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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsules Reviews October 2018

Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsules Reviews October 2018

Been using Black Salve ointment for about 9 years. Nine cancerous moles have been successfully removed. I have continued researching the Black Salve products during this time period. Recently on the Best of Earth site I gained more knowledge of the use of Black Salve products. Came across the capsule info.  I have an area on my creek that Black Salve ointment was applied once and appeared to be healed.  Over time it returned.

Black Salve ointment was applied a second time and appeared to be completely healed. The cancerous spot returned. Upon discovery of Best of Earth Site and info on the use of Black Salve I understand why the return of the cancerous spot.  I read where the depth of exposure to topical application may not penetrate to deep rooted cancer.  So I have been using the Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules in conjunction with Spirulina for 3 weeks with great results.

The cancerous area on the cheek is no longer large and red, it is not painful to the touch and it has shrunk and almost completely healed to normal healthy tissue in the three weeks.  This is hitting the cancer from the inside out.  Thanks for something that works.  Will post when completely healed.

-Glenn B.


My friend told me about Best on Earth Black Salve Capsules helping her friend heal from Stage 4 lung cancer after the doctors had done all they could and sent him home to die.

I used it as part of my breast cancer healing in 2016… I take 1 Black Salve Capsule 3 times per day, along with 2 Ellagic Capsules 3 times per day now.

-Dana T.


I have been buying the black salve bloodroot capsules for a friend who has cancer and he has been taking regularly and it has helped that is for sure. His cancer is in remission and he swears by this product.
I myself have used the Black Salve on various occasions removing skin cancer lesions from various parts of my body and face. It work amazing and does not leave behind any scars. All heals up with time without a trace. I am very white and have been out in the sun far too much, so I now pay the price, but thanks to Black Salve I can take care of it myself and do not need any medical procedures cutting around my skin, we’re  very happy with the results.

-U. Meiner


Used Black Salve with DMSO to remove a spot on my back... the spot was definitely cancer and was worrying me... I could feel it working immediately... the spot fell off two weeks after I applied it. The hole was closed up in two weeks. I recommend it to everyone.

-Tom P.


Had quiet a few surgeries and pain from my polycystic ovarian syndrome and I took the black salve bloodroot capsules and its helped heal and rid of my cysts as well and eating heathy and cutting sugar and a lot of my bread out. Feeling amazing from this product and lost 15 kilos. Thanks so much for all the information!


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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Reviews September 2018

Black Salve / Bloodroot Capsules Reviews September 2018


I have never written a comment on a product but felt compelled to do so regarding the black salve bloodroot capsules. I can't thank you enough for the info!! My husband did not receive the news he was hoping for from his doctor regarding his throat and was facing several surgeries. A friend told us about bloodroot and my husband immediately started taking it. After only taking it for 3 months he now has a clear report and tests are all negative. His doctors are shocked to say the least. He is continuing to take bloodroot as a preventative and feels wonderful!
-Taylor C.


Thank you for the info on black salve bloodroot capsules. I have struggled with systemic candida my whole life after being given loads of anti-biotics when I was a young child.  This product really relieves me from all of the symptoms, like athletes feet and dryness in my throat.


I have been taking the Bloodroot capsules and the Organic Green Powder for 3 weeks now and know that my body is repairing itself in a big way. I have a lot more energy and am starting to feel really good. Considering I live in New Zealand I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my order arrived. I would highly recommend these great health restoring products. Thank you so much.
-Sharyn from New Zealand.


I have been taking the black salve bloodroot capsule herbs for over 4 years now and I haven't had a re-occuence of my malignant melanoma that I had twice before. Wonderful product.
-Adrienne E.


I have removed 3 cancerous lesions since I bought Black Salve in April. My wife has removed 1 lesion. If you buy this product, and if you don't follow directions, and if you expect instant results, then you will be disappointed. Black Salve worked on a non-cancerous spot, as well. Black Salve formed a small irritation on the non-cancerous spot, and then, the irritation went away. We can't believe the first treatment worked so well. I have had these lesions on the side of my neck for years (the 1st spot). I have been wearing bandaids to bed so that the lesions wouldn't bleed on the pillow case. Weeks later, I no longer wear bandaids; I no longer bleed; and I can't tell the lesions were there. :-) My wife and I have used Black Salve in the past with great results. We haven't used it in years until now because we couldn't find it. We often longed for it. I was thrilled to find it, I ordered it right away, and I applied the Black Salve as soon as it came in. Black Salve works great! :-)


I've been using the Black Salve for around 7 years. I've removed over 50 masses from my skin. My conventional dr has now conceded I've saved my own life. I am grateful to the earth, the angels and the manufacturers for this product.


This product is a "miracle in a jar". I have used Black Salve twice on suspicious looking lesions on my legs, and on both occasions, Black Salve has meticulously and precisely removed the lesion. I truly believe that this product has potentially "saved my life", twice.
-Michelle H


I have done thorough research on “holistic” healing & most modalities far surpass Western medicine “procedures” for my personal choice. Have used black salve topically in past with amazing results do when “diagnosed” in November I KNEW, for ME, what was “prescribed” would ultimately kill me.
I went on line, seeking Black Salvd to take internally... a company in Great Britain offered what I sought, but the order process would not complete & their customer service guy was rude so  I continued my search. Actually tried two different US  companies both willing to answer ‘yes’ to my jnquiry if there product had KEY ingredient of Blood Root. Yet, upon product delivery it was not on ingredients label. Also both companies suggested mix in water or put in Vegie capsules ...for me, taste, smell, upset stomach with both methods. Then , one day I googled my “ diagnosis “,a newsletter popped up & this gentleman shared his experience of “best” black salve was Best On Earth.  At this point with time of the essence I ordered two bottles, great customer service! Blood Root listed as ingredient! I started with the 3 a day, then  took time to read the reviews on their website. Currently,  I am taking 3 capsules three times a day, with one day a week giving my body rest from all supplements. I have improved stamina, no stomach discomfort, & “symptoms” virtually gone..,of course eating organic, exercise, & becoming belief rather than fear based.
-BB in Wisconsin


The black salve does exactly what everyone says it should!!!!!  It's amazing how it works, God gave us such wonderful herbs and they crafted the product to work perfectly.  It's not for the faint of heart but neither are the consequences of not using it!  I have a lot more issues to work with and looking forward to eliminating them all.  Excellent!


I started using this product on the 9th May. Within 21 days my mole which was only very small extracted itself leaving a whole just above my belly button much bigger than i had ever expected. It was very scary watching and feeling the different stages take place. Now i have some scaring around the size of the surface area of my thumb but it is healing quit nicely. Not as itchy as it was and i haven't been using it a month yet. My partner now calls me the celebrity mole because my friends all want to see the healing progress.


I have removed a couple skin cancers as well as two large moles. I scar easily but that doesn't bother me. After 50-years-old hits, who cares what anyone thinks. I did not have to spend thousands of dollars on a Doctor! Worth every penny. Does dry out over time but just add some water.
-Michelle C.


