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Black Salve & Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews: December 2016

Black Salve & Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews: December 2016

I have now treated seventy cancers of all types with salve with complete success and have recommended it to friends who have have also used it, I previously went through over twenty years of conventional treatment and the cancers always came back I am very grateful for this product as it not only gets the main cancer but any smaller ones around it where it was starting to spread, the after care cream is great too as it keeps the eschar soft and helps it to fall out as well as speeding up the healing process, thanks.

My wife has just been through a breast cancer scare. It was found early & a 25mm lump removed. But as she works for a pharmaceutical company that make oncology drugs she knew that she was NOT having those chemicals in her body but had radiation only. She was told of black salve but never really followed it up so I started reading more about it ! I bought some from BOE due to difficulties getting it in Australia & she  tried it.  She currently has a large eschar on her non cancer boob that will hopefully be off within a week! :) then we will try some on where they (supposedly) removed the cancer!
We are definitely all for this type of cancer treatment over the medical cut poison kill methods!!

I have been taking the bloodroot capsules for reduction of inflammation and general well being. They cleared up a beginning urinary tract infection and reduced a developing pain in my wrist to nothing.  (I do a lot of keyboard work.) They also make for a very excellent regular morning bowel movement. I am recommending them to a friend who suffers regularly from impacted faeces - she's tried everything else and is very willing to give bloodroot a go.

My husband had a sore on his face that we put black salve on and we used the capsules along with it to get rid of any infection he had.  He could feel the infection being drawn clear down to his knees and in his arm pits.  It was not fun for him but we feel that it worked and he is alive because we took this action.

The lump in my breast turns out to be a fibroid cyst so the Black Salve did not affect it. However, I was relieved to know that the Black Salve "knows".
-Donna K.

My friend had a lesion on the edge of his ear that had been there almost a year...and kept getting bigger. His doctor said he needed to see a dermatologist because it looked like carcinoma. Well, I saw this product and decided to use it as a last-ditch effort before him having to go and get his ear cut up...and possibly having it spread. This Black Salve with DMSO worked fast! Within one day, the pain was bad, but my friend didn't touch it. We followed the directions exactly. Within 2 weeks, it looked quite a lot different. Within 1 month, the lesion was gone and his skin was back to looking healthy with no sign of the lesion. Purchased from "Best on Earth."

I used the black salve for a mole that itched and was growing even though the dermatologist tested it as fine. It was very bothersome to me. I used the black salve as recommended and it took a week from start to finish and I had brand new pink skin where the mole used to be. Truly amazing product and I'll be using it for other moles too. Thank you!

I had malignant melanoma twice before I started taking black salve bloodroot capsules from Best on Earth. I have had no more skin issues since then. I have been taking them for about 4 years.
-Adrienne E.

What at first looked like a skin tag, was diagnosed as skin cancer and the Dr. made plans to remove it by surgery. I used the Black Salve and the whole cancer came out leaving a cone shaped crater-like hole approx 25 mm diameter by 20 mm deep. This healed over a period of time. I have a series of photos of process (all except the photo of the cancer prior to commencement of treatment)Black salve is an extremely effective medicine.
-Frank C.

We come from a time when it was fashionable to have a tan and to use sun cream lotions that promoted this so called "fashionable" tan.  Consequently, being fair skinned we now have sun damaged skin.  After many trips to Drs to have these skin cancers removed, cut out or burnt off! ( they just kept returning) until we heard about having success with Black Salve with DSMO.  Any suspicious looking mark, on goes the black salve, if not cancerous, only a small red mark which disappears quickly, however if it is cancerous then you can quickly see the black salve working.  I can attest to its effectiveness and always make sure to have an up to date jar with us at all times.
-Patti W.

I have used Black Salve twice successfully.  One cancer was under my eye I used a tiny amount no bigger than a pin head and within a week the area looked like several tiny pimples. the next day the centre came out and lift s tiny clean hole which cleared leaving no scar.  MY skin specialist was furious but I was very happy.  The second skin cancer is on my arm again the results a quick. I only use the smallest amount just enough to cover the cancer.  More isn't better. Follow the instruction carefully.

I am an integrative medically qualified practitioner at the London Centre For Integrative Medicine. Seven years ago, I had a basal cell carcinoma on my left   pinna (ear), confirmed conventionally by biopsy. It responded well to treatment with black salve, and I was able to avoid disfiguring surgery. There have  been several minor recurrences, which also responded well to Black Salve. I reviewed  the medical use of black salve and sent  it to a London cancer hospital suggesting conventional research. My letter was ignored.
-Stephen Bourne MB, Dip Homotox (Hons)

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Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsule Reviews October 2016

Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsule Reviews October 2016

About Black Salve Paste with DMSO and black salve blood root capsules. These are both very powerful products, I used the paste externally to remove a breast lump thru the skin, and the capsules internally, 2x3 times a day for 4 months, until the core was dead. I did no conventional treatments. Thank you, and Bless you!



