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Black Salve & Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews: December 2016

Black Salve & Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews: December 2016

I have now treated seventy cancers of all types with salve with complete success and have recommended it to friends who have have also used it, I previously went through over twenty years of conventional treatment and the cancers always came back I am very grateful for this product as it not only gets the main cancer but any smaller ones around it where it was starting to spread, the after care cream is great too as it keeps the eschar soft and helps it to fall out as well as speeding up the healing process, thanks.

My wife has just been through a breast cancer scare. It was found early & a 25mm lump removed. But as she works for a pharmaceutical company that make oncology drugs she knew that she was NOT having those chemicals in her body but had radiation only. She was told of black salve but never really followed it up so I started reading more about it ! I bought some from BOE due to difficulties getting it in Australia & she  tried it.  She currently has a large eschar on her non cancer boob that will hopefully be off within a week! :) then we will try some on where they (supposedly) removed the cancer!
We are definitely all for this type of cancer treatment over the medical cut poison kill methods!!

I have been taking the bloodroot capsules for reduction of inflammation and general well being. They cleared up a beginning urinary tract infection and reduced a developing pain in my wrist to nothing.  (I do a lot of keyboard work.) They also make for a very excellent regular morning bowel movement. I am recommending them to a friend who suffers regularly from impacted faeces - she's tried everything else and is very willing to give bloodroot a go.

My husband had a sore on his face that we put black salve on and we used the capsules along with it to get rid of any infection he had.  He could feel the infection being drawn clear down to his knees and in his arm pits.  It was not fun for him but we feel that it worked and he is alive because we took this action.

The lump in my breast turns out to be a fibroid cyst so the Black Salve did not affect it. However, I was relieved to know that the Black Salve "knows".
-Donna K.

My friend had a lesion on the edge of his ear that had been there almost a year...and kept getting bigger. His doctor said he needed to see a dermatologist because it looked like carcinoma. Well, I saw this product and decided to use it as a last-ditch effort before him having to go and get his ear cut up...and possibly having it spread. This Black Salve with DMSO worked fast! Within one day, the pain was bad, but my friend didn't touch it. We followed the directions exactly. Within 2 weeks, it looked quite a lot different. Within 1 month, the lesion was gone and his skin was back to looking healthy with no sign of the lesion. Purchased from "Best on Earth."

I used the black salve for a mole that itched and was growing even though the dermatologist tested it as fine. It was very bothersome to me. I used the black salve as recommended and it took a week from start to finish and I had brand new pink skin where the mole used to be. Truly amazing product and I'll be using it for other moles too. Thank you!

I had malignant melanoma twice before I started taking black salve bloodroot capsules from Best on Earth. I have had no more skin issues since then. I have been taking them for about 4 years.
-Adrienne E.

What at first looked like a skin tag, was diagnosed as skin cancer and the Dr. made plans to remove it by surgery. I used the Black Salve and the whole cancer came out leaving a cone shaped crater-like hole approx 25 mm diameter by 20 mm deep. This healed over a period of time. I have a series of photos of process (all except the photo of the cancer prior to commencement of treatment)Black salve is an extremely effective medicine.
-Frank C.

We come from a time when it was fashionable to have a tan and to use sun cream lotions that promoted this so called "fashionable" tan.  Consequently, being fair skinned we now have sun damaged skin.  After many trips to Drs to have these skin cancers removed, cut out or burnt off! ( they just kept returning) until we heard about having success with Black Salve with DSMO.  Any suspicious looking mark, on goes the black salve, if not cancerous, only a small red mark which disappears quickly, however if it is cancerous then you can quickly see the black salve working.  I can attest to its effectiveness and always make sure to have an up to date jar with us at all times.
-Patti W.

I have used Black Salve twice successfully.  One cancer was under my eye I used a tiny amount no bigger than a pin head and within a week the area looked like several tiny pimples. the next day the centre came out and lift s tiny clean hole which cleared leaving no scar.  MY skin specialist was furious but I was very happy.  The second skin cancer is on my arm again the results a quick. I only use the smallest amount just enough to cover the cancer.  More isn't better. Follow the instruction carefully.

I am an integrative medically qualified practitioner at the London Centre For Integrative Medicine. Seven years ago, I had a basal cell carcinoma on my left   pinna (ear), confirmed conventionally by biopsy. It responded well to treatment with black salve, and I was able to avoid disfiguring surgery. There have  been several minor recurrences, which also responded well to Black Salve. I reviewed  the medical use of black salve and sent  it to a London cancer hospital suggesting conventional research. My letter was ignored.
-Stephen Bourne MB, Dip Homotox (Hons)

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