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Black Salve Reviews for December 2015

Black Salve Reviews for December 2015

Here are some recent capsule and black salve reviews:

I am a relatively new user of the black salve bloodroot capsules and I use it as part of my supplement regime to deal with a high PSA reading (prostrate cancer). I believe it has helped me control my PSA levels and my oncologist could not believe my last PSA reading had halved in four months. I will continue taking this amazing product, I am so grateful for finding black salve capsules.

I have been battling colon cancer for three years now. I was directed to black salve capsules by a friend  year ago they seem to work. When I was taking them the tumours reduced in size dramatically.
When I stopped they came back so I have gone back on the capsules and am now trying to get a scan to see where the tumours are.  I am reluctant to stop again yet in case it is too early.
The doctors gave me six months to live two years ago and I am still here fighting it.
The only side effects I have encountered are painless mouth lesions and a itchy rectum.
Both better than death. I use the Lotto Principle:
A ticket costs little and the worst it can do is be a donation to a charity somewhere whilst the best it can do is make me a millionaire. With cancer if the treatment is cheap and the worst it can do is give me an itchy anus or the best is to get rid of the cancer then it is worth a go.
-John Taylor

I was an auto mechanic for 20 years.  I am now plagued with growths on my fingers which have proved to be cancer.  The first time, I had surgery.  I found out about black salve from a friend and subsequently have removed all growths since with the salve.  I have complete confidence in black salve.
-Alan Hall

I had a couple of tumors, one on my shoulder and one on my leg.  I used the Black salve with DMSO and after the tumors fell out I used the after care cream all is well now.  I also used the Black salve pills when I quit smoking as I was having terrible pain in my lungs.  I used nine bottles and my pain was gone and has never returned.  I am sure it saved my life.  This product will always be my go to for cancer.
-David H.

I learned of Black Slave accidentally less than 2moths ago, while watching  a documentary with Dr. Leonard Horowitz. I had a lesion about the size of a pea on my right lower leg. I intuitively knew it was skin cancer of some sort, although I never did get an actual diagnosis.(Still waiting for that appointment!) At any rate, I ordered some Black Salve from BOE and immediately began treatment the moment it arrived. Last night (3 weeks after initial application) the eschar fell off on it's own, and what remains is healthy pink skin and a slight indent or 'whole' where the tumor exited. I'm treating the area with a healing balm now and have zero pain. This Black Salve worked exactly the way it is supposed to and I do believe it IS a miracle cure.

Three years ago I treated a very sore area under both my breasts with black salve ! I had pain, itching and a great deal of distress. I'd read about the salve and decided to try it! It's quite an experience ! Painful for about 24 to 36 hours but what a job it did to clean up these cancerous areas! I followed directions to the letter and took photographs on a daily basis! After a few days there was no pain and after about three weeks the wounds had healed over and all the itching and pain had gone. I felt like it needed a follow up as I started to get little itchy spots again so I did another treatment but this time it was only under my left breast ! This experience was not a painful as the two breasts and is now healing beautifully. I also did spots on my fore arms, my back and in between my breasts in the valley . It's such a relief to have those areas cleaned up and no more itching painful scaly skin ! I've tried it one various spots but it only works on cancerous ones and you know when you get a hit! As someone said, not for the faint hearted ! But compared to 6 months of chemo and radiation with trips to hospitals etc and costs, about three dollars worth of salve, a few dollars on healing salve  and no time lost at work I know what I'd prefer. I'm so grateful for this product I thank the day I found information about this on the Internet !
-Barbara L.

I have used black salve (externally) with DMSO with great success. I also have an ongoing back issue which chiropractor, physio and massage haven't managed to alleviate. I had a CT scan which showed "inflammation" in a couple of parts of my spine. One night it was causing me a lot of pain and I was contemplating using the salve paste on my spine, but i read some reports which discouraged that. I decided to try the Black salve capsules. After a 3 days of taking the salve capsules I noticed a great reduction with my back pain. It is a great product, and i will continue to buy it. My only advice is not to take the capsules after having yogurt. It makes the capsules repeat on me which is quite unpleasant.

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