Monday, December 25, 2017

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Water Fluoridation and Cancer

Are you drinking from a fluoridated water supply? 

How do people think they can overcome cancer and other disorders if they continue to poison their bodies with fluoride?

It is imperative for people to educate themselves about what they eat and drink, and how it will effect their immune system.  This video shows the history of water fluoridation around the world, why it happens, who profits from it and how it poisons us.  Please take the time to view it so you can see how important it is to consume only water that has been properly filtered to remove fluoride and other chemicals.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Black Salve Uses

Trish from Australia sent me some pictures last summer of her black salve use after a diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma from her doctor.  Take a look at the video and feel free to share this with others.

There are many uses for black salve, and more info can be found on the site where you can see more video, picture and written testimonials.

Be well, my friends!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Hugh Jackman's Basal Cell Carcinoma on Nose, How Does He Look Now?

Breaking news, Australia's own … actor Hugh Jackman has been recently diagnosed, by his medical doctor, with basal cell carcinoma. It apparently has been found on his nose and he is either scheduled for or has received orthodox medical procedures.

It is highly doubtful that such a high profile face would choose to go the route of drastic Moh's surgery, and no further details have yet been given about his diagnosis or treatment protocol, however it seems he had a biopsy done at minimum.

"Please don't be foolish like me. Get yourself checked. And USE sunscreen!!!," Jackman posted on his Instagram account (
It seems the-powers-that-be have already brainwashed poor Jackman and he has become another spokes person for Big Pharma, who promote deadly drugs and barbaric unwarranted surgeries.  Just ask Angelina Jolie!

While Jackman could have gone the more natural route of black salve application, he would have had a tough time getting it in Australia, since the TGA (Australia's regulatory agency, much like the USA's FDA) has banned all sales of black salve in their country.  There are other ways to get black salve from sources outside of Australia, but for Jackman it's too late…at least for this round of cancer, as it is highly likely to see more if he does not address his immune system.  As well as STOP using toxic chemical sunscreen which CAUSE cancers!

Please share this info with friends and family, as their are over a million people diagnosed with skin cancer every year.  That is more than all the other forms of cancer diagnosis combined!

To your health,
Information discussed in this email is not intended to diagnose,
treat, or cure disease.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Whole Body Cleanse from Planet's Toxic Chemicals


This info came into my email box last week and I think it is important to share it with you.

There is a new movie out that reveals just how toxic our planet really is.

But do you know, there is a way out of this deadly set of circumstances for you and your family?

Click the link below to view a 2 minute 20 second trailer to the movie, then follow the five step plan below.

Unacceptable Levels Trailer

5 Steps to make a difference in YOUR world:

Step 1: Contact your government officials and demand they look into these poorly regulated chemicals and tell them you will vote them out of office if they don't!

Step 2: Start cleansing your body of toxic chemical accumulation in just 60 days.

Step 3: Easily fight against the damages of free radicals formed from these chemicals, which are attacking your cells every second of the day. Powerful whole food nutrients strengthen your immunity.

Step 4: Eliminate personal care products, cleaning products, processed foods and beverages which contain toxic chemicals. There are plenty of safe healthy alternatives out there, you just need to look.

Step 5: Share this information with as many people as possible, they will thank YOU for it!

To your health,
Information discussed in this email is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Healthy Breasts Removed...What About Black Salve?

Im absolutely blown away at the insanity of doctors
telling female patient who test positive for carrying a gene that
they have a high percent chance of getting breast cancer and they
should have their breasts REMOVED SURGICALLY as a preventative

Celebrity Angelina Jolie recently shared with the world that she
willingly took part in this horrific procedure and is telling woman
that it is an important "option" to consider in preventing breast
cancer. It's appalling that she is spreading her own fear and
uneducated decisions upon the lives of her followers!

Not once did she mention in her press announcements about the loss
of vital lymphatic tissue because of the surgery, or even hint at
natural preventative measures. Thankfully YOU know much more than
she does, so it is important to talk to your friends and family
about this before they pick up a tabloid magazine at the checkout
stand and read this propaganda ... you just could save a life!

I have used Black Salve on both myself & my husband. My Husband had
a large growth on his arm & I had 4 small growths, 2 small one on
my arm & 2 near my temple. The 2 on the temple came of easily, but
the ones on my arms needed 2 goes & they are very slow to grown
back normally.

My husband one was on his arm just before the elbow joint & after I
had put the Black Salve on it, we waited approx. 1 week started to
weep & he was wiping it &
putting the healing ointment on it. I was beginning to panic, what
have I done all this stuff coming out of this T H I N G.

I thought I would have to take him to the hospital & then I would
have to explain to them what I had done. Toward the end of the 2nd
week when he was cleaning his arm the whole lot came out in 1
piece, it looked like an upside down volcano.

It then began to heal over, the hole would of been 3/8inch deep &
it has healed up beautifully. You wouldn't know that he had a skin
cancer there.

Thank you for the Black Salve information. Since then, I have told
a lot of people about Black Salve & have given some of this
wonderful ointment away to different ones with small cancer on
their arms.

-Jan Pryde, Port Macquarie N S W Australia

To your health,
Information discussed in this email is not intended to diagnose,
treat, or cure disease.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Black Salve Cancer Testimonials

The following are testimonials that have been emailed to me.  Always seek the advise of a qualified health care practitioner when using any health treatment.  There are many bogus salves on the market, if you can't make your own, try


comments: My name is Pat, on Nov. 2/2011; I was told I had cancer in my left breast. It was a high-grade Ductal Carcinoma in-situ, Comedo subtype. At the time I did not have insurance, so I was trying to find ways to deal with the cancer with out surgery, chemo and radiation. On 11/22/11 I was told I had invasive ductal carcinoma in my right breast. By the time of the second diagnosis I was already juicing and working on getting my body in the alkaline state.

I found a wonderful holistic Dr. in Lake Mary, Fl. With the help of my holistic Dr. we were working on the cancer. I did may bath soaks 
and many different supplements. The tumor in the right breast was staying the same size, but the tumor in the left breast was growing and pushing out the side of my breast. I made the mistake of allowing the conventional Dr.'s to cut into the tumor and remove some of my skin on the left breast. The tumor on the left breast grew to be 7.5 cm. at its largest point; (it was about the size of a golf ball). I was able to get insurance, 
and on Jan. 27 2012 I had a double mastectomy.

My cancer cell count after the surgery done, with the Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA) Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) by my holistic Dr. was still at 53. I had been told about Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules and decided to give them a try. I also ordered the EllagiCaps (made by Best On Earth Products, LLC) within on week of taking the products I had a new cancer mass on the incision area of my left breast.
Again I went in for surgery and had the mass removed. After the surgery I went back to my holistic Dr. and we did the Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) again, this time my cancer cell count was at 2. My holistic Dr. says most people will show a count of 1 or 2. I had a CAT Scan May 17 2012 and on May 22 2012 the conventional Drs. said no cancer. I have not done chemo or radiation as of today and do not plan to. I believe the black salve is what grouped the cancer cells together so I could get them removed.
As of today I am cancer free, Still doing many natural supplements, with the direction of my holistic Dr., along with juicing and I have never felt better. Thank You makers of Black Salve!
Pat R.

