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Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsules Reviews December 2018

Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsules Reviews December 2018

Black salve successfully removed small growths on face and leg. Internal capsules: Within the first weeks of starting the course, my skin has cleared, skin tone has visibly improved all over body, wrinkles on face are greatly diminished. Other small growths on my face seem to be disappearing, a warty growth caused by a fly bite 5 years ago is getting smaller. A fatty cyst on my inner thigh is becoming smaller and less dense, I am sleeping better but having dreams, since also combining with NATURALLY DERIVED vitamin C source, all inflammation has diminished and I am almost totally pain free. I have been taking the capsules for 6 weeks now and am monitoring 5 obvious areas which are showing clear signs of change.

So I met my new doctor last January. He checked a blood test that I had taken with my former doctor. He informed me that he would like me to get on Statin drugs to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides. He was quite shocked when I told him there would be absolutely no way I would ever do Statin drugs.

For the past 5 to 6 months I have been doing 1500 mg of niacin A-day. I went through a couple bottles of the black salve capsules, And for the past 2 1/2 months I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth And MSM granules everyday, I also took myself off all fish oil supplements. The results over that 6 month period of time are outstanding.
The moral of this story is there is no such thing an Incurable disease. There is a natural cure for everything. Always try to go the natural route before you resort to drugs and surgery.

4/17/18-10/17/18 ( 6 months).
Cholesterol 153.... 142
HDL 31.......39
LDL 83.......84
Triglycerides 197....94... Down 103 points in 6 mo. 
Glucose 97.....89

-L Reynolds


My husband recently was diagnosed with prostrate cancer.   I had previously purchased the black salve bloodroot capsules along with the Greens and Elliagic capsules for myself.   I started using these products in his morning smoothie along with other organic ingredients.   His level went down 4 points in about 3 weeks.  I will continue to incorporate these products with other natural therapies, thanks for all the info!


We live down wind of Hanford nuclear waste site 225 miles and cancer is rampant in this area of Idaho. Since taking the black salve bloodroot capsules my wife and I have had no cancer show up and many others around us have even died, including many animals. We are hoping to move away soon. Thanks for being there for us.
-B. Wilkins


It works....My Dermatologist is not a happy camper! She wanted me to have surgery.....Last time she did surgery, the cancer came back.   My Black Salve treatment did did not return!


Black Salve Bloodroot capsules...I believe this is a wonderful product!! I use it periodically to cleanse my system of possible cancer cells. I have given this product to friends who are currently battling cancer.
-Robin A.


Black Salve with DMSO…Applied it to a tumour on my leg, just like in the many example photos I have seen, the area ejected the tumour in 4 days, the resulting hole was filled up and flush within a week. It is just criminal that these types of products are villified, just because big business is losing lots of revenue.

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