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Black Salve Bloodroot Reviews August 2016

Black Salve Bloodroot Reviews August 2016

My Great Grandfather,Grandfather, and Father all died much to soon from Cancer of the Colon. Most all cancers I've heard from healthy holistic health care people , seem to thrive in acidic bodies.Along with regular colon exams and maintaining a 7.25 ph with Bloodroot Capsules and EllagiCaps. I have not only a great feeling of well being but maybe an extended life I feel lucky I found them.
-J Holt

I had a reoccurrence of breast cancer. It pulled the cancer out. I photographed the whole process, it worked amazing!

I am fighting a small nodule in my right lung. I don't know if it's cancer at this point but it's not growing three months after it was found. If it's cancer, these capsules are preventing its growth. My next scan is in four months. I am certain, if it's cancer, that it will be gone.
-B Phiffer

My husband has bile duct cancer and I am sure the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules are helping him. he started with one capsule a day increasing to 9 per day. he was on the bloodroot for about 3 weeks and had his blood levels read before and after. definite improvement and he also felt much better. however the oncologist advised us to stop any natural therapy when his radiation began which we did.

after a week OFF the bloodroot he felt very unwell again. so he began straight away back on 9 bloodroot caps a day. I don't know as yet if they will cure his cancer but I do know he's back playing 18 holes of golf again even though he still has another 3 weeks of radiation. I have used black salve myself for skin cancers and I know it works. I have more faith in the bloodroot than I do radiation therapy. will keep up to date in another few weeks.
-Karen in Washington

This was recommended to me by a friend and fellow hiker who, like I, has fair skin, and a lot of sun exposure. Before I purchased, I looked online and saw a huge number of horror stories about black salve eating people noses off. I don't know what they were using but it wasn't this from Best On Earth Products. I have been using it since 2008 - one jar lasted that long; I just reordered. It most definitely works. I put it on any area that is sun damaged - most of the time it works, when it doesn't, I know the spot isn't precancerous. I have used this ALL over my body - face, legs, chest, back - all over. Sometimes it goes deep, other times surface and occasionally nothing. My experience has been 1-3 weeks for full takeout of the bad stuff and healing.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: before I found black salve, I used to go to dermatologists (I have moved a lot so I have seen several over the years). They either 'froze' spots off, which always returned or they cut spots out. A few told me some spots I pointed out were nothing. Well guess what? The freeze offs that always returned are now gone. The spots they cut out, I put salve on to see what would happen and there was still bad stuff there; black salve got rid of it. And EACH of the three spots doctors told me were NOTHING were SOMETHING. Black salve got rid of that too. Doctors are not gods. Do not blindly believe them. Do not pay their bills for incessant 'checkups' so they can collect their money and send you home when you are NOT ok. Get this for the cost of two copays and treat yourself. I'm not saying you should never see a doctor but don't rely on them solely.

I have not been diagnosed with any cancer and am an overweight 69 but very healthy.  My chiropractor told me about BOEP and bloodroot black salve.  I first tested the salve on my chest when I broke out into a burning, itchy rash that looked similar to the shingles ad on TV (Not diagnosed).  It worked just like I was told.  Then for two weeks I took the capsules (one each day) to see if there were side effects on a healthy body.  No side effects at all.  The 3 people who have cancer so far have not tried the capsules; they are still in the midst of chemo and radiation.  Since I had no side effects from the capsules, I gave one to my 13 year old dog to see how it affected him, in case he develops cancer.  I trust these products and have seen horror stories on-line, but never about Best On Earth Products.  I recommend them if you feel it will help you, too.
-S. Davis

I applied black salve to a sore on my husbands head. Sore had been burned off twice before by dermatologist but came back. Eschatology revealed three white roots. I shaved a 4" strip of hair from that source because husband told of a raised area from the original  sore. This 4" raised area had put out had put out roots from both sides. All of it came off. Now hoping capsules will kill his lung cancer in the same way.  He has had 3 infusions costing $95,000 that made him so sick he refused any more. I am counting in blood root capsules.
-J. Miller

The black salve bloodroot capsules have revealed a couple of sun cancers and are in the process of healing them. they have been on my face for some years but the capsules are working on them. the capsules also helped deal with a rash i had on my body as a result of antibotics. thank you for the info!

My husband has been very sick with high grade Bladder cancer the last 2 1/2 years. He went through 3 Chemo treatments, multiple operations and was close to loose his bladder. After a friend told me about the black salve capsules I searched the Internet for more info which of course there are split opinions. My husband started with the Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules in May 2015 and is taking 3 daily. At the same time he started his 2nd Chemotherapy. The biopsies taken January 2016 have been cancer free. Not sure if the capsules worked in combination with the Chemo? My husband continues to take 3 capsules a day for precaution.
-Helga B.

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