Friday, February 22, 2008

Skin Cancer Preventative Sunscreen Clothing Showcased on the Today Show

Another great way to protect your skin from sun over exposure is by using sun protective clothing. As profiled on the "Today Show," the company Cabana Life brings this great skin cancer prevention tool to the public in stylish fashion.

Cabana Life combines fashion with function by offering stylish clothing with 50+UV protection through patented High IQ Sun Protection. The cotton collection offers a variety of beach-essentials including hats, cover-ups, tunics, shirts, and pants for boys, girls, women, and expecting moms. These "beach club chic" styles have garnered a celebrity following that includes Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marcia Gay Harden, and Lisa Kudrow.

Founded by Melissa Papock, a melanoma survivor, Cabana Life is a socially-conscious company that strives to increase skin cancer education through numerous strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations such as Huntsman Cancer Institute, The Skin Cancer Foundation, Women's Dermatologic Society, Live4Life, and many others. endorses the use of sun protective clothing for the prevention of skin cancer and other skin abnormalities caused by over exposure to the sun. For more information on the natural treatment of skin cancers visit Please think about using sun protective clothing and visit for more details.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Body Wash Used on Skin Cancer Spot on Face

I finally got my first bottle of Body wash over a week ago. I am already noticing a few changes to a few early basic skin cancer spots I get on my face, usually i get theses treated every 4 - 6 months with liquid nitrogen at the doctors. Having spent my childhood in the tropics and high school years on the beach surfing without sun protection.

For further study you should also look at Essaic Tea. I have compiled plenty of research on it. Here in Australia to get Essaic Tea I need to purchase from North America, but thanks to the negative information from the major drug companies on some of the ingredients I need to obtain a special licence to import for personal use.
Any way keep up the good work.


Kim C

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Basal Cell Skin Cancer Removed with Black Salve

I was diagnosed with 8 spots ,basal cell skin cancer. I opted for trying Black salve, alternating with Golden salve, also occasionally cleansing it with a little peroxide and let it dry, then apply the Salve, and if it really hurts alternate a day or so with Golden Salve.

It removed, with some pain, the cancers. I immediately felt better. Had these cancers for many many years.

My wife had a "plastic" cancerous ,dark mole, on the knee area, surgically removed about 10 - 12 yrs ago. A few years ago she noticed something like the same mole reappear but not as dark. Just this month she put the Black Salve on it and it did NOTHING .

I suggested , from experience , to use a sterilized needle to just barely prick to get a tiny drop of blood. It worked . She put the Black Salve on the area and it has developed into a huge area where the salve is removing the cancer. It is terribly sore, reddened area, with some pus and pains a little ,.but not constantly. The secret here was to get it opened to accept the salve, otherwise I would have not have known it was the cancer coming back. I cannot not praise this God given remedy enough. Thanks to Black Salve. Our bodies are so wonderfully made that the new skin gradually covers over the area where the cancer is removed.
-The Smiths (really is there last name!)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Black Salve works on possible cancer and plantar wart

Two years ago I began noticing a reoccurring pimple near my left side of the mouth. I was told by two doctors that I was too young to be worried and spent the next two years passing it off as a fungal infection. Against the doctors wishes I decided to try the black salve on my face and on several other areas that I did not suspect anything.

Immediately the place where the pimple was started burning and tingling. and within two hours there was a clear formation of where I believe the cancer was. after 24 hours I thoroughly washed the areas and removed the bandages. I was shocked to find the small pimple was actually the size of a pencil eraser. I used the salve one more day on that area but no more burning. i am now in the process of letting it heal up as well as another spot on my face I found that was much smaller. this has saved me thousands of dollars as well as being able to treat myself instead of relying on the doctors who tried to convince me it was nothing to begin with.

I also treated a plantar wart that I had for over 10 years and it is completely gone. as a single mother raising two boys alone this is a life saver for me. this cancerous pimple should have been taken more serious from the doctors but I am glad I went with my gut feeling and trusted my friend who cured his skin cancer using the black salve. I am disgusted that the FDA is always trying to make money by regulating things that were on this earth before the Fda existed. and I am glad I was able to order what I needed and possibly save a lot of money and trouble later.
thanks for letting me share!

Tricia Dennis