Hi Rick,

My husband was clinically diagnosed with melanoma on his torso which he received from a tanning bed. After listening to the doctors from the doctors, all of the options required negative side effects so we decided to do some research. After learning more about cancer we realized we needed to make a decision based on knowledge rather than fear an felt that black salve was our best option. We removed the melanoma with black salve and he has now been cancer free for 7 years. The experience inspired me to apply the black salve to two moles that I have had my whole life and found out that one was probably cancer from the way it reacted, thankfully it was small at the time and I am very thankful that black salve was an option for me too. Thank you Rick for continuing to share this information with so many who need to hear about a safe, non-medical option!
Lillian Day

Hi Rick,

Our family owe you Black Salve and the Lord so much for your kindness and for saving precious lives. Beginning with Yvonne with her stage 4 Melanoma and progressing to other family and friends. Yvonne noticed a mole on my left shoulder which had changed colour, as well as an irregular shape, and size. Black Salve is working its magic and today the root is beginning to come out. Our Doctor believes it is a Melanoma but decided to let Black Salve do its job. He is a surgeon and he uses it with success very quietly as he would be in big trouble if it was made known to the authorities here. God Bless you and all who are associated with you and God Bless Black Salve and its life saving properties. Keep healthy and happy dear friend along with your family and friends and walk with God.
-Jan V

Hi Rick,

Just wanted to let you know that I am removing another cancer from my forehead and it's acting like it should. That makes six on me personally. I just had two more people obtain black salve from BOEP and it's working for them also. That makes eighteen cancers that have been removed, under my direction, without a failure. I wonder if the medical profession can match that percentage.
A while back I purchased two bottles of black salve capsules to use as a preventative. I would like the protocol for use in this situation. At 81 yrs. young, I try to stay in good health. I keep my immune system top notch with EllagiCaps. I still pump iron five days a week.  I have turned a lot of people on to the products of BOEP. THEY WORK!

-Bill P.


Dear Rick,

I found you on YouTube:) I have purchased Black Salve and used it on several moles that were suspicious and I am very happy with the results so far! I have also used it on my fiance' who was scheduled to go in to have basal cells "cut out" of two areas on his body, one on the face in the temple area and one on his shoulder... There is no way that the Dr. could have cut my Michael's arm the way the salve has reacted and we are very happy:) I appreciate any thoughts... Sincerely, Melissa 
p.s. I am going to purchase the body wash:) Thank you so much for being here for us all so we can take our health into our own hands! Hugs and blessings to you and your loved ones:) 

Hi Rick,

I keep Black Salve on hand - I am 67 spent too much time in the sun and have treated several places on my face with amazing results. I have actually had breast cancer and removed surgically, but when I found another "lump" I thought I would try Black Salve, I won't say it was painless - but the results were incredible, there is no scar and the cancer, as big as a dime, came out and left no scar. I own a shop and I have a Black Salve file that I show everyone who is interested in the product. IT WORKS TRUST ME. I haven't tried the internal capsules, but if they are anything like the topical salve - I wouldn't hesitate!
-Sue Smith (real name)

Dr. V writes:

As a Bio-energetic Chiropractor for 32 years, I had the opportunity to witness many miracles with Natural healing. When I discovered a lump in my left breast in 2004, I applied Black Salve from a company that I will not name, because the support and instructions were sketchy and not helpful at all. Not all the unhealthy tissue came out.  I monitored the progress with Digital Thermography, focused on my health and re-applied in 2006 with salve from another company whose support was excellent, with clear and defined instructions.

Happy to say that all is well since. View the video here:

Hi Rick,

I've been taking the EllagiCaps (6 per day), Black Salve Bloodroot capsules (6 per day) and Apricot kernels (36 per day) for the last few weeks.  I've just had another MRI scan which showed that my T3N1 rectal tumour has a central ulceration and is reported to have reduced in size about 20%. The doctors dismiss this, even though it is the same machine and same radiologist!

Kind regards,

-Paul D.  Australia

Hi Rick,

Originally  I bought salve a few years ago and all of  my family has used it with great success.  4 weeks ago I developed another small scaly  spot on my  fore head  and used the salve,  the next  day or two the affected area was a big as a 30mm  so i was shocked  of the size under my  skin even though I only had a very small scaly spot around 5mm in diameter, after 3 weeks the tumor fell out which was only 3 days ago and now 3 days later it has healed to an amazing  very small sore.  Totally amazing! 

Alan G. in Australia
Hi Rick,

I just wanted to share an email from a friend. I recommended the Total Body Wash to her after her doctor recommended surgery. I attached her email below. Thanks!
Hey Sarah,

You wanted to know how that bloodroot body wash worked... They recommended that you use it every day for 3 months, and it took even more than that, but it worked! I was into the 4th month and about to give up and call a dermatologist, as I really thought it was a skin cancer. It kept crusting over and peeling, and was becoming raised. But after the 3 months it did seem to be getting a little smaller so I kept at it. Suddenly the crust peeled off with a little white bump attached on the underside (sorry to be so graphic). Then it gradually just went away and now I have trouble finding where it was! So I'm trying it on a skin tag under my eye...something I know is not cancerous, but I think it's making that smaller now too.

Anyway, thanks for the tip! The stuff isn't cheap but it's way less than surgery, and it works!

I was diagnosed by a dermatologist with a BBC on my face and on my arm. The one on my face  had been treated  with a "special" $600.00 cream and laser (FDA approved of course) - unfortunately it turned out to be useless,  because the cancer grew back again in two years. Thanks god to black salve which cleaned both BBC's up in 3 weeks. It works100%. 

-Josef Erharter

Hi Rick, 

I thought I would tell you about how I recently used the Body Wash. 

I woke up a little over a month ago with an awful pain right below my jaw. I reached up and felt 
something hard about an inch long. 

Long story short...after a CT Scan I found that it was a non malignant Warthin's tumor. I had a couple of people praying for me and of course I was praying that it would just disappear. 

After a few days I started to feel like I should put the Body Wash on my neck. I roughed up the area lightly with an imitation Loofa (sort of a cloth made out of net.) Then I applied the Body Wash each evening (always after using the Loofa.) After about 2 weeks I felt I should stop doing it (and, I did stop.) I started feeling the area I could no longer feel the hard lump. I keep praying that it would just be completely gone when I had my next checkup. 

This morning (1 month later) I had my checkup and...the Dr. was amazed. I said.."I think it is gone", and he kept feeling around (I think he was hoping he could find it.) Finally he said.. "I believe you are right." I told him that I believe it was because of prayer and he just looked at me like..."well... that wouldn't be the reason." 

Anyway...I do believe the Lord uses different methods to heal and...I just wanted to let you know that He used the Body Wash to remove the tumor for me. 

Please feel free to share this if you want to. 

-Kaye R.
(Rick's comments) Warthin's tumors affect the parotid gland, which is a lymphatic gland found in both sides of the lower jaw area. I have seen more and more of similar lymphatic tumors in recent years. The job of the parotid glands is to secrete saliva and to help pull toxins out 
of the oral cavity. With so many chemicals in our foods today, it is no wonder these glands are working harder than ever, and if the rest of the lymphatic system is not at 100%, these glands back up. It is very important to cleanse the body and to keep the lymphatics moving. Great job Kaye!!

Hi Rick,

Thank you for the info and now an update: 
As you know I was diagnosed with a small benign meningioma situated on the brainstem in a position deemed totally inoperable and incurable.
Although told by my neurologist that nothing could be done except to look forward to a pretty terrible prognosis with the double edge of the process being very slow. I have never doubted for a moment that this growth in my head was completely cur arable I just was not sure how.
As I believed that long term exposure to mould toxins was not only responsible for all the health problems I had suffered from for 6 years, I was also convinced the tumor had the same cause. Of course the medicos completely disagreed.
A year ago I changed my diet to organic vegan. I started on zeolite and iodine And slowly detoxed. I began to regain my health, lost all symptoms of fatigue, asthma muscle aches etc but continued to suffer the devastating symptoms of the tumor albeit less pronounced. Until the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules which I began taking less than a month ago.
I am so happy to tell you that the double vision I have suffered from for over a year has almost completely resolved. No aural migraine and no impaired balance.
I am ecstatic and all this in such a short time. I look forward to a total cure and complete relief from the slight double vision that remains when I look very far right.
Thanks again for your help! 
-Alex M. 

