of mesenchymal origin or
anaplastic melanoma (amelanotic).
upper palate
Does anybody have any expiriance on this issue?
Thank you in advance.

Welcome to SeeOurTour Blog Of Kelowna Stores said...

I have a tumour in one lymp node in my abdomen from testicular cancer. Does black suave work on internal lymph nodes? Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi my mom was diagnosed with a rectal tumor and she's 71 and does not want to go through chem/rad. I am her daughter and she's been complaining lately of a lot of pain. Could this salve help with this type of cancer?

depoefan said...

I have taken multi BCCA's off of face and arms by following directions. Now, however, I have a swimming pool and wonder if I have to cover the active spot after the first 24 hrs. Has anyone tried this? Thank you for any suggestions.

Trixie said...

I used black salve on my nose 20 years ago to remove a skin cancer. I was very careful and used a minute amount. It looked rough at first and left scar that filled in in less than a month. Skin cancer has not returned. I love this product and as long as it is used with common sense and you follow directions there are no problems. I have absolutely no scarring. Wonderful product that I am grateful to be able to purchase. I used this on basil cell carcinoma I believe. My family has a history of these and the dermatologists were always removing them and they would just appear in another area.

Cindy said...

I am using black salve for the first time. I am on day 4--it's amazing to see it work! I am not sure when to start applying the vitamin E and the Sagre de Drago (to help it heal and not scar). Should I be doing that daily now? Or not until the Eschar falls out?

Thanks so much for helping to educate us!

Unknown said...

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Joy said...

I'm on day 3 of using small amt of black salve on a 1 cm patch above my wrist.
Unfortunately, it got saturated when the waterproof bandaid leaked while showering.
i have dried it out, but it doesn't look like pictures I've seen.
Should I just proceed as normal or apply more or what?
There's still some there, but it's not black and scabby looking like pictures I've seen.
It's slightly tender as well.
Please comment re if the site gets wet.

Unknown said...

I’ve used black salve in the past. It was the bloodroot, galangal, zinc chloride recipe. Worked fantastic. It got old and lost its strength so I ordered another but couldn’t find the same recipe. This salve doesn’t seem to be working as well. I’ve been using it on a mile but the eschar just doesn’t seem to want to come out. I’ve treated it about 3-5 times in the past 6 weeks and it works like the other one but body not expelling the eschar. Anyone have this problem? I’m very experienced with this stuff so I know what to expect.

Dr. Ron Warner said...

I am 82-years-old and have successfully treated/removed 7 or 8 basal cell skin cancers from my nose and forehead using Amazon Black Salve. It is a wonderful product, and I recommend its use very highly.