Excellent results with the black salve bloodroot capsules, I am very satisfied with them.  At 82 years of age, and having spent a lifetime working and following recreational activities outdoors in the tropics, I am successfully using the capsules to control and perhaps prevent serious skin problems occasioned by many years of sun exposure. I will continue to purchase this product.
-Stuart A.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Reviews July 2018

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Reviews July 2018

I used the salve to draw cancer from my breast. After having a mastectomy there was cancer left at the surgery line. I put the salve on the line and it drew the cancer out. The after care cream removed any discomfort.
-J. Hood

I've been taking the black salve bloodroot capsules at 3 per day for about 6 months, and so far I've tolerated them very stomach is very sensitive, so i'm very happy to be able to take the capsules. Taking them for immune issues. 
- Helen

My husband & I have been excited about bloodroot capsules as he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer early this year. I immediately started him on them. Even before he started chemo his PSA had dropped from 57 to 13.3.  Very happy! 
- Marion M


Father had cancer spot on ear... tiny bit of black salve pulled out in 9 days... second spot presented... second tiny amount and 14 days later.. cancer purged... amazing.. black salve seems like a magnet.. pulling cancer to area..then encompassing and allowing body to eliminate..I 100% recommend this saves lives...thank you for all the eternal gratitude! 
- Kimberly

I have been using black salve bloodroot caps for a month now as recommended on basal cell carcinoma. No side effects. Appears to dry up sun damaged lesions on skin. Works from inside as opposed to other treatments I have received- 
surgery, N2, and numerous creams. I will continue with the caps. - Horace

A friend gave me black Salve and a bottle of Bloodroot caps years ago, I began using the Salve 2 years ago, I have removed many, 40 or more cancers, mainly on my face, some were very deep in my temples, I used the course of capsules as first course,  I ordered new batch of Salve and BR Caps, they were delivered to outback Australia within 10 days, I am taking second course of caps now, treating 2 more on my back, one very deep and painful even after 5 days, did 3 treatments, very surprising find, I feel that this serious cancer would have avoided my attention had not the Systemic caps irritated it from inside, I am finding more in this way, close my eyes when in bed and I can feel them, easy to locate even if no obvious surface irregularities, no room here to tell of my more notable successes, I totally approve these products, I won’t go to Dr, no chemo or radiotherapy for me, due to the seriousness of my situation I will continue into my third course of BR caps and keep treating cancers as I find them. Feeling energetic and optimistic. - Josef P

Using Black Salve with DMSO I have personally eliminated three pockets of foreign substance pea size, from under my facial cheek areas and one from my ear lobe. Also I have aided my wife in eliminating a pea size pocket along side her nose, which her dermatologist had not even noticed. She had this checked out by a cosmetic surgeon and he had nothing critical to say, but offered to swab the area with silver nitrate. I have also used BS to test areas of concern only to find out that the salve didn't find anything.  I trust BS.  My dermatologist spotted a cancerous lesion and I said that I would treat it myself with BS. She asked me to come back in two months for a look see.  When I returned she said I did a good job.   


I had a mark on my head that would bleed every time I touched it, or washed it, or knocked it.  It had been there probably over 12 months.  I used the Black Salve with DMSO and had received the after care cream with it which I also used.  
It all looked like I'd been informed it would look like, and on day 10 it popped out like a plug.  It has healed over well at this stage, but I expect it will look better over coming weeks. I couldn't be happier with this amazing product! 

The black salve bloodroot caps have been an excellent product for me. I was advised 6 years ago when I had cancer diagnosed that these capsules were very good at slowing the rates of the tumour growth. 
I have survived 6 years after initially being advised that my survival prospects were very low but have continued with these capsules so I put some of my survival down to these and wouldn't be without them. 
-Yvonne S.

I bought the black salve bloodroot capsules for my husband who has prostate cancer. I had been purchasing from another company but there was issues with taking payment. After some research, I found Best On Earth Products. I ordered right away. It processed and shipped quickly. My husband says it's definitely working...he can feel the pulling, etc. I will absolutely be back for more. Thank you for all the information!!! 
-Lori W.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Testimonials March 2018

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Testimonials March 2018

New Testimonials:

Thank you so much for sending this information.  I am so happy I mentioned Dr. Mohs and I appreciate the story, absolutely incredible.

I didn't tell you this, but I had melanoma about 7 years ago and ONLY because my family was so upset I let a doctor do Mohs on me.  That of course is just how it starts.  Next, of course I was told to go to an oncologist, my husband took me to 5, all said exactly the same thing.  If I didn't start chemo I only had 6 months to one year to live, I refused.  By the way, right after the Mohs surgery I immediately put the black salve on.
The spot leaked for almost 2 weeks, how, why, I had just had Mohs????  I knew why!!

I went to the Gerson satellite clinic in San Diego instead of going to Mexico, they taught me so much.  I did the Gerson diet, bought the recommended press juicer, and took MMS every hour for 13 hours a day and made the recommended juice every hour.  It was so much work, but I wanted to live.  The Black Salve I put on stayed intact for almost three weeks before it feel off.  I told no one, and it was on my back so it was easy to hide.

I, as advised went back after 5 years for a checkup and no cancer.  Every once in a while, not often I get a funny looking mole and I put on the Black Salve.  I know it has saved my life.  Yes, I get craters in my skin, but they always heal and only one is visible, but I would have to point it out for anyone to notice.

I have a few friends that have reluctantly tried Black Salve.  I always tell them not to tell their MD's, but more often than not they cannot help themselves, 100% of the time, they get chewed out by their doctors, it is sad, because this has caused some to not use it and their cancer just keeps spreading.   I have even had a friend die that started out with a Basal cell on his face.  He knew I had just found out I had a melanoma and I tried to get him to use Black Salve.  No he said, "I love my doctor".  It spread all throughout his body and he died, but before he died I went to his 70th birthday party.  I walked up to him, he had to sit he was so sick. He was shocked when he saw how healthy I looked and he commented and asked me how my cancer was doing.  I actually felt guilty saying, it is gone.

I had a lady call me one time, I didn't know her, so I didn't want to help her, I got nervous, was it the FDA,  but she said the name of a doctor I knew so I let her come over.  She only had two months to live. I never told her what to do, just told her what I would do if it was me.  She had a quarter size spot on her breast, but it wasn't breast cancer.  She bought some Black Salve through Best of Earth and put it on.  It was incredibly painful, she had to take pain pills.
Her doctor kept watching her.  She kept sending me pictures.  I have never seen anything like it in my life.  A mass came out of her breast the size of an adult fist, it had purple, yellow, red and black things on it. She said it smelled.  She put a cloth with MMS on it several hours a day. It finally fell off, but it took almost 3 months.  It will be 4 years this August and she is cancer free.  By the way, I also told her to never ever eat any sugar, I understand that has actually now been proven, cancer cannot live without sugar.  People need to do their research, but most don't, they just do what the Doctor (they love so much tells them to do)!!!

Once again, thank you so so much!


Just wanted to tell you how excited I am about the black salve bloodroot capsules. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced prostrate cancer in January. I immediately put him on the capsules. Today we had another blood test and his PSA went from 57 to 13.3  in just 6 weeks. The Dr can’t believe it, thank you!  


Black salve worked well. Did what it said. I put it on my husbands shoulder where he had a lump after a broken collarbone.  Before we had a bone biopsy. Only to find prostrate cell in collarbone. We would not of found otherwise. 


I have been using black salve for nearly 8 years and it has done everything I wanted to clear up my skin cancers. Without it I would have had to spend thousands on surgical treatment. Money I dont have. Thanks for the info!