Hi Rick,

June gave me a tiny sample of the salve just as we were leaving Idaho for Oregon. She also gave me the website and quick instructions which I followed.
On the left side of my nose was a melanoma, put only a very small amount of salve on....but just that small amount worked!
When the scab came off had a small crater that filled in within less than a month. Nothing to see even with an eight power magnifying mirror.
Will be getting the Total Care Body Wash soon as I have what my mother always called "whiteheads".
Thank you for your website and the videos on the Black Salve.
Cringed when I clicked on one of the other experiences of a man having a different companies product Cansema (sp) spread on a large area of his face, on his ear and near his nose, too much area at once if any pain ensued. Hope it turned out well for him.
-Nancy M

I first noticed a small round patch of dead skin on the back of my arm. I scraped it off and didn't think much more about it until a few weeks later and saw that it was back. This was a little larger around than a pencil eraser. I did the same thing and a few weeks later I noticed that now it had grown into a growth looking somewhat like a mole. I decided to do some reading about skin cancer as my father died from a rare form. I became convinced that this wasn't an ordinary mole and my wife and I discussed what to do. She knows I have no faith in conventional medicine at all. Somewhere years ago she had read something about "Black Salve" and I did some checking and came upon this site and some great testimonials about the use of this product and decided to give it a try. I ordered some from Best On Earth Products and it came in a few days. I followed the instructions and in about an hour that location where I had applied it began to sting. It felt kind of like someone sticking me with a pin.

The next day I cleaned the material off as instructed and noticed the "bump" was now a depression. I put on another application and covered it. A few days later the area around the spot became red and sore. I was a little concerned as that wasn't one of the things I was expecting. In about a week it began to emit some pus. Not a lot and I cleaned it up with hydrogen peroxide as instructed. That lasted for a few days and then it just looked like most scabs. In about 10 days from the first application that "scab" fell off and I was amazed that I had this perfectly round hole in my arm about 3/16 of an inch deep. It looked like someone had taken a miniature cookie cutter and taken a sample out of my arm. It didn't hurt any longer as I was expecting. I cleaned it up and put on a bandage and the next day it was scabbed up. The redness and soreness had begun to taper off and was gone in about a week.

 I was taking 500 milligrams of L-Arginine twice a day to help it heal up faster. It is now 5 weeks and it has completely healed up. I have a small scar that looks something like a polio vaccination scar. I keep thinking that if my father had know about this product he might still be alive. He allowed them to cut his out and it ended up spreading to the rest of his body. What a shame so many people spend so much money on "cures" that aren't that successful. I'll admit that I didn't go to the doctor and I don't regret that at all. I believe we have all in nature we really need for compete healing! Thank you for allowing me to share my story.
-Randall G.

Hi Rick,

I've written to you in the past and have been very grateful for your advice and support. Using the topical black salve, my husband's melanoma on his head completely disappeared. Then a PET scan showed nodules on his lungs, and, using the black salve capsules, two capsules, three times a day (plus a detox homeopathic remedy), the nodules are just about gone.

Hi Rick,

I have just used black salve to remove a skin cancer under my right eye and I was very careful of course and it has done a remarkable job in about 5 weeks total, it is back to its natural condition,the Squamous Cell is gone and I am very happy,Thx again.

Hi Rick,

just watched the video.. my father Rex from Newcastle NSW has experienced exactly what we saw.. its amazing .. Black Salve really works, my father has been hospitalized EVERY YEAR  for my life (I'm 30 yrs old) having these basal cell carcinomas cut out from his body and than enduring nasty skin grafts, now he has been refusing treatment from his skin specialist and is relying on BLACKSALVE to work its magic... just thought id share our experience with you! Thank you!

I have taken one full bottle of the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules, 3 - 3x a day. Shortly after starting the black salve capsules I noticed a dramatic improvement in my bladder incontinence. I had assumed there was perhaps some sort of tissue anomaly that was cleaned out thus not irritating the organs. But, since having to drop back on the amount because I was running out, the incontinence has returned so, I deduced my improvement had been merely a side effect. 

BTW I am having results so far with the capsules in that moles on my back are itching and showing changes. I presume they are being affected and I really expect they will dry up and fall off. :) Time will tell.
-K Campbell

Rick: I just had to give you another black salve story. Last fall, my son's fiancée called me asking what it was that my Uncle Dale had used to cure himself of a very aggressive form of bladder cancer. (I sent you that story a while back). I told her about the black salve from Best on Earth. One of the girls she works with wanted to help her grandfather who had been told the chemotherapy he had been taking was not working and the aggressive lung cancer was inoperable and they gave him six months to live, at the most. His granddaughter ordered the black salve immediately and he began taking it,
Within four months, the tumors were quickly shrinking. The doctors wanted to know what he was doing and he refused to tell them - he's 83 and very determined to keep his secret. Anyway, my son called last week to let me know the cancer is gone. He does still have the other lung problems he has had for many years, but no more cancer. The cure took place in less than a year! The doctors continue to ask him for an explanation, but he still refuses to tell them - he wants to spread the word himself but not through the medical profession. I think this story, along with the one about my uncle, is bittersweet. I tell so many people the story, but 9 times out of 10, they will not try anything outside of what their doctor recommends! I will not stop telling these stories!
-Diane D.
Dear Rick,
About four months ago, my husband had a PET scan to see if he was clean of the melanoma that he had last year  The scan showed that it looked like the melanoma was gone, but for a few nodules in the lungs. They could be anything, of course, but we wanted to be sure and he went on the black salve capsules for three cycles of 20 days, with a five day rest between each cycle.  A PET scan three days ago showed about 60% improvement of the nodules.
Thanks Rick!
-Susan C.

Dear Rick,

 I apologize for not documenting everything carefully as it was happening; I hadn't expected anything worth documenting to happen. I'll go ahead and tell you this account of my experiences with Black Salve in hope that they may be of help to someone.

I had used Black Salve on several moles on my face and had been amazed at the changes over a period of weeks as I applied it to one and then another.  It was interesting to me that the large moles disappeared, but I was fascinated with what I could feel going on under my skin beneath them.  Large areas became hard, as though material was being drawn in from places deep and wide.  After a month or so, the tissue became soft again.  After at least six months, a bit of mole reappeared in two places, with a bit of hardness under them.  I reapplied Black Salve and the moles disappeared again and the areas beneath them softened and returned to normal.

A few months later, I discovered a lump to the right of my right breast.  When it began growing and became hard and painful, I started researching.  One of my sisters had had breast cancer and another ovarian.

I read a bit of information and ordered Black Salve capsules, since I was already impressed with the salve.  When they arrived,I took 3 @ day to start with, and kept reading.  Within 5-10 minutes of taking the first capsule, I experienced pain in the lump and in another area of my right breast.  This happened every time I took a capsule and I never felt pain in any other area of my body, so I figured something was really going on.  The pain increased daily until the point of agony.  I had read that the black salve would only target cancer and that if it found it, it would hurt.  I took comfort in these words and gave thanks for the healing I believed was taking place.

By this time I had read information that said the internal treatment for cancer was not for the faint of heart and that once started, it was important to continue boldly until resolution.  So I kept going.   The pain kept increasing and I questioned whether or not I was doing the right thing.

On the 10th day,  when I thought I would not be able to bear the pain any more, the pain suddenly stopped and never came back.

The lump continued to reduce.  More than a year later it is small and soft, no pain.  I continue to take one capsule most days. I don't claim to know that I'm doing the right thing,  but I feel this tact is good for me.