Hoping for preventative anti-melanoma result. As I have been taking the Bloodroot Capsules for about 6 months, they seem to be working by the fact that at my last two visits to the Cancer-Scan clinic, nothing has been found to cut out, but previously they would usually  find one or two things.  So I will continue taking it in the hope that it keeps me free from them.

-David Francis in Australia


Amazing! I had a mole that appeared on my chest.. my doc a skin specialist said it was fine .. if it got to 5mm come back and see him... i read about the problems that biopsies can bring i went the Best on Earth Black Salve route... put it on and it stung a bit but nothing happened... reapplied a week later and away it went just as the You Tube clips show.... ten days later and some pain out it came .. the crater about the size of my fingernail had a white dot.. so i put some more in... and then away it went again... although not as big  a reaction.... the pain because of the raw skin was huge had to get some strong relief doc was ok ...anyway the second smaller eschar fell out  and it healed after ten days... that was three years ago.. i should have had a punch biopsy then i would have known what it was .... by the pain i would guess that it could have been a melanoma but not sure... anyway no sign of it since.

-Steve O in England


I am 77 & the only pills I was taking before these were Magnesium for cramps in my legs, Vita B & C.

Since starting on the Bloodroot Capsules (6 a day)I haven't needed to take the supplements above because I haven't had cramps.... My body doesn't ache like it used to do either.  I am keeping an eye on a cyst on my thumb in the hopes that it clears this, because it is deforming my thumb..

My husband has a small cancer in his prostate, a number of 9, & now he is using me as a guinea pig to see any improvements I might get.

I have used the Black Salve for a tiny growth on my nose that couldn't really be seen from the outside, but was beginning to block my airway... got rid of it in no time at all & no scaring.



Used black salve w/DMSO exactly as instructed, a 1/4 in diameter scalp growth fell off within 5 days - thank you!



Recently I had a CT scan, with and without contrast, they showed a nodule in my right lung. Contrast first detected it and three months later without contrast then six months later I had another scan which detected NO growth. I started the regimen of Back Salve Caps along with Organic Green 180 to keep my system basic. I also up my dosage of EllagiCaps. There has been no growth of the nodule and the doctor cleared me for another year.

I also have used Black Salve Ointment for skin cancer on myself, which included melanoma, and had other people use it under my direction. I stopped counting at 35 with not a failure. This product works too.



I have been taking 3 Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules with each meal for about 5 months now. I had a BCC on my eyelid and it seems to be going away without surgery. I have also changed my diet and eliminated several food groups to improve my general health.



I have used black salve thru out the past 8 years. If I ever have a bump/spot I do not like the look of I put some on wait 2 weeks and the bump/spot falls off and my skin heals up. I have been very happy. *it does Burn/Sting and is painful for a few weeks till it does its job.



Black Salve came to our rescue many, many years after my daughter was given just 4 weeks to live from a stage 4 Melanoma which the specialist had been refusing to remove for almost 8 years. She is still alive and Cancer free today thanks to Black Salve. Many other family members and friends are alive all thanks to Bloodroot Capsules. Its about time that Governments stop using chemo to treat internal Cancers, God bless you all!



I had the Devil take up on my shin 8 years ago. Big, bad and ugly. I already had Black Salve from BOE. It hurt something fierce when applied. Along with whole pineapple for digestion, and stopping Melatonin for awhile, the devil had to leave, and has not returned. For the enlightened, this is a good product to store away for when and if. Thanks BOE and Rick at BSI.

-Bill in USA


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Black Salve Bloodroot Reviews August 2016

Black Salve Bloodroot Reviews August 2016

My Great Grandfather,Grandfather, and Father all died much to soon from Cancer of the Colon. Most all cancers I've heard from healthy holistic health care people , seem to thrive in acidic bodies.Along with regular colon exams and maintaining a 7.25 ph with Bloodroot Capsules and EllagiCaps. I have not only a great feeling of well being but maybe an extended life I feel lucky I found them.
-J Holt

I had a reoccurrence of breast cancer. It pulled the cancer out. I photographed the whole process, it worked amazing!