Black Salve with DMSO  works. I did research first, ignored the fake news, and I used the Black Salve with DSMO on several places I suspected were still cancerous after my doctor treated them twice. I also used the After Cream Care. I am very satisfied and no longer concerned.


I have used black salve capsules for last 2 years. Have had very good results with healing bad skin spots.
Have also used black salve balm with excellent results on sun damaged skin that I was told needed to be operated on. Used the salve and gone in 2 weeks. Doctor was impressed, great product.
-Murray in NZ


I have removed many cancers, including melanoma, from myself and members of my family over the years. And many, friends, I have shown how to remove cancers from their skin, and many have taken the salve orally for internal cancers. I have NOT received one report of failure. Nor have I had a failure on myself or family.
-Bill P.


Used the black salve on my neck and side of head. Areas which the MD did biopsy confirming basil cell carcinoma. The salve was applied and it began to remove the cancerous cells forming the eschar. On my neck the first eschar came off on the bandaid. I applied a small amount of salve on a white spot within the wound to confirm I got the root. A few days later another eschar formed and within 3 weeks total time, both began healing up with use of the After Care Cream. I also applied the  salve to my arm on a spot which I felt may have been cancerous. The salve was on the area for about a week and nothing occurred except for a little redness. Thus showing that it was not cancerous. No question....this works.


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Monday, February 19, 2018

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews February 2018

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews February 2018

11 new reviews of Black Salve and Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules, feel free to share with your friends and family.

I bought the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules for my husband who had 2 different very high grade bladder cancers. He had three times 6 sessions of chemo and was close to losing his bladder twice. He started to take this capsules in May 2015 and only after 7 months taking 3 capsules daily he was cleared of his aggressive cancers. We have been over the moon with the fantastic result. We see his recovery as a miracle. My husband continued to take the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules as a precaution as there is a high risk the cancer can come back. I have told other people about this product which we believe cured the aggressive bladder cancer.
-Helga in Australia

Hi, I have been using black salve for some time now. recently went to Dr. and was told I had quite a few lumps to cut out.  I since have applied B.S. and those tumours came out as white lumps and now all is healed and ears are back to normal. i also did my leg and same results.  It seems like a little miracle.  give it a go! 

This natural product is so much better than having surgery or having the lump cut out. If it is cancerous, the back salve will detect and destroy and your skin will heal over time naturally. Amazing!
Kerrie C.


I started taking the Bloodroot root capsules a few months ago because I had fullness in and around my ear and was also having trouble with dizziness.  I have always had sinus and ear problems and didn't want to go to the doctor with it and end up with an antibiotic.  I decided to give the bloodroot a try before going to get it checked.  After about 3 months of having the dizziness and full feeling I started the capsules and within a week the dizziness stopped and within 2 weeks the fullness was gone.  I also had noticed a small lump at the bottom of my ear and that  also disappeared. 

I started with one capsule 3 times a day and then went up to 3 capsules 3 times a day and didn't feel any adverse reactions to the capsules.  I have also tried to limit carb and sugar intake since starting the capsules as I know I'm better off without them.  I also ordered some for my sister who has had a few melanoma lumps taken out.  She decided to take the capsules to help get rid of any lingering cancer cells she might have.

I used this on a suspicious dark spot I had recently and to my surprise within 24 hours this dark spot with the black salve on it started drawing the black salve into it until the salve became part of the "scab" looking top on it.  It continued to draw for almost a week then the pain subsided pretty much and the spot looked as if the "scab" was going to come loose but it didn't for about another week.  The directions say to remove the bandage covering the black salve and clean it and put the after cream on to get it to heal quickly and cleanly which is what I did until one day with the 2 weeks the scab came off on the bandage. 

Like some reviews said the pain would completely subside when the scab came off and it does.  Mine was on a particular sensitive area (the breast near the nipple) so I was taking over the counter pain medicine everyday for the first week.  This stuff drew out some nasty looking junk but I could see that there is more there to be taken care of because I saw another white spot that is identical to the white spots I saw before and are now gone.  I know that white spot is cancer or something just as serious but this black salve will get it all. 

I had a mammogram just 9 months before I did the black salve and the reading came out that the tech saw something suspicious in my mammogram which they wanted to do more testing on.  I said no to that because I wasn't spending more money on something that might turn out to be nothing.  Now I know what it was and what is gone because of the black salve.  I will have another mammogram this year which insurance will pay for and I know they will find NOTHING.

I used Black Salve on 2 moles around a year ago. I am extremely happy with the results. The product worked exactly as described and the slight scarring on the skin where the moles used to be is getting less and less visible as time goes on.


Can't begin to thank you for the info on these capsules, saved the life of both my mother and father, now my daughter is using them, wonderful product!
-Anita B.


I have used Black Salve on and off for 10 years or more on small cancers and have had 100% success with no scarring or destruction of tissue or return of cancers. I also know of another person having the same success rate, the person who told me about Black Salve. 

I allowed a doctor to remove one cancer surgically which resulted in  damage and disfigurement on my skull.
My experience with black salve has been positive.
-James M.


As I have fungus infection on my leg for quite some time which turn into some kind of tumor which I find it hard to get rid of,  I start to look for more drastic cure since I worried those infectious tumor might turn into melanoma. After some browsing on the internet,  I accidentally bumped into the black salve therapy which I thought might give it a try. After my order arrived,  I started using it accordingly and it did take some guts to endure the pain accompanied with the treatment. As usual, the tumor was done with while the scars take some time to recover. Now I think I should be worry free of any melanoma that might occur to me.  Thank you for the product.


Black Salve is an amazing product that seeks out and destroys skin cancer on my partner's nose within 2 weeks and left minimal depressions after healing completely.  I have used it on myself for "questionable" bumps, but it wasn't cancer because it didn't go after it.  No effect at all unless it's cancer, and that's awesome! My partner reports it burns as it works, not pretty as it works on those nasty cancer cells, but the After Care Cream soothes and rebuilds the tissues as it closes up.  Follow directions, and you will be amazed at this product.  He's removed 5 spots over the past 9 years from his face and nose and saved hundreds of dollars. Thank you so much for all your info!
-Lisa T.


Had suspicious skin growth doctors wanted to cut out.  Decided to try black salve first.  It took up the growth deep into the arm, but is healing nicely now.  Much better than surgery.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews October 2017

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews October 2017

7 new reviews of Black Salve and Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules, feel free to share with your friends and family.