As a caution for people to be wise and do their research, I must say that my naturopathic doctor became very upset when I told her what I was doing.  She flipped out a notebook binder full of photos she had made of patients who had applied the  black salve externally to breast cancers and then come to her for help. The photos were, indeed, horrifying.  Similar ones I had seen online had caused me to decide to go with the internal capsules.

In the past year I've also begun using the body wash and like the way it makes my skin feel, though that is not why I ordered it.  I like knowing that it will target any areas that need attention.

Thank you for your newsletters, Rick.  I appreciate your efforts to help us all.

-P. Benton, Tennessee


Someone I know, did the Total Care Body Wash tub soaks and to his amazement, the nail fungus has cleared up.
Normally, without putting on things like Tea Tree Oil before soaking in normal bath water, soaking in a tub can cause or add to nail fungus due to water getting into nail fibers and under the nail. 
The body wash definitely has antifungal properties, I had one nail myself, did not notice it but it cleared (it was not very stricken with the problem though), I could tell it was just the start of something. I like to soak.
It is so good Rick, that I would reserve (for myself) the 'Mud' black salve as I call it (Total Care Body Wash), reserve it for the worst single lesions. 

With repeated use of the body wash, I have seen all kind of things clear away. Matter of fact, my crows feet are all but gone, especially around my right eye, they were worse on that side. Dunking my head but mostly while soaking, I would wet my hands and rub gently around the sides of the eye external areas toward the side burns area and leave on until done and rinse, once again, I was not paying attention to the crows feet but after a period of normal skin "turnover" which is on average every 28 days for most people, I noticed a very nice change in the mirror.
Stay blessed, 
D. Harris, Florida

I used black salve on a skin tag on my breast.  I left it on 12 hours, there was a lot of pulling and deep pain but i knew it was working. when I took the bandage off after 12 hours there was a black scab in the middle of a white/opaque circle.  I left the bandaid on for 5 days. After 5 days I took off the bandaid and there was a tiny white tube-like cord coming out of a crevice!
I put another bandage on and after two days I looked again and the scab fell off and there was a small home/crevice or crater. I feel very successful! thanks to your website I had the confidence to do it!

Hi, I have had black salve for a year now. Used it on a mole on my arm, took it away. A strange off white odd shaped nodule came up on my wrist, on the upper side. I was taking vit c injections for something else. It started getting smaller, dissolving. I ran out of shots, and put black salve on it. I was told never to put more than one application on it. But, I put it on approx. 3 times. It got ugly with drainage, about the size of a half dollar. I knew they said that it has to liquefy to get out. It did. It healed up and for a day or so, had a hole where the core fell out. It has healed completely. Remember to keep it out of the sun even while it heals. Can do damage. Thanks soooooo much.

-Sharon L.


comments: Last year my brother-in-law's mole on his forehead was biopsied at a dermatologists office  and the diagnosis was, basal cell carcinoma.  The doctor sent him to University of Michigan Hospital for further tests. He did not go there. However, he did start using Black Salve. He used more than he should have used and it did burn a lot. One night about 3 weeks after starting to use it, he awakened to find all of this drainage pouring from the area. 

He could not believe it but, the mole that had become cancerous was completely gone. The area was pink and filled in after a bit. He returned to the dermatologists office for a follow up and another biopsy. The dermatologist said "University of Michigan Hospital does good work." My brother in law said,"no, black salve does good work." The doctor became angry and left the room refusing to continue to talk to him.  The nurse later mailed the results to him and they were negative for cancer.
-Susan R.
A while back I went to a 'doc-in-the-box' for an x-ray of a broken toe.  After confirming it was indeed broken and wrenching it back into place, the doctor mentioned my toe nail fungus.  I explained that for several years I've had fungus under some toe nails, and hadn't been successful getting rid of it.  She suggested some medication she could prescribe for me, explaining that it could have negative side effects for my liver and that it would cost me about $200!  I told her she was crazy, and she agreed that she probably wouldn't take it either. 
I then decided to try something new.  I had purchased some Total Care Body Wash from Best on Earth, and read how other people were using it, so I thought, why not?....and tried it on my foot.  That evening I trimmed my toe nails really short, and massaged the Body Wash all around the nails and then all over my foot.  I let it dry, then put a sock on it for the night.  I did this for about 5 days, then stopped.  The first thing I noticed was the side of my toe which had the fungus along the side of the nail.  The skin cleared up very quickly, no more fungus, and now, a couple weeks later, one nail that was thick and split is now thin and straight, and there's a clear line across the big toe nail where you can see that it's growing healthier!  This is really great stuff!
I have been using the Total Care Body Wash in the tub to soak.
The whole bathtub soak dilution for normal size home tubs is 1 capful from the cap on the product bottle. 0.75 oz. would be for a 'Spa' size tub. One cap in a full tub of warm, not hot, water for 30 minutes is wonderful.
The soaking duration is key, when the dilution is so much but the water does turn color slightly. I noticed it is vital to vigorously shake the product, as it does get thick at the head of the bottle right after shipment.

With the neck resting in the usual tub position for soaking in a standard tub, the water was high, if I moved too quickly, it would splash over but I am  6'  168 lbs.  The skin does feel marvelous once dry.
What I did personally, was to leave the wetness on and let air dry, then rinsed and/or one can put on a bathrobe if they need traverse to other rooms, etc.

I will have done 3 treatments with 2 days between each then stop and wait for a test period, as my purposes are total body emersion, minus face.

It is already working Rick!
I have done two treatments, 30 minutes each soaking, add nothing else to water, no oils or soaps!  I have small actinic like lesions all over my upper chest and shoulders that are from agent orange. Not a cancer problem but you can feel them and not see them actually. They are changing and I am sure will be gone soon.
More later,


Dear Rick,

I wanted to thank you for helping me understand more about the black salve. I used it on my 11 year old black lab who was diagnosed with a cancerous growth on his lower exterior neck.  It was about an inch in diameter and I applied the salve on June 13.  On June the 21st the scab fell out with a lot of gray matter on the under side of it.  This stuff is amazing, thanks again for your site.
-Betsy Klein



As I previously reported to you, I have been applying the black salve with DMSO to two different spots (squamous cell cancers) on my shoulders.  I also have multiple spots on my face which the doctor says are pre-cancerous which I have used the body wash from BOE with good results to date.  Both the squamous cell cancers are now gone according to my doctor, though he wants me to come back in 6 months to check again.  The spots on the face took longer (3 month) with the body wash but there is no scarring, just like you said.  I appreciate your help in all this, keep up the good work, we all need this information.
Best to you,
-Rob C.
Hi Rick,

I used the black salve for a mysterious spot on my son's chin.  The spot got very inflamed and oozed for two days.  The spot crusted over and healed in about a week.  The spot is now gone and we are working on getting rid of the slightly red scar.  We are thankful to have this spot gone and I love the black salve.  I have also used it on a spot on my leg and one on my wrist.  The scab fell off today from my leg and the spot on my wrist should be done the process in about 4-5 more days.  I am grateful that my sister told me about black salve.
- Sharon


Hi, this is my second testimonial regarding black salve. I am now 42 years old and have had recurrent melanoma since 2004. I have had surgery, have had multiple biopsies done, taken supplements, used black salve, I see an alternative care practitioner and I maintain a 3 month skin check schedule with my dermatologist. I have been blessed that my melanomas have yet, as far as I am aware, to invade lymph or other organs.

