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Black Salve & Bloodroot Capsule Reviews October 2019


 Check out the latest reviews below and a pretty cool testimonial about the Total Care Body Wash, made from bloodroot and essential oils, used to get rid of a painful case of shingles on the face!


I was given the recommendation to use the bloodroot based Total Care Body Wash for a shingles outbreak on my jaw line. Since shingles is from the dormant chicken pox virus and comes out with stress, I also took a tablet complex of St Johns Wort from MediHerb and went in for a single upper cervical specific chiropractic adjustment, seeing as the outbreak in the pictures was right along the 7th cranial nerve branch that runs from the brain stem at the Atlas. 

Took the St. Johns Wort for 3 days, got one adjustment and used the TCBWash for one week (which I believe made the biggest difference in “drying out” the spot) and you can see the results in the pictures I included. Although I only included one pic with the wash applied to a single spot, I applied it to whole side of face once daily where you see the outbreaks.

 Before Applying
First Daily Application of TCBW
Day 2

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

St Johns Wort is very anti-viral, going after the protein that envelops the virus so the immune system can more effectively attack. Anyway, what normally takes 3-5 weeks to heal shingles only took ONE WEEK. Pretty amazing results, I hope this helps others who are suffering with shingles.
-James S.


Hubby (prostrate) and mum (throat) cancer are taking the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules 1 x 3 times a day. They work as both of them have had the hospital say no metastasis which is our goal. The cancer won't kill them but its spreading would. This also goes with the Elligac caps to build their immune system to fight the existing cancer. It works- my hubby PSA on way down. I use these with Budwig protocol which is 2 tbsp low fat cottage cheese BLENDED(whipped up) with 1 tbsp flaxseed oil as well. Try this they work.
-Annie G.


In a world where cancer is rampant in all cities and my wife and I were lucky to escape having it more than once I choose to try and prevent it with a known cure, Black Salve Bloodroot capsules and have not been attacked by cancer in 4 years and I also give a little to my dog.
-B Wilkins


Skin issues have been a part of my life since the 1990s. For years I’ve used the “veterinary” black salve with good results. However, I made a decision this year to incorporate BOE black salve w/ DMSO. The main reason for change was the listing of products, which included many of the original ingredients used in the early 1900 salves. The results were notable. This salve is far more aggressive thereby reducing overall time management of site application. It also appears to accelerate the healing process. I also wish to thank BOE for including the healing salve! It proved to be very effective as well.

I’m 80yrs old and spent my early years in the sunshine, tanning without a hat or shirt, with very fair skin I’m now suffering multiple skin "issues.'...I apply the black salve to these areas and it goes to work immediately. Huge success! Black salve is my “Go to.“


I order this Black Salve with DMSO for sarcoids. Unbelievable! I tell everyone.
My three year old fully had a humongous sarcoid and it was gone in a week.


I have used both the regular, and with DMSO. Found both to be commendable. I consider the After Care necessary for my needs as I want to scratch the site. The cream alleviates the itch. Per instructions apply it completely around at the edges. You cannot go wrong with or without DMSO. ... Thank God for Best on Earth! Am not against modern medicine, just cautious.
-Elliott T.


This Black Salve with DMSO is amazing stuff, and I'm so glad I tried it! I'm a fan for life. I've literally had a plantar wart for 5 years. I've tried everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Duct tape, apple cider vinegar, over the counter acid treatment, nothing worked. THEN I paid a lot of money to see a few podiatrists. One Dr. froze it. Nothing happened. Another extracted it, PAINFUL RECOVERY, and it grew right back. Only when I used black salve did it completely die, from the inside out. It was amazing! I documented the whole thing with photos and videos and plan to educate the world with my results on the internet!


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