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Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews October 2017

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsule Reviews October 2017

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My husband and I started taking bloodroot capsules over a year ago now. As my husband was suffering fron bile duct cancer we thought there was nothing to lose. After he was up to 9 capsules per day he experienced a loss of some description through his bowel. (Wish we had it to biopsy). Further to further scans etc the doctors could not find any trace of the cancer. We feel that it was due to the bloodroot. Unfortunately though because he did have the cancer they wouldn't give him a liver transplant anyway and he lost his life in April. Not because of the cancer but his liver. I swear by them and still take them myself as maintenance as I have had melanomas and numerous skin cancers. I am only on 2 to 3 per day and feel great!
-Karen W.
I have been on Black Salve Bloodroot capsules for 5 years . when I first had my cancer diagnosed I was told by a couple of professional naturopaths that this was an excellent product if I could get hold of it but unfortunately you cant buy it in Australia. I searched the web until I found the product suggested on your site.I was given 6 months to live 5 years ago. I strongly believe this product has been one of my key saviours in my cancer journey and I wouldn't be without it.
We take a round of the capsules once or twice a year with the hope of using it as a preventive of any bad cells really taking hold. Therefore, it's unknown whether it's effective. As for the black salve, we've used it to remove skin cancer tumors from my husband's arms. The first one had been biopsied, so we knew it was definitely cancer and the salve did just what it was reported to do. It was a little painful, but in every case after 10 days the tumor came out and the decavitation quickly filled in. He hasn't had a recurrence in any area that we've used the salve and I continue to pray that it doesn't come back.
I ordered two bottles, of black salve bloodroot capsules. I live in Canada but still received my order within a week, which was great.

I've started with one capsule per day to see if I was going to have a reaction. Nothing bad at all.

My chest is much lighter and my breathing easier. This is only my second week taking them, think I noticed an improvement within just a few days. I also find that I've had more stamina throughout the day.

I don't have cancer, I wanted them for my breathing and overall improvement of physical energy and stamina while recovering from a severe case of Guillain Barre Syndrome.

Anyway, so far I am very happy. Thank-you!
I recently started using the Total Care Body Wash on my face for about 3 minutes to clear up Actinic Keratoses.
My dermatologist is suggesting I do BLU-U therapy in January 2018 and I am hoping to use the Total Care Body Wash to clear it up so I won't need this treatment. I'm also using the Body Wash in bathwater to detect other skin problems. I haven't used it long enough to determine the final outcome but am pleased with the progress so far.
I've read all the negative stuff on the web about black salve. Yes, it kills the cells. But it only selects the cancer cells or the mole cells. I've removed 2 pre-cancers and 6 or 7 large moles. Some went very deep. It worked perfectly and I trust it. The other choice is to have a doctor freeze it or cut it out. You're guaranteed to have a bigger hole left with good cells removed and maybe not all the bad cells removed. It hurts when the cells are dying, but nothing like the freezing and cutting that I experienced with doctors previously. Follow the directions and do 1 at a time. If it doesn't take for a mole, rough up the surface a little. Good luck!
-Brent N.
I'll take anything that seems to help with Lyme disease, and I seem to "herx" more with this, so I think it's helping. I have lots of serious problems, but after a couple of bottles, my energy seems better. Spontaneously, I felt like going on a bit longer walk than I had been taking. It's hard to attribute that to just the Black Salve capsules, but what I'm doing is improving me and the Black Salve capsules are a part of it.
-Patti S.


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