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Black Salve Reviews Sept 2015

Some more testimonials, see how this 85 year old man fights cancer!

Bill says....

I have used BOEP products for years. EllagiCaps and Black Salve Capsules have kept my immune system high enough that I'm never sick. June of 2014 we bought a farm in East Texas and, at almost 85 yrs. of age, I am still energetic enough to work all day in the hot sun raising my crops.

Black Salve - I have used this longer. I stopped counting at 50 the number of skin cancers that I have and caused to be cured including melanoma on me and one other person. This without ONE failure. I have put this info on the internet hoping the feds would see it. I would dearly love to contest them in Fed. Ct. That way I could gain exposure that there is a cure for cancer out there and the AMA and the FDA are suppressing this information for financial purposes. I am also a proponent of Cannabis Oil for certain cures. BOEP should look at this for a new product. I can and have made it. However, one HAS to know what he's doing and I do.  -Bill Phiffer
My mom gave me a small amount of her salve and aftercare cream to remove a questionable mole on my shoulder. I was extremely freaked out by the size of eschar that resulted from the tiny area I put the salve on so I religiously applied the aftercare cream and kept it covered. The cream (it's more like a yellowish-clear ointment) smells like slightly medicinal lavender, soothing and lovely, and it kept my wound moist and nearly pain free. In fact, the only time I felt pain was before I realized I hadn't put enough cream on to keep it fully moist. My wound is nearly healed now and I can't believe how quickly nor how WELL it's healing. My mom also had a huge eschar on her face that kept her at home for a week due to its severity but now that it's fully healed (using the care cream until it was fully healed) you can't even tell there was ever a wound there. No scar. I'm amazed. I'm now ordering my own container so that I'll never be without it.  -Lanna B.


I just wanted to say thank you regarding Black Salve, After Care and Capsules.  I had been diagnosed with a 10mm round Basal cell carcinoma on my upper lip underneath my nose. I am on the waiting list with a Plastic Surgeon 2 months now to have it removed. A friend told me about Black Salve - I got all three products and was shocked and pleasantly surprised by its fast working action. Alarmed a little when it created a crater in the area which has healed beautifully - I expect a clearance from the Skin Clinic in a few days when I get it checked out - Thank you - this really works! -Raven


I used black salve it pulled out a lot of skin precancerous spots on my face chest area and my forearms. I even put it on the barnacle basil cell on the side of my nose,it pulled it out and it went away. I was so happy because my mother had the same thing on here nose and she had hers cut out and then had to go to a plastic surgeon. Black salve took mine out, its an amazing product. And it saved me so much time and money. I tell everyone about this product… 2 really big thumbs up!
-Jeff Saunders

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