Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Black Salve Reviews January 2016

Here are some recent Black Salve Reviews from January 2016...

I have been getting a lot of questions about "what to do if the spot gets wet after treating it?" The answer is, in short, you want to keep the eschar dry as much as possible, so cover it when showering. If it gets wet in the first few days, you may have to re-apply salve to the spot. If there is already a hard eschar when it gets wet, you should be ok, just watch the spot and again, try your best NOT to get it wet.



It is no exaggeration to say that black salve caps have helped keep me alive. I think I would have been long gone were it not for this product.
-Ray H.

I am so pleased to have found the Black Salve products.  I have had several "spots" of basal cell carcinoma and taken care of them with this product myself.  There is a great sense of knowing when the spot comes out and you know it's safely removed all the cancer.  I continue to take the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules for extra protection (along with the Ellagi-caps).  In today's stressful environment, I want to be sure I am protecting myself from dis-ease that so naturally occurs.  I love the body wash and it works to "start the process" of ridding the body, as if to be saying "hey, here I am...get me out"!
-L. Bowman

I am currently dealing with an illness that attacks my immune system, these capsules has gotten me through a couple of serious issues!
-L. Clemans

I have been taking the black salve capsules for an prostate issue and feel that they are having a positive effect on me, I will continue taking them even if my problem does improve for overall general body maintenance and well being.
-Aussie John

I have meant to tell you how I am doing with black root capsules. I find them a valuable aid for fighting cancer when carried on the back of catalyst aloe Vera chenensis. I am presently on the last stage of a book on cancers and you are prominent with capsules and salves.

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