I am fighting a small nodule in my right lung. I don't know if it's cancer at this point but it's not growing three months after it was found. If it's cancer, these capsules are preventing its growth. My next scan is in four months. I am certain, if it's cancer, that it will be gone.
-B Phiffer

My husband has bile duct cancer and I am sure the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules are helping him. he started with one capsule a day increasing to 9 per day. he was on the bloodroot for about 3 weeks and had his blood levels read before and after. definite improvement and he also felt much better. however the oncologist advised us to stop any natural therapy when his radiation began which we did.

after a week OFF the bloodroot he felt very unwell again. so he began straight away back on 9 bloodroot caps a day. I don't know as yet if they will cure his cancer but I do know he's back playing 18 holes of golf again even though he still has another 3 weeks of radiation. I have used black salve myself for skin cancers and I know it works. I have more faith in the bloodroot than I do radiation therapy. will keep up to date in another few weeks.
-Karen in Washington

This was recommended to me by a friend and fellow hiker who, like I, has fair skin, and a lot of sun exposure. Before I purchased, I looked online and saw a huge number of horror stories about black salve eating people noses off. I don't know what they were using but it wasn't this from Best On Earth Products. I have been using it since 2008 - one jar lasted that long; I just reordered. It most definitely works. I put it on any area that is sun damaged - most of the time it works, when it doesn't, I know the spot isn't precancerous. I have used this ALL over my body - face, legs, chest, back - all over. Sometimes it goes deep, other times surface and occasionally nothing. My experience has been 1-3 weeks for full takeout of the bad stuff and healing.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: before I found black salve, I used to go to dermatologists (I have moved a lot so I have seen several over the years). They either 'froze' spots off, which always returned or they cut spots out. A few told me some spots I pointed out were nothing. Well guess what? The freeze offs that always returned are now gone. The spots they cut out, I put salve on to see what would happen and there was still bad stuff there; black salve got rid of it. And EACH of the three spots doctors told me were NOTHING were SOMETHING. Black salve got rid of that too. Doctors are not gods. Do not blindly believe them. Do not pay their bills for incessant 'checkups' so they can collect their money and send you home when you are NOT ok. Get this for the cost of two copays and treat yourself. I'm not saying you should never see a doctor but don't rely on them solely.

I have not been diagnosed with any cancer and am an overweight 69 but very healthy.  My chiropractor told me about BOEP and bloodroot black salve.  I first tested the salve on my chest when I broke out into a burning, itchy rash that looked similar to the shingles ad on TV (Not diagnosed).  It worked just like I was told.  Then for two weeks I took the capsules (one each day) to see if there were side effects on a healthy body.  No side effects at all.  The 3 people who have cancer so far have not tried the capsules; they are still in the midst of chemo and radiation.  Since I had no side effects from the capsules, I gave one to my 13 year old dog to see how it affected him, in case he develops cancer.  I trust these products and have seen horror stories on-line, but never about Best On Earth Products.  I recommend them if you feel it will help you, too.
-S. Davis

I applied black salve to a sore on my husbands head. Sore had been burned off twice before by dermatologist but came back. Eschatology revealed three white roots. I shaved a 4" strip of hair from that source because husband told of a raised area from the original  sore. This 4" raised area had put out had put out roots from both sides. All of it came off. Now hoping capsules will kill his lung cancer in the same way.  He has had 3 infusions costing $95,000 that made him so sick he refused any more. I am counting in blood root capsules.
-J. Miller

The black salve bloodroot capsules have revealed a couple of sun cancers and are in the process of healing them. they have been on my face for some years but the capsules are working on them. the capsules also helped deal with a rash i had on my body as a result of antibotics. thank you for the info!

My husband has been very sick with high grade Bladder cancer the last 2 1/2 years. He went through 3 Chemo treatments, multiple operations and was close to loose his bladder. After a friend told me about the black salve capsules I searched the Internet for more info which of course there are split opinions. My husband started with the Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules in May 2015 and is taking 3 daily. At the same time he started his 2nd Chemotherapy. The biopsies taken January 2016 have been cancer free. Not sure if the capsules worked in combination with the Chemo? My husband continues to take 3 capsules a day for precaution.
-Helga B.

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Media Attacks Black Salve, Again...

Media Attacks Black Salve, Again...

Instead of looking into the hundreds of years of historical data regarding the safe and effective us of bloodroot based black salves in numerous countries, the Big Pharma controlled media continues to put out propaganda pieces. This week, a number media outlets dropped an AP story to their readers, trying to scare people again from using black salve.

Absurd quotes like this...

“Basically, it’s a skin poison,” Doris Day, MD — a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in laser, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology, and a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the New York University Langone Medical Centers — tells Yahoo Beauty. “It just attacks and destroys living tissue and creates a scar. It’s killing the skin locally.

In this article they also conveniently talk about three "very cool" FDA approved cream drugs to use instead. Proving the sell out and cover up of the truth.

Anyone who knows about the nature of bloodroot or has ever used black salve knows that it is a complete lie to say it only attacks living tissue and kills skin locally.

For every one story of someone "allegedly" having a bad experience with black salve, there are literally hundreds of stories of success. Of course YOU know all this, but your friends and family do not, so feel free to share the truth with them, it just may save their life! Send them to so they can make their own decision about what is true and what is propaganda.