My husband and I started taking bloodroot capsules over a year ago now. As my husband was suffering fron bile duct cancer we thought there was nothing to lose. After he was up to 9 capsules per day he experienced a loss of some description through his bowel. (Wish we had it to biopsy). Further to further scans etc the doctors could not find any trace of the cancer. We feel that it was due to the bloodroot. Unfortunately though because he did have the cancer they wouldn't give him a liver transplant anyway and he lost his life in April. Not because of the cancer but his liver. I swear by them and still take them myself as maintenance as I have had melanomas and numerous skin cancers. I am only on 2 to 3 per day and feel great!
-Karen W.
I have been on Black Salve Bloodroot capsules for 5 years . when I first had my cancer diagnosed I was told by a couple of professional naturopaths that this was an excellent product if I could get hold of it but unfortunately you cant buy it in Australia. I searched the web until I found the product suggested on your site.I was given 6 months to live 5 years ago. I strongly believe this product has been one of my key saviours in my cancer journey and I wouldn't be without it.
We take a round of the capsules once or twice a year with the hope of using it as a preventive of any bad cells really taking hold. Therefore, it's unknown whether it's effective. As for the black salve, we've used it to remove skin cancer tumors from my husband's arms. The first one had been biopsied, so we knew it was definitely cancer and the salve did just what it was reported to do. It was a little painful, but in every case after 10 days the tumor came out and the decavitation quickly filled in. He hasn't had a recurrence in any area that we've used the salve and I continue to pray that it doesn't come back.
I ordered two bottles, of black salve bloodroot capsules. I live in Canada but still received my order within a week, which was great.

I've started with one capsule per day to see if I was going to have a reaction. Nothing bad at all.

My chest is much lighter and my breathing easier. This is only my second week taking them, think I noticed an improvement within just a few days. I also find that I've had more stamina throughout the day.

I don't have cancer, I wanted them for my breathing and overall improvement of physical energy and stamina while recovering from a severe case of Guillain Barre Syndrome.

Anyway, so far I am very happy. Thank-you!
I recently started using the Total Care Body Wash on my face for about 3 minutes to clear up Actinic Keratoses.
My dermatologist is suggesting I do BLU-U therapy in January 2018 and I am hoping to use the Total Care Body Wash to clear it up so I won't need this treatment. I'm also using the Body Wash in bathwater to detect other skin problems. I haven't used it long enough to determine the final outcome but am pleased with the progress so far.
I've read all the negative stuff on the web about black salve. Yes, it kills the cells. But it only selects the cancer cells or the mole cells. I've removed 2 pre-cancers and 6 or 7 large moles. Some went very deep. It worked perfectly and I trust it. The other choice is to have a doctor freeze it or cut it out. You're guaranteed to have a bigger hole left with good cells removed and maybe not all the bad cells removed. It hurts when the cells are dying, but nothing like the freezing and cutting that I experienced with doctors previously. Follow the directions and do 1 at a time. If it doesn't take for a mole, rough up the surface a little. Good luck!
-Brent N.
I'll take anything that seems to help with Lyme disease, and I seem to "herx" more with this, so I think it's helping. I have lots of serious problems, but after a couple of bottles, my energy seems better. Spontaneously, I felt like going on a bit longer walk than I had been taking. It's hard to attribute that to just the Black Salve capsules, but what I'm doing is improving me and the Black Salve capsules are a part of it.
-Patti S.


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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsule Reviews: August 2017

Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsule Reviews: August 2017

It simply WORKS!   We have used it to remove skin cancers and I had growths.   I would not use it on my face but each circumstance is different. It has removed several skin cancers and the odd mall or two! Safe If used as directed!   Always remembering your body has natural defenses. You must give it time to work. Each removal is different.  Little or no scarring. I removed a small cancer off the back of my leg. It left a perfect round crater which gradually filled in with clean baby skin. That was several years ago, now you cannot even tell where it was. 
-Kathy W.


I had read about Black Slave on the Internet and was referred to this brand. I had a skin irritation on my shoulder that would not heal for OVER two years, and finally went to a Dermatologist. I was diagnosed with Basel cell, so they said. I thought I would give this a try, and after about ten days the lesion was totally healed.Don't get the area wet at all and let the scab fall off by itself. I am still amazed at how great this worked. They threw in a container of moisturizer with it for free. I am keeping the container in the refrigerator.It should  keep for a long time. :)


I had over 50, yes 50, spots of skin cancer. Doctor wanted to cut them out 3 at a time. I said, l'll try Black Salve.  My last skin cancer is almost gone. Everyone of them WITHOUT surgery!
I thank God for Black Salve. I wish the whole world knew!!
-D Ray Miller


I have used this product 3 times on one place on my face. The root could still be seen that is why I used it 3 times. A skin cancer nurse said I would need to have a biopsy on the small dot on my nose so I salves it instead. I had a reaction but it has nearly gone back to normal. Fantastic stuff. Black salve is strong stuff. Small amounts are best. The Escher that will form needs to be kept moist, this might be to help new skin grow back. Everyone was saying how bad it looked but for some reason I wasn't scared I knew it was doing its job. I am on your black salve page and lots of info on here. I have now started taking the bloodroot caps too, I think this might have helped tone down this latest eschar.
-Karen Mc


I purchased the capsules to take should I get cancer, several weeks ago I gave some to a lady up the road her dog had several tumors she said the tumors are shrinking and become very soft, her vet is going to keep a eye on the dog. The vet is very interested, fingers crossed.

-Colin L


This product is truly a blessing from our Creator, used correctly and most importantly with prayer, my wife's 82 year old Aunt had an extremely strong response to a skin cancer on her hand, but when prayed over it healed within 2 weeks. Praise God!!!
-Wyman K.


Our little 6 year Dachshund was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Bloodroot Capsules helped our dog. Jan 2017, he had two very large lumps either side of his thyroid. He was lethargic and looked unwell.  We incorporated one blood root capsule with a spoonful of cottage cheese, some glycine and a drop of progesterone oil in his dinner and a few months later both the lumps were gone and he is in great shape.  He has so much energy, his coat is shiny and he in amazing health now.  It all worked wonderfully.  I will keep him on this regime for the next twelve months. Thanks!


With black salve I have removed over 30 basal cell cancers off my body, my legs Especially after I had a big melanoma removed  surgically ( before my daughter put me onto the black salve ) from my ankle . Just thought I'd test a spot  near  the old scar as doctor told me they had removed it all. What a mess there was another 6. All good now thanks to black salve!


I had a open sore on my left triceps for over a year. I went to a "Doctor",they said "BIOPSY". A friend suggested Black Salve.I ordered it followed the instructions to the best of my ability, in two weeks it scabbed and healed to a slit scar that you would have to look for to see.


I had a squamous cell carcinoma taken out the side of my face. It just felt like a small sharp pimple. The dr went in twice because the margin was borderline. A while later another spot came up which felt the same so I put a tiny bit of black salve on and covered it with a band aid for 24 hours. It became white with puss. It was quite small. I believe this was another cancer. I have put the salve on other parts and nothing has happened. I don't put it on my nose just in case though.
-Karen M.


So thankful for this wonderful product. After treating a basal cell carcinoma on my nose with a doctor's photodynamic therapy, it still persisted. So I ordered some Black Salve with DMSO from BOE and applied it as directed. After ten days the eschar fell off. BCC gone, confirmed by doctor. Skin clear. Nothing recurred. So happy!


Black Salve, when used sensibly, enables me to undertake procedures to remove sunspots that would otherwise require surgical removal. This is important to me because it not only is less intrusive on my skin but also gives me the choice as to when & where I carry out the removals. Very happy with this product.
-Ned N.


Since the time I first had my lung cancer diagnosed- 4.5 years ago- I have taken 3 of the black salve bloodroot capsules 2x per day. Each naturopath I have had comments that this is an extremely good product but unfortunately it now doesn't meet the Food and Drug regulations in Australia. I wouldn't be without these capsules and know they have contributed to my conflict of a 6 months prognosis.
-Yvonne S.