My mom and my sister have been diagnosed with stage 4 colon/liver cancer. They were diagnosed within 10 days of each other. As you can imagine, this rocked my world. Of course, one of my prevailing thoughts is fear and anticipation that this will be my legacy. I realize that it does not have to be, however, emotions can get in the way of clear thinking. All of that to tell you this...I found 2 places I did not like the looks of...we have been watching them and to me, they had changed slightly in color and appearance. They were on the back of my left hip. They were small, pink/red moles, as big as, if not smaller than eraser heads. Honestly, I did this backwards. I should have had them biopsied first, treated them with Black Salve after. I did not do that so I do not know what they were. I DO NOT recommend doing it like I just did. My mental state regarding the recent diagnosis of my mom and sister put me in a panic...I started treating them with black salve on 1-3-09 I had quite a response and knew the salve had detected something.

By 1-6-09 I was experiencing a great deal of pain. The areas were red, inflamed and had turned a very ugly green. I was panicked and edgy due to what I was experiencing. By the weekend the pain was even greater. The areas had gone from the eraser head size to dime size and penny size. I woke up at 3:45 a.m. on Monday 1-12-09 and knew without a doubt that the process was complete. The pain had stopped, the areas were draining and the cores had fallen out. The cores were absolutely something I did not want in my body, they were gray/green and rubbery and the depth was thick.

Unfortunately, I do not know what I was dealing with. I cleaned them thoroughly, applied after care salve and repeat that process daily to aid in healing. I have attached photos of the process. I apologize that they are not the best quality but it is difficult to take photos of the backside! I just started taking internal black salve today. I am deciding if I need to have the remaining margins biopsied.. Best on Earth Products is an amazing resource. Rick is a great support, very thorough, honest, calming. Thanks Rick.
-Linda Woodward


Dear Rick,

Black salve is such a great product.  In 2007, my uncle cured himself of a very aggressive form of bladder cancer by refusing chemo and using the black salve capsules.  I recommend this constantly to others.

I know he would love to do a testimonial because he went around telling everyone.  The doctors were amazed but not real pleased to hear he had healed himself with black salve.  They told him the black salve was sort of like a natural chemo but they could not recommend it because it was not FDA approved!

It sickens me to think of the lives that are being lost each day to this thinking.  But, to make a long story short, my Uncle Dale never missed a beat after the diagnosis of the bladder cancer and hearing the news that he had 3-6 months to live.  He never slowed down until he walked out of a restaurant, tripped and fell on his shoulder.  He was so excited about not having cancer anymore that he thought the shoulder would heal and didn't have it checked out. Unfortunately, he got MRSA in the shoulder and eventually lost his life last March to the staff infection.  Isn't that something!

I'm so sorry I didn't know about the black salve when I had breast cancer in 2000.  I might have avoided the chemo.  But, now I know, and I share this web site with someone each week.  The most recent was to a person who has bladder cancer and has been told he is cancer free!  Time to take black salve if you ask me!

I have been told stories by my mother about how my aunt and grandfather (yes, really my grandfather) put black salve on themselves to kill their breast cancer.  Back then, they didn't have much to work with and the black salve ate off the breast, but they lived to be very old with no breast cancer.  That's a bit drastic.  I was told they bought it from the "Watkins" man who came around selling all kinds of ointments from his wagon.  The black salve has been used in my family almost 100 years but I had forgotten about it until my uncle decided he would heal himself.

He also had several skin cancers which he took care of with the black salve ointment.  I remember the day in 2007 when he so candidly told me how easy it was to use and how well it worked.  My uncle died at 65, but I'm sure he would have lived to be very old if the MRSA had not taken his life.  Before the bladder cancer, he had kidney cancer and the doctors talked him into taking his last kidney.  The other one had shriveled up years before from a botched attempt to remove kidney stones.  He told me after he cured himself with the black salve how he wished so much he had found the capsules before the kidney surgery and had said NO to losing it.

In my family, it's not "IF" I get cancer, it's "WHEN" but I'm ready to use the black salve when that day comes again.  I feel a peace knowing I have an alternative to the toxic chemicals that the pharmaceutical companies want us all to use. Thanks for wanting to share my uncle's story.
Diane Dees




I received a call yesterday from a lady that I first met when we were 21 and met again in 1986. I had not heard from her since.  We are now 78. Four years ago she was given just 30 days to live because of pancreatic cancer. She got her black salve for internal use from Holly Bacon in Sparks, Nevada. She has been cancer free ever since. Another success story!  
(**Note:Holly Bacon no longer sells black salve due to the FDA!)  Still available online at


I wrote to you recently about a problem I was experiencing. I was already 
using black salve I ordered from a dealer in Canada about a year ago. I 
wanted back up for the large devil that attacked my lower leg and you 
suggested the blood root caps. I got those and took them. Happily I had no 
reaction, good or bad, which is good. The 2'x4'' place on the leg is now 
about healed, only some dead skin left to fluff off. 

Hey, it hurt bad and for hours for several weeks. I lost a lot of sleep 
because of pain. Motrin helped, I just sucked up the rest. I never gave up 
the faith of a favorable outcome. I did not tell my wife or sister or anyone
(other than you) about my problem until it was under control. They would 
freak out and try to make me go to a doctor. Anyway, our self help natural 
plan has worked. I am so thankful to God for giving us these herbs, and 
thankful that we had the faith and common sense to use what He provides. 

Now that it is over, and I tell other people when this subject comes up, 
they look as if I am telling them an abstract story that they cannot relate 
to. I just want them to know what you and the BSI members know. 
Thanks for being there, you are indeed a good man. 

Billy Suddeth 
Dadeville, Al.
Hi Rick
I have sent a number of e-mails since I started taking EllagiCaps and I don't remember if I included you. If I did, here it is again.
48 hours after I started taking EllagicCaps for my emphysema, the need arose for me to mow my half acre lawn with a steep terrace. I soon got winded and started wheezing that made me cough. I coughed up quite a blob of stuff and immediately started breathing easier and deeper. Eight days thereafter I had to mow again and, believe it or not, I mowed the whole yard without having to stop for a rest. I fully realize that a medication (not calling EllagiCaps a medicine) is not a cure for everyone. However, black salve, for skin cancer and EllagiCaps, for emphysema has certainly worked for me regardless of what the FDA spouts.
Hello Rick,

Long time since we talked ,
I was in the Caribbean for 4 + months and did the salve with the bloodroot caps and EllagiCaps formula and the cancer beside my nose is gone!  
comments: 37 year old female diagnosed in June of 2006 with Large B Cell Lymphoma.  I had a chronic cough, felt sick, and had weight loss.  I went down the US Western oncology road with 3 types of Chemotherapy, 2 types of Radiation, and a Stem Cell transplant.  In Jan of 2008 a biopsy showed that the cancer was still there.

I then found a holistic treating chiropractor who was willing to manage my care while I took the Black Salve.  I took it internally (capsules) every day for 2 months and 3 weeks.  In April of 2008 was informed I am cancer free.

So the $750,000 Western protocol did not work but the $50.00 Black Salve with chiropractic care and management did.

People who see me today honestly do not believe I was in a state of Dis-Ease just a year ago!

I have had skin cancer for some years now and have had many removed by surgery. They were the BCC & SCC type skin cancers. I heard about curaderm and used the cream for several years. It worked on some cancers about 80% and completely removed them, however, some came back and others did not respond. I treated three cancers for two years with curaderm with no success.

I had heard about black slave, mostly negative so I never bothered to follow it up. I now had two cancers that were getting bigger one on my upper leg and one on my head. I did not have these diagnosed by a doctor, lately my trust in doctors has not been that high. Also the thought and cost of surgery did nothing for me. So I studied cansema (black slave) on the net and happened to mention it to a friend of mine which lead to me calling a friend of his who used it and could supply it in Australia. So I ordered it, it came in a plain jar so I don't know who made it but I was told it came from the States

We are now a few months down the track and the salve has completely removed all the cancers as per the directions that you get with the salve. The two main ones I mentioned earlier just fell out after a few days and are now healing nicely. I also confirm that the salve will not effect normal skin it does nothing, but let it get in contact with a cancer and all hell breaks lose. I found the treatment on my leg very painful and I needed pain killers for a few days but the one on my head which I thought would be a night mare because of its size was no problem at all.

