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Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Reviews July 2018

Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Reviews July 2018

I used the salve to draw cancer from my breast. After having a mastectomy there was cancer left at the surgery line. I put the salve on the line and it drew the cancer out. The after care cream removed any discomfort.
-J. Hood

I've been taking the black salve bloodroot capsules at 3 per day for about 6 months, and so far I've tolerated them very well....my stomach is very sensitive, so i'm very happy to be able to take the capsules. Taking them for immune issues. 
- Helen

My husband & I have been excited about bloodroot capsules as he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer early this year. I immediately started him on them. Even before he started chemo his PSA had dropped from 57 to 13.3.  Very happy! 
- Marion M


Father had cancer spot on ear... tiny bit of black salve pulled out in 9 days... second spot presented... second tiny amount and 14 days later.. cancer purged... amazing.. black salve seems like a magnet.. pulling cancer to area..then encompassing and allowing body to eliminate..I 100% recommend this product..it saves lives...thank you for all the info..my eternal gratitude! 
- Kimberly

I have been using black salve bloodroot caps for a month now as recommended on basal cell carcinoma. No side effects. Appears to dry up sun damaged lesions on skin. Works from inside as opposed to other treatments I have received- 
surgery, N2, and numerous creams. I will continue with the caps. - Horace

A friend gave me black Salve and a bottle of Bloodroot caps years ago, I began using the Salve 2 years ago, I have removed many, 40 or more cancers, mainly on my face, some were very deep in my temples, I used the course of capsules as first course,  I ordered new batch of Salve and BR Caps, they were delivered to outback Australia within 10 days, I am taking second course of caps now, treating 2 more on my back, one very deep and painful even after 5 days, did 3 treatments, very surprising find, I feel that this serious cancer would have avoided my attention had not the Systemic caps irritated it from inside, I am finding more in this way, close my eyes when in bed and I can feel them, easy to locate even if no obvious surface irregularities, no room here to tell of my more notable successes, I totally approve these products, I won’t go to Dr, no chemo or radiotherapy for me, due to the seriousness of my situation I will continue into my third course of BR caps and keep treating cancers as I find them. Feeling energetic and optimistic. - Josef P

Using Black Salve with DMSO I have personally eliminated three pockets of foreign substance pea size, from under my facial cheek areas and one from my ear lobe. Also I have aided my wife in eliminating a pea size pocket along side her nose, which her dermatologist had not even noticed. She had this checked out by a cosmetic surgeon and he had nothing critical to say, but offered to swab the area with silver nitrate. I have also used BS to test areas of concern only to find out that the salve didn't find anything.  I trust BS.  My dermatologist spotted a cancerous lesion and I said that I would treat it myself with BS. She asked me to come back in two months for a look see.  When I returned she said I did a good job.   


I had a mark on my head that would bleed every time I touched it, or washed it, or knocked it.  It had been there probably over 12 months.  I used the Black Salve with DMSO and had received the after care cream with it which I also used.  
It all looked like I'd been informed it would look like, and on day 10 it popped out like a plug.  It has healed over well at this stage, but I expect it will look better over coming weeks. I couldn't be happier with this amazing product! 

The black salve bloodroot caps have been an excellent product for me. I was advised 6 years ago when I had cancer diagnosed that these capsules were very good at slowing the rates of the tumour growth. 
I have survived 6 years after initially being advised that my survival prospects were very low but have continued with these capsules so I put some of my survival down to these and wouldn't be without them. 
-Yvonne S.

I bought the black salve bloodroot capsules for my husband who has prostate cancer. I had been purchasing from another company but there was issues with taking payment. After some research, I found Best On Earth Products. I ordered right away. It processed and shipped quickly. My husband says it's definitely working...he can feel the pulling, etc. I will absolutely be back for more. Thank you for all the information!!! 
-Lori W.

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