Ordered black salve over 3 years ago as a last resource before undergoing lip surgery. It worked fast and kept me away from the surgery. My doctor was very pleased with my decision. Have been using the same product ever since with excellent results. My friends to whom I recommended Black Salve have had the same positive results. My wife loves it.
-Jose C.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dr OZ Attacks Black Salve with Non-Scientific Explanation

I am so sick and tired of the lies put out in the main stream media,
paid for by Big Pharma.

Today, the Dr Oz show aired a compete hit piece on Black Salve,
and in describing the actions of black salve, threw science right out
the window by saying the following:

"Instead of curing cancer, this dangerous ointment is literally
causing skin to rot, leaving people disfigured." -Dr Oz

Let's define ROT, as described in Webster's Dictionary:

a :  to undergo decomposition from the action of bacteria or fungi

So Black Salve (full of immune boosting herbs) contains bacteria
and fungi that causes skin to rot????

Friends, please recognize that Big Pharma, mainstream media
and the FDA/TGA will stop at nothing to take away your rights to
effective natural products.

I suggest you stock up, because this is the latest wave of medical
tyranny coming for you and your loved one's health!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Black Salve & Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews: December 2016

Black Salve & Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews: December 2016

I have now treated seventy cancers of all types with salve with complete success and have recommended it to friends who have have also used it, I previously went through over twenty years of conventional treatment and the cancers always came back I am very grateful for this product as it not only gets the main cancer but any smaller ones around it where it was starting to spread, the after care cream is great too as it keeps the eschar soft and helps it to fall out as well as speeding up the healing process, thanks.

My wife has just been through a breast cancer scare. It was found early & a 25mm lump removed. But as she works for a pharmaceutical company that make oncology drugs she knew that she was NOT having those chemicals in her body but had radiation only. She was told of black salve but never really followed it up so I started reading more about it ! I bought some from BOE due to difficulties getting it in Australia & she  tried it.  She currently has a large eschar on her non cancer boob that will hopefully be off within a week! :) then we will try some on where they (supposedly) removed the cancer!
We are definitely all for this type of cancer treatment over the medical cut poison kill methods!!

I have been taking the bloodroot capsules for reduction of inflammation and general well being. They cleared up a beginning urinary tract infection and reduced a developing pain in my wrist to nothing.  (I do a lot of keyboard work.) They also make for a very excellent regular morning bowel movement. I am recommending them to a friend who suffers regularly from impacted faeces - she's tried everything else and is very willing to give bloodroot a go.

My husband had a sore on his face that we put black salve on and we used the capsules along with it to get rid of any infection he had.  He could feel the infection being drawn clear down to his knees and in his arm pits.  It was not fun for him but we feel that it worked and he is alive because we took this action.

The lump in my breast turns out to be a fibroid cyst so the Black Salve did not affect it. However, I was relieved to know that the Black Salve "knows".
-Donna K.

My friend had a lesion on the edge of his ear that had been there almost a year...and kept getting bigger. His doctor said he needed to see a dermatologist because it looked like carcinoma. Well, I saw this product and decided to use it as a last-ditch effort before him having to go and get his ear cut up...and possibly having it spread. This Black Salve with DMSO worked fast! Within one day, the pain was bad, but my friend didn't touch it. We followed the directions exactly. Within 2 weeks, it looked quite a lot different. Within 1 month, the lesion was gone and his skin was back to looking healthy with no sign of the lesion. Purchased from "Best on Earth."

I used the black salve for a mole that itched and was growing even though the dermatologist tested it as fine. It was very bothersome to me. I used the black salve as recommended and it took a week from start to finish and I had brand new pink skin where the mole used to be. Truly amazing product and I'll be using it for other moles too. Thank you!

I had malignant melanoma twice before I started taking black salve bloodroot capsules from Best on Earth. I have had no more skin issues since then. I have been taking them for about 4 years.
-Adrienne E.

What at first looked like a skin tag, was diagnosed as skin cancer and the Dr. made plans to remove it by surgery. I used the Black Salve and the whole cancer came out leaving a cone shaped crater-like hole approx 25 mm diameter by 20 mm deep. This healed over a period of time. I have a series of photos of process (all except the photo of the cancer prior to commencement of treatment)Black salve is an extremely effective medicine.
-Frank C.

We come from a time when it was fashionable to have a tan and to use sun cream lotions that promoted this so called "fashionable" tan.  Consequently, being fair skinned we now have sun damaged skin.  After many trips to Drs to have these skin cancers removed, cut out or burnt off! ( they just kept returning) until we heard about having success with Black Salve with DSMO.  Any suspicious looking mark, on goes the black salve, if not cancerous, only a small red mark which disappears quickly, however if it is cancerous then you can quickly see the black salve working.  I can attest to its effectiveness and always make sure to have an up to date jar with us at all times.
-Patti W.

I have used Black Salve twice successfully.  One cancer was under my eye I used a tiny amount no bigger than a pin head and within a week the area looked like several tiny pimples. the next day the centre came out and lift s tiny clean hole which cleared leaving no scar.  MY skin specialist was furious but I was very happy.  The second skin cancer is on my arm again the results a quick. I only use the smallest amount just enough to cover the cancer.  More isn't better. Follow the instruction carefully.

I am an integrative medically qualified practitioner at the London Centre For Integrative Medicine. Seven years ago, I had a basal cell carcinoma on my left   pinna (ear), confirmed conventionally by biopsy. It responded well to treatment with black salve, and I was able to avoid disfiguring surgery. There have  been several minor recurrences, which also responded well to Black Salve. I reviewed  the medical use of black salve and sent  it to a London cancer hospital suggesting conventional research. My letter was ignored.
-Stephen Bourne MB, Dip Homotox (Hons)

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsule Reviews October 2016

Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsule Reviews October 2016

About Black Salve Paste with DMSO and black salve blood root capsules. These are both very powerful products, I used the paste externally to remove a breast lump thru the skin, and the capsules internally, 2x3 times a day for 4 months, until the core was dead. I did no conventional treatments. Thank you, and Bless you!



Hoping for preventative anti-melanoma result. As I have been taking the Bloodroot Capsules for about 6 months, they seem to be working by the fact that at my last two visits to the Cancer-Scan clinic, nothing has been found to cut out, but previously they would usually  find one or two things.  So I will continue taking it in the hope that it keeps me free from them.

-David Francis in Australia


Amazing! I had a mole that appeared on my chest.. my doc a skin specialist said it was fine .. if it got to 5mm come back and see him... i read about the problems that biopsies can bring i went the Best on Earth Black Salve route... put it on and it stung a bit but nothing happened... reapplied a week later and away it went just as the You Tube clips show.... ten days later and some pain out it came .. the crater about the size of my fingernail had a white dot.. so i put some more in... and then away it went again... although not as big  a reaction.... the pain because of the raw skin was huge had to get some strong relief doc was ok ...anyway the second smaller eschar fell out  and it healed after ten days... that was three years ago.. i should have had a punch biopsy then i would have known what it was .... by the pain i would guess that it could have been a melanoma but not sure... anyway no sign of it since.

-Steve O in England


I am 77 & the only pills I was taking before these were Magnesium for cramps in my legs, Vita B & C.