Rick's comments:  This persons testimonial is similar to what I have heard other report about Curaderm.  It works on surface spots but they can come back after a while.  I believe that the black salve penetrates much deeper than the curaderm can and that is why it works more efficiently.

-Trevor T.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Actinic Keratosis Responds to Total Care Body Wash

Actinic Keratosis Responds to Total Care Body Wash


I have been using the Total Care Body Wash in the tub to soak.

The whole bathtub soak dilution for normal size home tubs is 1
capful from the cap on the product bottle. 0.75 oz. would be for a
'Spa' size tub. One cap in a full tub of warm, not hot, water for
30 minutes is wonderful.

The soaking duration is key, when the dilution is so much but
the water does turn color slightly. I noticed it is vital to
vigorously shake the product, as it does get thick at the head of
the bottle right after shipment.

With the neck resting in the usual tub position for soaking in
a standard tub, the water was high, if I moved too quickly, it
would splash over but I am 6' 168 lbs. The skin does feel
marvelous once dry.

What I did personally, was to leave the wetness on and let air
dry, then rinsed and/or one can put on a bathrobe if they need
traverse to other rooms, etc.

I will have done 3 treatments with 2 days between each then
stop and wait for a test period, as my purposes are total body
immersion, minus face.


It is already working Rick!

I have done two treatments, 30 minutes each soaking, add
nothing else to water, no oils or soaps! I have small actinic keratosis like
lesions all over my upper chest and shoulders that are from agent
orange. Not a cancer problem but you can feel them and not see them

D. Harris (retired Army Dermatologist)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weeks to Live from Brain Tumor and Black Salve Capsules are Used

comments: In May 2008 my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given 2 to 3 weeks to live.

The doctors(and there were many) started her on chemo and radiation. After 3 treatments they stopped the treatments and said it would not help her and to prepare for her death.

A friend of mine told me about black salve tablets and I decided to try them since there was no hope from the doctors. It is now October 2008 and my wife is still with me. :)


Friday, November 14, 2008

Ellagic Acid for Emphysema

Hi Rick

I have sent a number of e-mails since I started taking EllagiCaps and I don't remember if I included you. If I did, here it is again.

48 hours after I started taking EllagicCaps for my emphysema, the need arose for me to mow my half acre lawn with a steep terrace. I soon got winded and started wheezing that made me cough.

I coughed up quite a blob of stuff and immediately started breathing easier and deeper. Eight days thereafter I had to mow again and, believe it or not, I mowed the whole yard without having to stop for a rest.

I fully realize that a medication (not calling EllagiCaps a medicine) is not a cure for everyone. However, black salve, for skin cancer and EllagiCaps, for emphysema has certainly worked for me regardless of what the FDA spouts.



Thursday, November 13, 2008

Black Salve Shrinks Lung Cancer Tumor

comments: My wife had lung cancer. It was discovered in February of 2006 stage 4 with a mass 5-1/4 cm. She had no insurance and the cancer treatment, Radiation and Chemo was not as aggressive because of her inability to pay.

She took black salve capsules and had to wait 6 weeks after the radiation before getting another cat scan. The mass had shrunk to 1 cm. Still unable to pay, the oncologist recommended Tarceva as a maintenance. After 3 doses, she developed severe lung problems and died 3 days later. I think the Tarceva killed her where the black salve shrunk the cancer

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Large B Cell Lymphoma and Black Salve Internally

comments: 37 year old female diagnosed in June of 2006 with Large B Cell Lymphoma. I had a chronic cough, felt sick, and had weight loss. I went down the US Western oncology road with 3 types of Chemotherapy, 2 types of Radiation, and a Stem Cell transplant. In Jan of 2008 a biopsy showed that the cancer was still there.

I then found a holistic treating chiropractor who was willing to manage my care while I took the Black Salve. I took it internally every day for 2 months and 3 weeks. I put a pea size amount in a gelatin capsule every night. In April of 2008 was informed I am cancer free.

So the $750k Western protocol did not work but the $50.00 black Salve with chiropractic care and management did.

People who see me today honestly do not believe I was in a state of Dis-Ease just a year ago!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Black Salve Capsules for Cancer on Nose

Hello Rick,
Long time since we talked ,
I was in the Caribbean for 4 + months and did the salve with the black bloodroot capsules and ellagic formula and the cancer beside my nose is gone!

I had a growth like skin colored small mole on my belly and I pulled it off and it bled and I put salve on a band aid and covered it. To my surprise the thing got bigger and all inflamed around it.

After 3 days I removed the band aid and saw this ugly swollen hole with the salve in it.... I reapplied the salve again and it got worse .
I looked at it 2 days later and removed a slimy ball of puss.....

I finished using the salve and it is slowly went away and healed over! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Black Salve Capsules Work says Retired Army Medic

Here is another comment about the black salve capsules used for internal cleansing of the body:

comments: I think for general skin & body cleansing,
I am about to complete the black salve capsules for 30 days, break a few days and go another 30. Bowel movement output has been
marvelously enhanced and a layer of "innertube" has been passed. Some
odd macular lesions have cleared, have had for decades since agent orange.
All the best,

D. Harris, Ret. Army P.A. Derm

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Black Salve Success Reported By Users

Hi Friends,

Here are 4 new testimonials that came in last week from people who have used some of the black salve products mentioned on my site. I hope this helps someone you may know! Don't forget, if you have a success story you can share with others who may need the positive encouragement, click here and share it!

To your health,
As with any ailment, it is important to seek out the advice and treatment of a qualified physician. Any information in this email is purely for educational purposes. Information discussed in this email is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


your_name: jim

comments: I noticed a small gray colored spot just below by right eye on the cheek about a year or so ago. I asked my doctor and he said it was nothing to be concerned about and that I should let him know if it changes. I didn't like the looks of it as 'gray' is not normal for the skin and my freckles are tan not grey. I found this site and learned about different types of skin cancer detection so I got some body wash and applied a thin layer to a few suspect spots. Nothing happened to most of them but the one 'gray' one (which was only about the size of your basic freckle) started to tingle after an hour or so. It turned black and shrunk and the area around it puffed up and turned red and a bit painful.

I was amazed! The next day the 'black' spot came out, with a little coaxing, and the swelling around it subsided but was still a tiny bit red. A few days later there was no redness and no sign that there was ever any problem. I figure this 'gray' freckle must have either been cancerous or pre-cancerous material or the reaction wouldn't have taken place. I have ordered some shampoo for the scalp and will keep testing suspect spots with the body wash but I am thoroughly convinced of it's effectiveness as it seemed to 'kill' this thing to it's roots and leave nothing behind.


your_name: peter

comments: I have had a number of sun spots removed and one basal cell carcinoma and one squamous cell carcinoma. I purchased some blood root salve some time ago just in case I got another lesion again, then a few weeks ago I had something on my left cheek. I knew it was not a solar keratosis so before I put any blood root salve on it, I thought I would try it on my arm and covered it for two days to see if there was any reaction, but nothing happened so I tried a little on my cheek where the spot was and covered it up. By the next morning there was a slight burning sensation but I put up with it and that night removed the dressing and saw what was under the dressing. It looked exactly the same as the pictures on this web site.

