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Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsules Reviews October 2018

Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsules Reviews October 2018

Been using Black Salve ointment for about 9 years. Nine cancerous moles have been successfully removed. I have continued researching the Black Salve products during this time period. Recently on the Best of Earth site I gained more knowledge of the use of Black Salve products. Came across the capsule info.  I have an area on my creek that Black Salve ointment was applied once and appeared to be healed.  Over time it returned.

Black Salve ointment was applied a second time and appeared to be completely healed. The cancerous spot returned. Upon discovery of Best of Earth Site and info on the use of Black Salve I understand why the return of the cancerous spot.  I read where the depth of exposure to topical application may not penetrate to deep rooted cancer.  So I have been using the Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules in conjunction with Spirulina for 3 weeks with great results.

The cancerous area on the cheek is no longer large and red, it is not painful to the touch and it has shrunk and almost completely healed to normal healthy tissue in the three weeks.  This is hitting the cancer from the inside out.  Thanks for something that works.  Will post when completely healed.

-Glenn B.


My friend told me about Best on Earth Black Salve Capsules helping her friend heal from Stage 4 lung cancer after the doctors had done all they could and sent him home to die.

I used it as part of my breast cancer healing in 2016… I take 1 Black Salve Capsule 3 times per day, along with 2 Ellagic Capsules 3 times per day now.

-Dana T.


I have been buying the black salve bloodroot capsules for a friend who has cancer and he has been taking regularly and it has helped that is for sure. His cancer is in remission and he swears by this product.
I myself have used the Black Salve on various occasions removing skin cancer lesions from various parts of my body and face. It work amazing and does not leave behind any scars. All heals up with time without a trace. I am very white and have been out in the sun far too much, so I now pay the price, but thanks to Black Salve I can take care of it myself and do not need any medical procedures cutting around my skin, we’re  very happy with the results.

-U. Meiner


Used Black Salve with DMSO to remove a spot on my back... the spot was definitely cancer and was worrying me... I could feel it working immediately... the spot fell off two weeks after I applied it. The hole was closed up in two weeks. I recommend it to everyone.

-Tom P.


Had quiet a few surgeries and pain from my polycystic ovarian syndrome and I took the black salve bloodroot capsules and its helped heal and rid of my cysts as well and eating heathy and cutting sugar and a lot of my bread out. Feeling amazing from this product and lost 15 kilos. Thanks so much for all the information!


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