Since starting on the Bloodroot Capsules (6 a day)I haven't needed to take the supplements above because I haven't had cramps.... My body doesn't ache like it used to do either.  I am keeping an eye on a cyst on my thumb in the hopes that it clears this, because it is deforming my thumb..

My husband has a small cancer in his prostate, a number of 9, & now he is using me as a guinea pig to see any improvements I might get.

I have used the Black Salve for a tiny growth on my nose that couldn't really be seen from the outside, but was beginning to block my airway... got rid of it in no time at all & no scaring.



Used black salve w/DMSO exactly as instructed, a 1/4 in diameter scalp growth fell off within 5 days - thank you!



Recently I had a CT scan, with and without contrast, they showed a nodule in my right lung. Contrast first detected it and three months later without contrast then six months later I had another scan which detected NO growth. I started the regimen of Back Salve Caps along with Organic Green 180 to keep my system basic. I also up my dosage of EllagiCaps. There has been no growth of the nodule and the doctor cleared me for another year.

I also have used Black Salve Ointment for skin cancer on myself, which included melanoma, and had other people use it under my direction. I stopped counting at 35 with not a failure. This product works too.



I have been taking 3 Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules with each meal for about 5 months now. I had a BCC on my eyelid and it seems to be going away without surgery. I have also changed my diet and eliminated several food groups to improve my general health.



I have used black salve thru out the past 8 years. If I ever have a bump/spot I do not like the look of I put some on wait 2 weeks and the bump/spot falls off and my skin heals up. I have been very happy. *it does Burn/Sting and is painful for a few weeks till it does its job.



Black Salve came to our rescue many, many years after my daughter was given just 4 weeks to live from a stage 4 Melanoma which the specialist had been refusing to remove for almost 8 years. She is still alive and Cancer free today thanks to Black Salve. Many other family members and friends are alive all thanks to Bloodroot Capsules. Its about time that Governments stop using chemo to treat internal Cancers, God bless you all!



I had the Devil take up on my shin 8 years ago. Big, bad and ugly. I already had Black Salve from BOE. It hurt something fierce when applied. Along with whole pineapple for digestion, and stopping Melatonin for awhile, the devil had to leave, and has not returned. For the enlightened, this is a good product to store away for when and if. Thanks BOE and Rick at BSI.

-Bill in USA


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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Salve Bloodroot Reviews August 2016

Black Salve Bloodroot Reviews August 2016

My Great Grandfather,Grandfather, and Father all died much to soon from Cancer of the Colon. Most all cancers I've heard from healthy holistic health care people , seem to thrive in acidic bodies.Along with regular colon exams and maintaining a 7.25 ph with Bloodroot Capsules and EllagiCaps. I have not only a great feeling of well being but maybe an extended life I feel lucky I found them.
-J Holt

I had a reoccurrence of breast cancer. It pulled the cancer out. I photographed the whole process, it worked amazing!

I am fighting a small nodule in my right lung. I don't know if it's cancer at this point but it's not growing three months after it was found. If it's cancer, these capsules are preventing its growth. My next scan is in four months. I am certain, if it's cancer, that it will be gone.
-B Phiffer

My husband has bile duct cancer and I am sure the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules are helping him. he started with one capsule a day increasing to 9 per day. he was on the bloodroot for about 3 weeks and had his blood levels read before and after. definite improvement and he also felt much better. however the oncologist advised us to stop any natural therapy when his radiation began which we did.

after a week OFF the bloodroot he felt very unwell again. so he began straight away back on 9 bloodroot caps a day. I don't know as yet if they will cure his cancer but I do know he's back playing 18 holes of golf again even though he still has another 3 weeks of radiation. I have used black salve myself for skin cancers and I know it works. I have more faith in the bloodroot than I do radiation therapy. will keep up to date in another few weeks.
-Karen in Washington

This was recommended to me by a friend and fellow hiker who, like I, has fair skin, and a lot of sun exposure. Before I purchased, I looked online and saw a huge number of horror stories about black salve eating people noses off. I don't know what they were using but it wasn't this from Best On Earth Products. I have been using it since 2008 - one jar lasted that long; I just reordered. It most definitely works. I put it on any area that is sun damaged - most of the time it works, when it doesn't, I know the spot isn't precancerous. I have used this ALL over my body - face, legs, chest, back - all over. Sometimes it goes deep, other times surface and occasionally nothing. My experience has been 1-3 weeks for full takeout of the bad stuff and healing.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: before I found black salve, I used to go to dermatologists (I have moved a lot so I have seen several over the years). They either 'froze' spots off, which always returned or they cut spots out. A few told me some spots I pointed out were nothing. Well guess what? The freeze offs that always returned are now gone. The spots they cut out, I put salve on to see what would happen and there was still bad stuff there; black salve got rid of it. And EACH of the three spots doctors told me were NOTHING were SOMETHING. Black salve got rid of that too. Doctors are not gods. Do not blindly believe them. Do not pay their bills for incessant 'checkups' so they can collect their money and send you home when you are NOT ok. Get this for the cost of two copays and treat yourself. I'm not saying you should never see a doctor but don't rely on them solely.

I have not been diagnosed with any cancer and am an overweight 69 but very healthy.  My chiropractor told me about BOEP and bloodroot black salve.  I first tested the salve on my chest when I broke out into a burning, itchy rash that looked similar to the shingles ad on TV (Not diagnosed).  It worked just like I was told.  Then for two weeks I took the capsules (one each day) to see if there were side effects on a healthy body.  No side effects at all.  The 3 people who have cancer so far have not tried the capsules; they are still in the midst of chemo and radiation.  Since I had no side effects from the capsules, I gave one to my 13 year old dog to see how it affected him, in case he develops cancer.  I trust these products and have seen horror stories on-line, but never about Best On Earth Products.  I recommend them if you feel it will help you, too.
-S. Davis

I applied black salve to a sore on my husbands head. Sore had been burned off twice before by dermatologist but came back. Eschatology revealed three white roots. I shaved a 4" strip of hair from that source because husband told of a raised area from the original  sore. This 4" raised area had put out had put out roots from both sides. All of it came off. Now hoping capsules will kill his lung cancer in the same way.  He has had 3 infusions costing $95,000 that made him so sick he refused any more. I am counting in blood root capsules.
-J. Miller

The black salve bloodroot capsules have revealed a couple of sun cancers and are in the process of healing them. they have been on my face for some years but the capsules are working on them. the capsules also helped deal with a rash i had on my body as a result of antibotics. thank you for the info!

My husband has been very sick with high grade Bladder cancer the last 2 1/2 years. He went through 3 Chemo treatments, multiple operations and was close to loose his bladder. After a friend told me about the black salve capsules I searched the Internet for more info which of course there are split opinions. My husband started with the Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules in May 2015 and is taking 3 daily. At the same time he started his 2nd Chemotherapy. The biopsies taken January 2016 have been cancer free. Not sure if the capsules worked in combination with the Chemo? My husband continues to take 3 capsules a day for precaution.
-Helga B.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Media Attacks Black Salve, Again...

Media Attacks Black Salve, Again...

Instead of looking into the hundreds of years of historical data regarding the safe and effective us of bloodroot based black salves in numerous countries, the Big Pharma controlled media continues to put out propaganda pieces. This week, a number media outlets dropped an AP story to their readers, trying to scare people again from using black salve.

