Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsules Reviews March 2019

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Reviews March 2019

I have used Black Salve for the last 6 years and have taken 206 sun cancers out, some very big and small, also my doctor tells me to go home and take them out myself because I can do a better job than him.
-Warren B.


My father had two tumors approx. 2 inches in diameter and one inch high.  Applying black salve over the tumor caused a change within hours. Soon, the base of the tumors were circumscribed with inflammation...as if the body became 'alerted' to their presence. W/in a few days, the tumors began to 'seep'. By the 21st day, what was left was a mere shell of the tumor that simply fell off leaving pink healthy skin beneath with no cavitation.
-James G.


I've said it twice before and I will say it again in this forum: these black salve bloodroot capsules are absolutely key in keeping me alive, and with minimal side effects.
-Ray H.


The black salve bloodroot capsules are a remarkable product especially with overcoming diagnosed incurable cancer in pets. I've witnessed this several times now.


I personally have used black salve with great success and without destruction of tissue apart from the cancerous tissue.   Some two years ago I became suspicious of a mark on my left forearm and was impressed one evening to put black salve on it.  The result was mind boggling.   I woke up during the night to find my left forearm responding quickly.   It appears it was a melanoma and roots had spread out in at least three directions.   The salve had begun pulling in these roots and gradually they were pulled in and then the melanoma site developed a small volcano which was putting out lots of stuff.     After some couple of weeks the volcano subsided and then the hole was gradually covered over by new skin.     It really was miraculous. I would recommend the use of black salve to everyone.  It only attacks cancerous tissue not healthy tissue.
 -Gill C.

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