Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Black Salve Success Reported By Users

Hi Friends,

Here are 4 new testimonials that came in last week from people who have used some of the black salve products mentioned on my site. I hope this helps someone you may know! Don't forget, if you have a success story you can share with others who may need the positive encouragement, click here and share it!

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As with any ailment, it is important to seek out the advice and treatment of a qualified physician. Any information in this email is purely for educational purposes. Information discussed in this email is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


your_name: jim

comments: I noticed a small gray colored spot just below by right eye on the cheek about a year or so ago. I asked my doctor and he said it was nothing to be concerned about and that I should let him know if it changes. I didn't like the looks of it as 'gray' is not normal for the skin and my freckles are tan not grey. I found this site and learned about different types of skin cancer detection so I got some body wash and applied a thin layer to a few suspect spots. Nothing happened to most of them but the one 'gray' one (which was only about the size of your basic freckle) started to tingle after an hour or so. It turned black and shrunk and the area around it puffed up and turned red and a bit painful.

I was amazed! The next day the 'black' spot came out, with a little coaxing, and the swelling around it subsided but was still a tiny bit red. A few days later there was no redness and no sign that there was ever any problem. I figure this 'gray' freckle must have either been cancerous or pre-cancerous material or the reaction wouldn't have taken place. I have ordered some shampoo for the scalp and will keep testing suspect spots with the body wash but I am thoroughly convinced of it's effectiveness as it seemed to 'kill' this thing to it's roots and leave nothing behind.


your_name: peter

comments: I have had a number of sun spots removed and one basal cell carcinoma and one squamous cell carcinoma. I purchased some blood root salve some time ago just in case I got another lesion again, then a few weeks ago I had something on my left cheek. I knew it was not a solar keratosis so before I put any blood root salve on it, I thought I would try it on my arm and covered it for two days to see if there was any reaction, but nothing happened so I tried a little on my cheek where the spot was and covered it up. By the next morning there was a slight burning sensation but I put up with it and that night removed the dressing and saw what was under the dressing. It looked exactly the same as the pictures on this web site.

I was a little nervous at first wondering, if I had done the right thing or not but I persisted in applying blood salve for another five days. A wet scab had formed and raised from my skin now I was getting really worried so I stopped and left the scab uncovered. After a few days it seamed to be drying out and after another week it fell off. It has been four weeks since I first applied the blood root, scab has fallen off. At first left small hole but that seems to be clearing. Will definitely use blood root again if anything else appears.


your_name: Sandra

I used a black salve on a confirmed malignant basal cell about the size of a small peanut located on my left temple. After a couple of days using as directed both sides of my face got swollen and both eyes blackened. A core never surfaced and only pus drained out and then it healed and I was told in some cases that was normal. Afterward there were indentions left in areas of my skin as if underlying tissue had been destroyed.


your_name: Bernice Smith

comments: About 10 years ago I had a skin cancer surgically removed from my knee.It reappeared , and "scratching" it with a sterilized needle it was removed using Black Salve, however the one developed into three spots .I have now removed (since January) 11 skin cancers including 2 on my breast that I discovered because the ring around the nipple was larger than the other one. I used the needle to prick it for an opening close to the nipple and 2 cancers developed twice in the same places. Doctors said that I had Mastitis as diagnosed years ago.

I also took Black Salve Bloodroot capsules (about 20 or more) and later some Paw Paw along with Noni Juice after finishing the capsules. I am so grateful for discovering these products that can save lives. Black Salve will adhere if there is cancer and an opening for it to penetrate.I have found more cancer on the breast and am considering taking the Apricot Seeds which is actually Laetrile. l will keep this site posted. Heres hoping this will be of some help to someone that needs comfort and that there are natural things to combat cancer.