Absurd quotes like this...

“Basically, it’s a skin poison,” Doris Day, MD — a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in laser, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology, and a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the New York University Langone Medical Centers — tells Yahoo Beauty. “It just attacks and destroys living tissue and creates a scar. It’s killing the skin locally.

In this article they also conveniently talk about three "very cool" FDA approved cream drugs to use instead. Proving the sell out and cover up of the truth.

Anyone who knows about the nature of bloodroot or has ever used black salve knows that it is a complete lie to say it only attacks living tissue and kills skin locally.

For every one story of someone "allegedly" having a bad experience with black salve, there are literally hundreds of stories of success. Of course YOU know all this, but your friends and family do not, so feel free to share the truth with them, it just may save their life! Send them to so they can make their own decision about what is true and what is propaganda.

To your health,


Monday, March 28, 2016

Black Salve Reviews February 2016

Black Salve Reviews February 2016

Black Salve Reviews February 2016

I have been working with lung cancer for 4 years now. When I was first diagnosed a physician told me Black Salve Bloodroot capsules was a product I needed to get. I checked it out with my then, naturopath, who advised this was a wonderful treatment, the absolute best for my condition. however she advised she didn't know how to get hold of it as the Australian Drug Approver had said naturopaths withdrawn authority to prescribe this in Australia. I found the product on line and also discovered that I could purchase it  through Best on Earth products. Initially I took 3 tablets per day and then read a study on the web that said if the person already had cancer they should triple the dose per day and that is what I have ben doing for this last 2-3 years. I have come across several people who swear, applying topically, the salve itself has done miracles for their skin cancer.
-Yvonne S
I am a mature female who has suffered from acne and rosacea for years, plus now I have aging skin with all it's various issues such as pigmentation irregularities and skin damage from chemical products (dressed up as cosmetics) and sunburn....I have used Black Salve to remove some lesions successfully, after which I discovered Total Body Wash. Now my acne is gone and my rosacea is no where to be seen! Love it!!! I use it as a general mask every night and my skin has never looked so good. Wonderful stuff!!! Thank you!

Pap smear done for high cervical dysplasia.
Cervical biopsy high dysplasia
scheduled for cervical removal, in the mean time I started douching with black salve. upon cervical removal dysplasia almost gone. Dr was in awe as to where all the "bad cells" went when cervical tissue was biopsied after removal.
-Mary S

I am 41 and have difficult facial skin. I'm either dealing with wrinkles or mild acne - I can't win either way. I bought the Total Care Body Wash after reading the reviews about it where people said they were using it on their faces. I could tell a difference the very first time I used it! My face was cleaner and softer than ever before. My skin actually looked healthier. It is a pretty intense cleaner, I learned quickly to not try to scrub it in - it will feel very minty all over and the urge to rinse off will be too strong. Just spread a thin layer all over a wet face, and let sit as long as you want. Then rinse off. Because you have to let it sit on your skin, make sure you give yourself plenty of time for that process.
-Michelle M
I have managed to acquire some Black Salve (small amount) here in Australia. It is amazing. The lump on my dog's leg is half the size, but could not get any more here. I searched the Web. Got the deep penetrating salve. Hoping this will finish the job. I will also be using on some very nasty looking sunspots for myself. Reading the information on the web it is amazing how many times this type of product have helped so many.
-Marylin M
I am trying to great rid of some sun damage on my arms& legs.. seems to be working .... the spots are smaller& and not coming back...  no side effects.
-Sheri H
No sign of my skin cancer returning thank God after several months of taking the black salve bloodroot capsules.
-John P
So glad I found this product.  I was operated on in 2008 for a breast cancer, refused chemo and radiation therapy and the doctor stalked me by phone, insisting I also have a double mastectomy! Just recently I found two small lumps and decided to try the black salve after researching numerous testimonials.  It pulled several pin-head size eschars, a couple of pea-sized ones and one measuring about one inch by half an inch. The after care cream is healing the smaller holes very rapidly and I know the largest one will also heal.  It all worked exactly as it was supposed to - yes, some pain but now the nasties are gone in ten days.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Black Salve Reviews January 2016

Here are some recent Black Salve Reviews from January 2016...

I have been getting a lot of questions about "what to do if the spot gets wet after treating it?" The answer is, in short, you want to keep the eschar dry as much as possible, so cover it when showering. If it gets wet in the first few days, you may have to re-apply salve to the spot. If there is already a hard eschar when it gets wet, you should be ok, just watch the spot and again, try your best NOT to get it wet.



It is no exaggeration to say that black salve caps have helped keep me alive. I think I would have been long gone were it not for this product.
-Ray H.

I am so pleased to have found the Black Salve products.  I have had several "spots" of basal cell carcinoma and taken care of them with this product myself.  There is a great sense of knowing when the spot comes out and you know it's safely removed all the cancer.  I continue to take the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules for extra protection (along with the Ellagi-caps).  In today's stressful environment, I want to be sure I am protecting myself from dis-ease that so naturally occurs.  I love the body wash and it works to "start the process" of ridding the body, as if to be saying "hey, here I am...get me out"!
-L. Bowman

I am currently dealing with an illness that attacks my immune system, these capsules has gotten me through a couple of serious issues!
-L. Clemans

I have been taking the black salve capsules for an prostate issue and feel that they are having a positive effect on me, I will continue taking them even if my problem does improve for overall general body maintenance and well being.
-Aussie John

I have meant to tell you how I am doing with black root capsules. I find them a valuable aid for fighting cancer when carried on the back of catalyst aloe Vera chenensis. I am presently on the last stage of a book on cancers and you are prominent with capsules and salves.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Black Salve Reviews for December 2015

Black Salve Reviews for December 2015

Here are some recent capsule and black salve reviews:

I am a relatively new user of the black salve bloodroot capsules and I use it as part of my supplement regime to deal with a high PSA reading (prostrate cancer). I believe it has helped me control my PSA levels and my oncologist could not believe my last PSA reading had halved in four months. I will continue taking this amazing product, I am so grateful for finding black salve capsules.

I have been battling colon cancer for three years now. I was directed to black salve capsules by a friend  year ago they seem to work. When I was taking them the tumours reduced in size dramatically.
When I stopped they came back so I have gone back on the capsules and am now trying to get a scan to see where the tumours are.  I am reluctant to stop again yet in case it is too early.
The doctors gave me six months to live two years ago and I am still here fighting it.
The only side effects I have encountered are painless mouth lesions and a itchy rectum.
Both better than death. I use the Lotto Principle:
A ticket costs little and the worst it can do is be a donation to a charity somewhere whilst the best it can do is make me a millionaire. With cancer if the treatment is cheap and the worst it can do is give me an itchy anus or the best is to get rid of the cancer then it is worth a go.
-John Taylor

I was an auto mechanic for 20 years.  I am now plagued with growths on my fingers which have proved to be cancer.  The first time, I had surgery.  I found out about black salve from a friend and subsequently have removed all growths since with the salve.  I have complete confidence in black salve.
-Alan Hall

I had a couple of tumors, one on my shoulder and one on my leg.  I used the Black salve with DMSO and after the tumors fell out I used the after care cream all is well now.  I also used the Black salve pills when I quit smoking as I was having terrible pain in my lungs.  I used nine bottles and my pain was gone and has never returned.  I am sure it saved my life.  This product will always be my go to for cancer.
-David H.