I was a little nervous at first wondering, if I had done the right thing or not but I persisted in applying blood salve for another five days. A wet scab had formed and raised from my skin now I was getting really worried so I stopped and left the scab uncovered. After a few days it seamed to be drying out and after another week it fell off. It has been four weeks since I first applied the blood root, scab has fallen off. At first left small hole but that seems to be clearing. Will definitely use blood root again if anything else appears.


your_name: Sandra

I used a black salve on a confirmed malignant basal cell about the size of a small peanut located on my left temple. After a couple of days using as directed both sides of my face got swollen and both eyes blackened. A core never surfaced and only pus drained out and then it healed and I was told in some cases that was normal. Afterward there were indentions left in areas of my skin as if underlying tissue had been destroyed.


your_name: Bernice Smith

comments: About 10 years ago I had a skin cancer surgically removed from my knee.It reappeared , and "scratching" it with a sterilized needle it was removed using Black Salve, however the one developed into three spots .I have now removed (since January) 11 skin cancers including 2 on my breast that I discovered because the ring around the nipple was larger than the other one. I used the needle to prick it for an opening close to the nipple and 2 cancers developed twice in the same places. Doctors said that I had Mastitis as diagnosed years ago.

I also took Black Salve Bloodroot capsules (about 20 or more) and later some Paw Paw along with Noni Juice after finishing the capsules. I am so grateful for discovering these products that can save lives. Black Salve will adhere if there is cancer and an opening for it to penetrate.I have found more cancer on the breast and am considering taking the Apricot Seeds which is actually Laetrile. l will keep this site posted. Heres hoping this will be of some help to someone that needs comfort and that there are natural things to combat cancer.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Show Positive Effects

Dear Friends,

I have been getting a lot of emails asking about black salve
internal capsules. There is some info about internal black salve
on my site under DIRECTIONS>Black Salve Capsules.

I think it is worth mentioning here because I have also been
getting many emails of people who take the capsules with very
positive results!

Although I mention how to take the actual salve internally in a
small pea size amount, I have found that people get a better result
by taking the actual Black Salve Bloodroot capsules and do not
experience stomach discomfort. The reason being is that the
salve contains zinc chloride which will burn your tissues. It is
necessary for an external application of the skin, which helps
deliver the herbal compound to the targeted abnormal cells below,
but it is not a form of zinc that should be ingested.

The formulated capsules contain bloodroot, chaparral, graviola, and
burdock root, but do not contain the zinc chloride, so it is safe
to take orally. Here are a couple of recent reports of people
taking the black salve bloodroot capsules with positive outcomes.

One woman started taking just 3 capsules a day and within the first
3 days was blown away by what happened. She was in a car accident
about 7 years earlier and had suffered chronic fatigue ever since.
Also, she had breast cancer in one breast about 10 years back and
was treated for it but always wondered if it was completely gone.
Within 3 days of starting the black salve bloodroot capsules she
had energy for the first time in seven years! Also, she noticed a
rash appearing on the other breast, the one not treated years before.

My thoughts are that the car accident took so much out of her that
she was not able to fight the residual cancer left in her body so
it took all of her energy to keep the abnormal cells from growing
at a rapid pace. Once she introduced the black salve bloodroot
capsules into her protocol, the immune system received a huge boost
from the herbs and this restored much of her energy that was being
directed to the cancer, which was evidentially still there based on
the rash that was now coming to the surface. I find this a
fascinating case.

Another woman who had also fought with cancer in the past and
started taking the capsules had this to say:

".....One thing more , for the past year or so, my stools had
changed to pencil thin at times and not floating. That was not
good. Now since taking the Black Salve Bloodroot caps I go very
naturally daily and it floats (sounds repulsive) but it is now a
normal B.M.
Everyone with cancer should take the Capsules due to my experience
and good results thus far."

If you have used the capsules and would like to share your
experience, I would like to hear about it. Please contact me
through my site. Hope this update finds you well, take care!

To your health,
As with any ailment, it is important to seek out the advice and
treatment of a qualified physician. Any information in this email
is purely for educational purposes. Information discussed in this
email is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Anderson Cooper of CNN has Skin Cancer

CNN's Anderson Cooper was back at work Wednesday after minor surgery two days earlier to remove a cancerous mole from underneath his left eye.

There was no indication the skin cancer had spread, spokeswoman Shimrit Sheetrit said.

He blogged about his procedure Wednesday, when he was following Barack Obama, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, for a special edition of Cooper's nightly news show.

"I hadn't planned on mentioning this," said Cooper, 40. "But I still have stitches and you'll no doubt notice them. ... Don't want you to think I got into a fistfight with Charlie Rose."

Apparently Anderson Cooper does not know about black salve and its powerful ability to go after skin cancers or he could have avoided the surgery and stitches! I hope for his sake that they got it all, but if you have read any of the testimonials and blog posts at you will see that many people have had cancers surgically removed, only to find out within a couple of years that their cancer still remained in the same place. Fortunately these folks used black salve the second time around and reported no return of the skin cancer many years later.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Video of Squamous Cell Cancer Treated with Black Salve

Here is a great video of a woman who had a melanoma surgically removed 3 years ago but continued to have itching and redness in the area so she used some black salve after the doctor found some squamous cell cancer. Great images!


Friday, February 22, 2008

Skin Cancer Preventative Sunscreen Clothing Showcased on the Today Show

Another great way to protect your skin from sun over exposure is by using sun protective clothing. As profiled on the "Today Show," the company Cabana Life brings this great skin cancer prevention tool to the public in stylish fashion.

Cabana Life combines fashion with function by offering stylish clothing with 50+UV protection through patented High IQ Sun Protection. The cotton collection offers a variety of beach-essentials including hats, cover-ups, tunics, shirts, and pants for boys, girls, women, and expecting moms. These "beach club chic" styles have garnered a celebrity following that includes Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marcia Gay Harden, and Lisa Kudrow.

Founded by Melissa Papock, a melanoma survivor, Cabana Life is a socially-conscious company that strives to increase skin cancer education through numerous strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations such as Huntsman Cancer Institute, The Skin Cancer Foundation, Women's Dermatologic Society, Live4Life, and many others. endorses the use of sun protective clothing for the prevention of skin cancer and other skin abnormalities caused by over exposure to the sun. For more information on the natural treatment of skin cancers visit Please think about using sun protective clothing and visit for more details.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Body Wash Used on Skin Cancer Spot on Face

I finally got my first bottle of Body wash over a week ago. I am already noticing a few changes to a few early basic skin cancer spots I get on my face, usually i get theses treated every 4 - 6 months with liquid nitrogen at the doctors. Having spent my childhood in the tropics and high school years on the beach surfing without sun protection.

For further study you should also look at Essaic Tea. I have compiled plenty of research on it. Here in Australia to get Essaic Tea I need to purchase from North America, but thanks to the negative information from the major drug companies on some of the ingredients I need to obtain a special licence to import for personal use.
Any way keep up the good work.


Kim C

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Basal Cell Skin Cancer Removed with Black Salve

I was diagnosed with 8 spots ,basal cell skin cancer. I opted for trying Black salve, alternating with Golden salve, also occasionally cleansing it with a little peroxide and let it dry, then apply the Salve, and if it really hurts alternate a day or so with Golden Salve.

It removed, with some pain, the cancers. I immediately felt better. Had these cancers for many many years.

My wife had a "plastic" cancerous ,dark mole, on the knee area, surgically removed about 10 - 12 yrs ago. A few years ago she noticed something like the same mole reappear but not as dark. Just this month she put the Black Salve on it and it did NOTHING .

I suggested , from experience , to use a sterilized needle to just barely prick to get a tiny drop of blood. It worked . She put the Black Salve on the area and it has developed into a huge area where the salve is removing the cancer. It is terribly sore, reddened area, with some pus and pains a little ,.but not constantly. The secret here was to get it opened to accept the salve, otherwise I would have not have known it was the cancer coming back. I cannot not praise this God given remedy enough. Thanks to Black Salve. Our bodies are so wonderfully made that the new skin gradually covers over the area where the cancer is removed.
-The Smiths (really is there last name!)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Black Salve works on possible cancer and plantar wart

Two years ago I began noticing a reoccurring pimple near my left side of the mouth. I was told by two doctors that I was too young to be worried and spent the next two years passing it off as a fungal infection. Against the doctors wishes I decided to try the black salve on my face and on several other areas that I did not suspect anything.