To your health,


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Black Salve Reviews February 2016

Black Salve Reviews February 2016

Black Salve Reviews February 2016

I have been working with lung cancer for 4 years now. When I was first diagnosed a physician told me Black Salve Bloodroot capsules was a product I needed to get. I checked it out with my then, naturopath, who advised this was a wonderful treatment, the absolute best for my condition. however she advised she didn't know how to get hold of it as the Australian Drug Approver had said naturopaths withdrawn authority to prescribe this in Australia. I found the product on line and also discovered that I could purchase it  through Best on Earth products. Initially I took 3 tablets per day and then read a study on the web that said if the person already had cancer they should triple the dose per day and that is what I have ben doing for this last 2-3 years. I have come across several people who swear, applying topically, the salve itself has done miracles for their skin cancer.
-Yvonne S
I am a mature female who has suffered from acne and rosacea for years, plus now I have aging skin with all it's various issues such as pigmentation irregularities and skin damage from chemical products (dressed up as cosmetics) and sunburn....I have used Black Salve to remove some lesions successfully, after which I discovered Total Body Wash. Now my acne is gone and my rosacea is no where to be seen! Love it!!! I use it as a general mask every night and my skin has never looked so good. Wonderful stuff!!! Thank you!

Pap smear done for high cervical dysplasia.
Cervical biopsy high dysplasia
scheduled for cervical removal, in the mean time I started douching with black salve. upon cervical removal dysplasia almost gone. Dr was in awe as to where all the "bad cells" went when cervical tissue was biopsied after removal.
-Mary S

I am 41 and have difficult facial skin. I'm either dealing with wrinkles or mild acne - I can't win either way. I bought the Total Care Body Wash after reading the reviews about it where people said they were using it on their faces. I could tell a difference the very first time I used it! My face was cleaner and softer than ever before. My skin actually looked healthier. It is a pretty intense cleaner, I learned quickly to not try to scrub it in - it will feel very minty all over and the urge to rinse off will be too strong. Just spread a thin layer all over a wet face, and let sit as long as you want. Then rinse off. Because you have to let it sit on your skin, make sure you give yourself plenty of time for that process.
-Michelle M
I have managed to acquire some Black Salve (small amount) here in Australia. It is amazing. The lump on my dog's leg is half the size, but could not get any more here. I searched the Web. Got the deep penetrating salve. Hoping this will finish the job. I will also be using on some very nasty looking sunspots for myself. Reading the information on the web it is amazing how many times this type of product have helped so many.
-Marylin M
I am trying to great rid of some sun damage on my arms& legs.. seems to be working .... the spots are smaller& and not coming back...  no side effects.
-Sheri H
No sign of my skin cancer returning thank God after several months of taking the black salve bloodroot capsules.
-John P
So glad I found this product.  I was operated on in 2008 for a breast cancer, refused chemo and radiation therapy and the doctor stalked me by phone, insisting I also have a double mastectomy! Just recently I found two small lumps and decided to try the black salve after researching numerous testimonials.  It pulled several pin-head size eschars, a couple of pea-sized ones and one measuring about one inch by half an inch. The after care cream is healing the smaller holes very rapidly and I know the largest one will also heal.  It all worked exactly as it was supposed to - yes, some pain but now the nasties are gone in ten days.

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Black Salve Reviews January 2016

Here are some recent Black Salve Reviews from January 2016...

I have been getting a lot of questions about "what to do if the spot gets wet after treating it?" The answer is, in short, you want to keep the eschar dry as much as possible, so cover it when showering. If it gets wet in the first few days, you may have to re-apply salve to the spot. If there is already a hard eschar when it gets wet, you should be ok, just watch the spot and again, try your best NOT to get it wet.



It is no exaggeration to say that black salve caps have helped keep me alive. I think I would have been long gone were it not for this product.
-Ray H.

I am so pleased to have found the Black Salve products.  I have had several "spots" of basal cell carcinoma and taken care of them with this product myself.  There is a great sense of knowing when the spot comes out and you know it's safely removed all the cancer.  I continue to take the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules for extra protection (along with the Ellagi-caps).  In today's stressful environment, I want to be sure I am protecting myself from dis-ease that so naturally occurs.  I love the body wash and it works to "start the process" of ridding the body, as if to be saying "hey, here I am...get me out"!
-L. Bowman

I am currently dealing with an illness that attacks my immune system, these capsules has gotten me through a couple of serious issues!
-L. Clemans

I have been taking the black salve capsules for an prostate issue and feel that they are having a positive effect on me, I will continue taking them even if my problem does improve for overall general body maintenance and well being.
-Aussie John

I have meant to tell you how I am doing with black root capsules. I find them a valuable aid for fighting cancer when carried on the back of catalyst aloe Vera chenensis. I am presently on the last stage of a book on cancers and you are prominent with capsules and salves.

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