I learned of Black Slave accidentally less than 2moths ago, while watching  a documentary with Dr. Leonard Horowitz. I had a lesion about the size of a pea on my right lower leg. I intuitively knew it was skin cancer of some sort, although I never did get an actual diagnosis.(Still waiting for that appointment!) At any rate, I ordered some Black Salve from BOE and immediately began treatment the moment it arrived. Last night (3 weeks after initial application) the eschar fell off on it's own, and what remains is healthy pink skin and a slight indent or 'whole' where the tumor exited. I'm treating the area with a healing balm now and have zero pain. This Black Salve worked exactly the way it is supposed to and I do believe it IS a miracle cure.

Three years ago I treated a very sore area under both my breasts with black salve ! I had pain, itching and a great deal of distress. I'd read about the salve and decided to try it! It's quite an experience ! Painful for about 24 to 36 hours but what a job it did to clean up these cancerous areas! I followed directions to the letter and took photographs on a daily basis! After a few days there was no pain and after about three weeks the wounds had healed over and all the itching and pain had gone. I felt like it needed a follow up as I started to get little itchy spots again so I did another treatment but this time it was only under my left breast ! This experience was not a painful as the two breasts and is now healing beautifully. I also did spots on my fore arms, my back and in between my breasts in the valley . It's such a relief to have those areas cleaned up and no more itching painful scaly skin ! I've tried it one various spots but it only works on cancerous ones and you know when you get a hit! As someone said, not for the faint hearted ! But compared to 6 months of chemo and radiation with trips to hospitals etc and costs, about three dollars worth of salve, a few dollars on healing salve  and no time lost at work I know what I'd prefer. I'm so grateful for this product I thank the day I found information about this on the Internet !
-Barbara L.

I have used black salve (externally) with DMSO with great success. I also have an ongoing back issue which chiropractor, physio and massage haven't managed to alleviate. I had a CT scan which showed "inflammation" in a couple of parts of my spine. One night it was causing me a lot of pain and I was contemplating using the salve paste on my spine, but i read some reports which discouraged that. I decided to try the Black salve capsules. After a 3 days of taking the salve capsules I noticed a great reduction with my back pain. It is a great product, and i will continue to buy it. My only advice is not to take the capsules after having yogurt. It makes the capsules repeat on me which is quite unpleasant.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Salve Reviews for November 2015

Black Salve Reviews for November 2015

Latest reviews for black salve and black salve bloodroot capsules in November.

I have been taking black salve bloodroot capsules for a few
years now. I had malignant melanoma twice before but have not had a
re-occurrance the past couple of years since taking the product.
-Adrienne E.

I have recently found out that I had developed a fungal infection and because I was bitten by my cat, my hand had swollen to twice it normal size.... I happen to think that maybe the black salve blood root capsules could help me, I took them and by the third day my hand was back to normal...that incident could have been really scary!
-Louise C.

The black salve bloodroot capsules has helped my Daughter with her battle with Polycythemia Vera.

Keeping Polyps Benign…My Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father all died from  Colon Cancer discovered too late ( after the polyps in their intestines turned to Colon Cancer). My use of the herbal supplement black salve bloodroot capsules could help keep the Polyps discovered in my intestines from turning cancerous prior to their removal during my prescribed  Colonoscopies. No one lives forever, but I don't want to die like my relatives, it was a horrible way to go. These capsules  have been in my health plan for 5 years now with positive results.

I have suffered from Adrenal Gland Melanoma and have had both my Adrenal Glands removed 18 months ago. Since then I have been taking 3 Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules per day and happily there is no sign of my Melanoma returning.
-Warren R.

There is no doubt in my mind that Black Salve has saved people from countless the very least.  Several of my family members have used it with excellent results.  For me its a no brainer.
Am extremely happy with black salve with DMSO.  I have been treated with black salve before so know what to expect with treating skin cancers (pretty gruesome looking as it is working!)
I am currently treating my first skin cancer with this product and it is very effective, would highly recommend product but advise using strictly as directed.

For years I have suffered colds, influenza and chronic Bronchitis. I came across the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules while researching natural remedies when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012. I started taking them in February 2013 and haven't suffered from Bronchitis since. I won't go without them now.
-Stephen M.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Black Salve Reviews for October 2015

Latest Black Salve Reviews for October 2015

How can such a powerful healing plant put out such beautiful flowers?  It never ceases to amaze me, just how spectacular God's creation is. The same gorgeous flowers you see here come from the root that makes bloodroot salve, also used in what it known as black salve.  Just thought I would share a little beauty in the visual sense, before I posted the latest black salve bloodroot salve reviews.

From October 2015:

I've been to the dermatologist many times to freeze or cut out some skin cancer.  I was fed up with the cost and questionable treatment.  I decided to use the Black Salve with DMSO and it did exactly what it is designed to do, it only reacted to bad cells, killed them and then healed wonderfully.  It's not for the faint of heart, but if you decided to use it you must see it through to completion.  The most painful area I used the salve was on a dime sized soft lump on my head just above my ear. It exposed bad cell there and also all behind and on my ear. I also found two hard lumps on the side of my neck the size of the good and plenty candy.  Yikes, I know if a cancer doctor had of treated me they would have removed my ear and also removed good tissue and missed bad cells because they cannot differentiate bad cells from the good cells. This salve only reacts to bad cells. I did go to a ear nose and throat doctor who offered no tests or treatment just prescribed antibiotics (which I didn't pickup)and told me to go to my primary doctor. I wish I could get back that waste of money.

My wife has been using black salve for a number of years now and has cured lot of skin cancers.
Recently i found a small itchy spot on my left upper arm which would never heal   so i put a small dob of the (good stuff)black salve on it.It turned into a black scab about the size of 5c piece in about 2 weeks the scab came out and the hole is now healing up beautifully , (and no more itch).

I purchased the black salve for skin tags.  I had a skin tag that seemed to be something more but was shocked when an eschar developed!  I have a second "skin tag" to deal with after this one.  I'm so glad I got the black salve.  It has likely saved me much trouble down the road!  I have the Body Wash now to check out my whole body for possible other cancers.
-Marla L.

Due to our naivety and our fair skin, both of us have suffered with skin damage in varying degrees over many years.  We are now in our 70's very active and still runners in half marathons and 10k runs, and although over  the years we have been to skin specialists and dermatologists the burnt off skin damage has returned and it was all a viscous cycle. 

We then heard of black salve and I could not wait  to try it.  We have had amazing success everytime, it is so easy to use and so effective, I have withdrawal symptoms every time the jar is becoming near to empty and I have to buy some more. 

The after care cream is one of the best I have used.  After treating with black salve the  after care cream helps it to heal quickly.  We cannot speak too highly about these two products.
-Patti and Peter W.


Such a wonderful product, I have treated many skin cancers with great success, sometimes painful. I'm treating a nasty on my back at the moment small and insignificant but a crazy itch radiating about 10 cms around it. After applying the salve it was very painful. After a day the itching stopped and is on the mend. I'm glad this product is freely available to all who want a cost effective treatment that works! I've ordered the black salve capsules to see if I can deal with my skin issues internally. Thank you, -Lorraine

Until next time, keep sharing the truth about health!


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