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Black Salve, the natural treatment for skin cancer.

Have you heard that there is an herbal compound called Black Salve, touted as a natural cure for skin cancer? I first heard about this compound 8 years ago but it has been around for a very long time. We will get to more of that in a moment, but first, did you know that there is an epidemic of skin cancer in the US?

“The United States is in the midst of a of skin cancer epidemic, according to a report in from the Mayo Clinic. The report goes on to state, “One in five Americans will develop skin cancer, and a person's risk of the disease doubles if that person has had five or more sunburns, according to the Mayo statistics. Basal and squamous cell carcinomas, the most common and treatable types of skin cancers, had long been considered a problem only for people over 50, according to the report. But Mayo researchers report that percentage of women under 40 with the more common type, basal cell, tripled between 1976 and 2003, while the rate of squamous cell cancers increased 400 percent.”

The standard procedure for skin cancer treatment in US hospitals is surgery, chemotherapy, and even radiation, with no significant cure rate! Getting back to black salve, while there are many variations of this herbal compound, the man who first spread the word about and healing from black salve was a man named Harry Hoxsey, founder of the "Hoxsey Method". Hoxsey is the great-grandson of John Hoxsey, an American physician who discovered a remarkably effective cancer cure in 1840 after watching horses with cancer cure themselves by grazing on specific herbs they instinctually searched out.

Harry Hoxsey had no formal medical training, but began promoting his great-grandfather's original cancer formula which contained the herbs, bloodroot, burdock, red clover, pokeroot, barberry root, buckthorn, prickly ash, stillingia root and cascara. This black salve formulation was stunningly effective on cancer, and it wasn’t long before word of his cancer treatments spread across the US. Along with his success came the scrutiny of the FDA and Big Pharma who saw his cure rate as a huge threat to their personal financial interests. Though Hoxsey never claimed to be a doctor, he was arrested hundreds of times, mostly for practicing medicine without a license!

Just a few years ago, another man names Greg Caton developed a similar product, sold it on the internet, and before to long was also arrested. One of his employees described the situation as follows, “Yes, Greg was forced/railroaded into pleading guilty for defrauding customers (something even the judge could clearly see that Greg did not want to plea to since he NEVER defrauded ANYONE). But - I guess the threat of arresting your wife, sending your son to foster care and arresting 3 employees as accomplices in the so called "conspiracy to defraud" could drive a person to admit to just about anything.

The FDA NEVER ordered us to stop selling anything...we NEVER got a warning letter, a phone call, anything. We were simply raided on September 17th, 2003 at 9:10 am like crack-cocaine dealers. They came in guns drawn (some on full body armor) and demanded that everyone get on the floor (I along with 2 other employees refused). They can not and did not order us to stop selling the products, the only thing they can demand is that our products have no claims, what-so-ever. However, the products were stolen from us by the FDA, therefore we have no products to sell.”

There was never a validated complaint to the FDA about any of the variations of the formula sold under any name to this date! This article was written for the purpose of educating “you the people” about the TRUTH regarding health care choices! Do your own research and you will find a wealth of valid research information on the topic of herbal and other natural remedies for cancer and other major diseases. Until next time, keep searching for the truth!

Thomas Von Ohlen, MS is a clinical nutritionist and developer of Plasma Pro software for doctors. In his 15 years in private practice he has helped thousands of people, from all over the world, achieve their health goals through education and product recommendations. His favorite holistic cancer information site is

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