Thursday, May 16, 2013

Healthy Breasts Removed...What About Black Salve?

Im absolutely blown away at the insanity of doctors
telling female patient who test positive for carrying a gene that
they have a high percent chance of getting breast cancer and they
should have their breasts REMOVED SURGICALLY as a preventative

Celebrity Angelina Jolie recently shared with the world that she
willingly took part in this horrific procedure and is telling woman
that it is an important "option" to consider in preventing breast
cancer. It's appalling that she is spreading her own fear and
uneducated decisions upon the lives of her followers!

Not once did she mention in her press announcements about the loss
of vital lymphatic tissue because of the surgery, or even hint at
natural preventative measures. Thankfully YOU know much more than
she does, so it is important to talk to your friends and family
about this before they pick up a tabloid magazine at the checkout
stand and read this propaganda ... you just could save a life!

I have used Black Salve on both myself & my husband. My Husband had
a large growth on his arm & I had 4 small growths, 2 small one on
my arm & 2 near my temple. The 2 on the temple came of easily, but
the ones on my arms needed 2 goes & they are very slow to grown
back normally.

My husband one was on his arm just before the elbow joint & after I
had put the Black Salve on it, we waited approx. 1 week started to
weep & he was wiping it &
putting the healing ointment on it. I was beginning to panic, what
have I done all this stuff coming out of this T H I N G.

I thought I would have to take him to the hospital & then I would
have to explain to them what I had done. Toward the end of the 2nd
week when he was cleaning his arm the whole lot came out in 1
piece, it looked like an upside down volcano.

It then began to heal over, the hole would of been 3/8inch deep &
it has healed up beautifully. You wouldn't know that he had a skin
cancer there.

Thank you for the Black Salve information. Since then, I have told
a lot of people about Black Salve & have given some of this
wonderful ointment away to different ones with small cancer on
their arms.

-Jan Pryde, Port Macquarie N S W Australia

To your health,
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