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Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews February 2018

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews February 2018

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I bought the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules for my husband who had 2 different very high grade bladder cancers. He had three times 6 sessions of chemo and was close to losing his bladder twice. He started to take this capsules in May 2015 and only after 7 months taking 3 capsules daily he was cleared of his aggressive cancers. We have been over the moon with the fantastic result. We see his recovery as a miracle. My husband continued to take the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules as a precaution as there is a high risk the cancer can come back. I have told other people about this product which we believe cured the aggressive bladder cancer.
-Helga in Australia

Hi, I have been using black salve for some time now. recently went to Dr. and was told I had quite a few lumps to cut out.  I since have applied B.S. and those tumours came out as white lumps and now all is healed and ears are back to normal. i also did my leg and same results.  It seems like a little miracle.  give it a go! 

This natural product is so much better than having surgery or having the lump cut out. If it is cancerous, the back salve will detect and destroy and your skin will heal over time naturally. Amazing!
Kerrie C.


I started taking the Bloodroot root capsules a few months ago because I had fullness in and around my ear and was also having trouble with dizziness.  I have always had sinus and ear problems and didn't want to go to the doctor with it and end up with an antibiotic.  I decided to give the bloodroot a try before going to get it checked.  After about 3 months of having the dizziness and full feeling I started the capsules and within a week the dizziness stopped and within 2 weeks the fullness was gone.  I also had noticed a small lump at the bottom of my ear and that  also disappeared. 

I started with one capsule 3 times a day and then went up to 3 capsules 3 times a day and didn't feel any adverse reactions to the capsules.  I have also tried to limit carb and sugar intake since starting the capsules as I know I'm better off without them.  I also ordered some for my sister who has had a few melanoma lumps taken out.  She decided to take the capsules to help get rid of any lingering cancer cells she might have.

I used this on a suspicious dark spot I had recently and to my surprise within 24 hours this dark spot with the black salve on it started drawing the black salve into it until the salve became part of the "scab" looking top on it.  It continued to draw for almost a week then the pain subsided pretty much and the spot looked as if the "scab" was going to come loose but it didn't for about another week.  The directions say to remove the bandage covering the black salve and clean it and put the after cream on to get it to heal quickly and cleanly which is what I did until one day with the 2 weeks the scab came off on the bandage. 

Like some reviews said the pain would completely subside when the scab came off and it does.  Mine was on a particular sensitive area (the breast near the nipple) so I was taking over the counter pain medicine everyday for the first week.  This stuff drew out some nasty looking junk but I could see that there is more there to be taken care of because I saw another white spot that is identical to the white spots I saw before and are now gone.  I know that white spot is cancer or something just as serious but this black salve will get it all. 

I had a mammogram just 9 months before I did the black salve and the reading came out that the tech saw something suspicious in my mammogram which they wanted to do more testing on.  I said no to that because I wasn't spending more money on something that might turn out to be nothing.  Now I know what it was and what is gone because of the black salve.  I will have another mammogram this year which insurance will pay for and I know they will find NOTHING.

I used Black Salve on 2 moles around a year ago. I am extremely happy with the results. The product worked exactly as described and the slight scarring on the skin where the moles used to be is getting less and less visible as time goes on.


Can't begin to thank you for the info on these capsules, saved the life of both my mother and father, now my daughter is using them, wonderful product!
-Anita B.


I have used Black Salve on and off for 10 years or more on small cancers and have had 100% success with no scarring or destruction of tissue or return of cancers. I also know of another person having the same success rate, the person who told me about Black Salve. 

I allowed a doctor to remove one cancer surgically which resulted in  damage and disfigurement on my skull.
My experience with black salve has been positive.
-James M.


As I have fungus infection on my leg for quite some time which turn into some kind of tumor which I find it hard to get rid of,  I start to look for more drastic cure since I worried those infectious tumor might turn into melanoma. After some browsing on the internet,  I accidentally bumped into the black salve therapy which I thought might give it a try. After my order arrived,  I started using it accordingly and it did take some guts to endure the pain accompanied with the treatment. As usual, the tumor was done with while the scars take some time to recover. Now I think I should be worry free of any melanoma that might occur to me.  Thank you for the product.


Black Salve is an amazing product that seeks out and destroys skin cancer on my partner's nose within 2 weeks and left minimal depressions after healing completely.  I have used it on myself for "questionable" bumps, but it wasn't cancer because it didn't go after it.  No effect at all unless it's cancer, and that's awesome! My partner reports it burns as it works, not pretty as it works on those nasty cancer cells, but the After Care Cream soothes and rebuilds the tissues as it closes up.  Follow directions, and you will be amazed at this product.  He's removed 5 spots over the past 9 years from his face and nose and saved hundreds of dollars. Thank you so much for all your info!
-Lisa T.


Had suspicious skin growth doctors wanted to cut out.  Decided to try black salve first.  It took up the growth deep into the arm, but is healing nicely now.  Much better than surgery.

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