Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mole and Callus Removal

Hello Rick,
Thanks for the's been quite a few months since I contacted you...I have been using the best on earth body wash instead of the salve up to this point for a mole and about 3 weeks ago the mole peeled off. I also used white vinegar on it daily, not sure if that was any help, but it seemed to.

Anyway, I was very surprised since for some time nothing seemed to be happening to the mole. I think it may have been a was fairly large on my chest...not there is nothing there...when it peeled off the skin looked perfect underneath, no scar, you can't tell where the mole was...I think that is pretty amazing weather it was a mole or a barnacle.

I will give you more info on the body wash. I did have some skin sensitivity when I used it everyday and had to change to using it a couple times a week after the first month of using it daily.

What the problem was is that I have calluses on my palms from working with horses, cleaning stalls, handling ropes, etc. for the last few decades (we have a horse ranch), and the body wash took my calluses off and so it was a bit uncomfortable and my hands would get I tried not putting it on the palms of my hands which was challenge. really worked well on the calluses on my heels of my feet and also some other areas of my body like my elbows...but I was a bit concerned about using on my face too much after it took the calluses off my first my face just glowed, but I'm outside most of the day and so I was concerned that my soft new skin showing up on my face was going to burn....I always use a hat or visor outside...but I went to only using on my face once week...but other than my face and my hands, I put it on the rest of my body every day, sometimes every other day for several months.

I am out now and am thinking I will lasted quite a long time, but maybe I was not using enough and that is also why it took several months for the mole on my chest to peel off.