Immediately the place where the pimple was started burning and tingling. and within two hours there was a clear formation of where I believe the cancer was. after 24 hours I thoroughly washed the areas and removed the bandages. I was shocked to find the small pimple was actually the size of a pencil eraser. I used the salve one more day on that area but no more burning. i am now in the process of letting it heal up as well as another spot on my face I found that was much smaller. this has saved me thousands of dollars as well as being able to treat myself instead of relying on the doctors who tried to convince me it was nothing to begin with.

I also treated a plantar wart that I had for over 10 years and it is completely gone. as a single mother raising two boys alone this is a life saver for me. this cancerous pimple should have been taken more serious from the doctors but I am glad I went with my gut feeling and trusted my friend who cured his skin cancer using the black salve. I am disgusted that the FDA is always trying to make money by regulating things that were on this earth before the Fda existed. and I am glad I was able to order what I needed and possibly save a lot of money and trouble later.
thanks for letting me share!

Tricia Dennis

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Black Salve/Bloodroot Video on

Hi folks,

Just an update that there is a new link on in the left column, listed
as: Black Salve/Bloodroot Video

This is a must see video for anyone who wants to know the truth about one of the original holistic vs. orthodox medicine wars and how an herbal formulation has cured hundreds of thousands of cancer patients in the last 100 years.

A number of the herbs in the external and internal Hoxsey formulas are found in Black Salve and Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules still available from companies like

These herbs, such as bloodroot, red clover, chaparral, and burdock root, have been credited by many who have successfully boosted their immune function during their battle with various skin cancers such as melanoma, squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Three year battle with warts ends in natural victory

I just had to share this one with you all! Read the following testimonial:

I wanted to give you an update on my 12 year old daughters
warts that she has struggled with for the past 3 years.
The EllagiCaps are amazing.

All her warts are gone now but 2 that have developed on her

I am amazed!

Ryane had about 15 warts on her fingers (cuticles and palms)
she had warts on her knees about 6 and warts on her ankle
about 5 large ones, all have gone away except about 3 on her
palms, those I still have her use bloodroot.

They literally flattened out and disappeared!

I went through a lot of things before I found your
site Burning them off, freezing
them off, topical medications, pills from the health food
store, was going to try Lazer which costs a fortune and
is not covered by medical insurance.

She cried weekly and wore band-aids!!
It seems that this
product has boosted her immune
system enough to rid herself
of 95 percent of the warts!! Since there are a
few new ones
coming up, I see that her body is trying to hold on to
virus, so I will continue to have her take
this supplement,
which she
is taking 4-6 caps per day.

I am impressed with this product!! I wish I could get the
word out to all those who are plagued with warts. Too
the dermatologists don't have a clue. They only recommend
or topical creams for the outside, and give no advise
about treating
from the inside.

It makes all the sense in the world, if warts are caused
by a virus and the immune system is not working properly
to kill the
virus, why not boost the immune system?

If this product works like this for warts, I can't
imagine what other great things it is doing on the

inside to help fight other disease.

Thank you my dear friend Rick for telling me about the EllagiCaps!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Salve Bloodroot Testimonials 1

Here are two interesting testimonials that were emailed to me this week! Feel free to share yours with me and I will put it up with or without your name as you choose. Email to

Hi Rick ,

I have had swelling under right underneath my eye, off an on for 9 months. Finally it was one solid lump,
even after I had it drained. I started using the total care body wash, after about 4 weeks it finally went away. Now there is no evidence of any trauma, no swelling and it has been 4 months. What a relief! If anybody wants to call me to ask more questions, they can. I hope this helps. You provide a wonderful service! Tina 619-339-6231

Hi Rick,

I was glad to get your email update. I wanted to give you an update also. My arm has healed up nicely after losing the eschar fell off, thanks to the after care product. For my daughters warts, it seems that the bloodroot has worked some on the warts around her cuticles,they look much much better, but others pop up now on her palms and fingers. But we will continue to attack a few at a time. Since she has started the EIF, it seems like the ones on her ankles and her knees have flattened out!!! yay!!!!

Also, I love the bloodroot toothpaste! I have gum issues because of a 8 tooth crown I wear, and I don't floss enough. Since using the toothpaste, my gums feel so much better and don't bleed at all when I brush!! I love it, and it does not taste bad at all!



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules

Hi there,

Over the past 2 years I have had many people ask me if they can take black salve internally to kill cancers or boost their immune system. I have posted some information on under the subject "Internal Black Salve?"

Many people have had trouble taking the black salve internally and I am writing this email to you today to let you know there is another option! I received an email today from and they have just launched a new Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule which does have a good herbal composition of known immune boosting herbs. Please remember that I do not sell any products and do not have specific information on their proprietary blend, but the ingredients of the capsules are listed in the text below.

On another note, I am still receiving dozens of praise reports from people who have used the salves for various abnormal tissue growths. If you have experienced good results with any salves please let me know and if you are comfortable, I will put your testimonial anonymously on my site. Below is the email I received about the new capsules.

Have a great day!


Dear Friend,

If you have not recently visited our site, you may not know that we now have Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules! As with all of our products we are not allowed to make claims, but we can tell you we are very proud to include this in our product line and know you will be pleased with the results of taking these capsules on a daily basis. The ingredient are bloodroot, burdock root, chaparral, graviola, and natural rice flour in a vegetarian capsule.

Many people have contacted us in the past, asking if it is safe to take the black salve internally. Black salve contains zinc chloride which allows the herbs to be carried under the skin and can leave some scar tissue after the eschar falls out and heals over. Black salve capsules contain NO zinc chloride and are completely safe to ingest if you follow the direction on the bottle.

In the next two weeks we will be emailing updates on more fantastic new products we are carrying as well as a Christmas gift package with a special price. So be on the look out for more great news from!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Customer Service

Best On Earth Products, LLC

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mole and Callus Removal

Hello Rick,
Thanks for the's been quite a few months since I contacted you...I have been using the best on earth body wash instead of the salve up to this point for a mole and about 3 weeks ago the mole peeled off. I also used white vinegar on it daily, not sure if that was any help, but it seemed to.

Anyway, I was very surprised since for some time nothing seemed to be happening to the mole. I think it may have been a was fairly large on my chest...not there is nothing there...when it peeled off the skin looked perfect underneath, no scar, you can't tell where the mole was...I think that is pretty amazing weather it was a mole or a barnacle.

I will give you more info on the body wash. I did have some skin sensitivity when I used it everyday and had to change to using it a couple times a week after the first month of using it daily.

What the problem was is that I have calluses on my palms from working with horses, cleaning stalls, handling ropes, etc. for the last few decades (we have a horse ranch), and the body wash took my calluses off and so it was a bit uncomfortable and my hands would get I tried not putting it on the palms of my hands which was challenge. really worked well on the calluses on my heels of my feet and also some other areas of my body like my elbows...but I was a bit concerned about using on my face too much after it took the calluses off my first my face just glowed, but I'm outside most of the day and so I was concerned that my soft new skin showing up on my face was going to burn....I always use a hat or visor outside...but I went to only using on my face once week...but other than my face and my hands, I put it on the rest of my body every day, sometimes every other day for several months.

I am out now and am thinking I will lasted quite a long time, but maybe I was not using enough and that is also why it took several months for the mole on my chest to peel off.