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MD's study show effectiveness of basal and squamous cell cancers treated with salve

Dermatologic Surgery

Volume 27 Issue 11 Page 975Issue 11 - 978 - November 2001

To cite this article: Clarence W. Brown Jr. MD, Glenn D. Goldstein MD, Craig S. Birkby MD (2001)
Dermatologic Surgery 27 (11), 975–978.


Case Reports

  • *Chicago, Illinois,+Department of Medicine, Division of Dermatology, Kansas University Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas, and Seattle, Washington

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Background. Over the course of the last three decades Americans have grown more and more fond of "alternative" or homeopathic medical therapies. The explosion of the Internet has made these nontraditional remedies more accessible to the general public.

Objective. To describe two cases of auto-Mohs through patient self-application of products containing zinc chloride paste. The case of a basal cell carcinoma and the case of a squamous cell carcinoma are described.

Methods. Each of our patients applied a homeopathic paste containing zinc chloride to sites of biopsy-proven skin cancer.

Results. At the conclusion of the self-directed therapy in both cases, histopathologic analysis of the site determined no further skin cancer to be present.

Conclusion. We present and describe two cases of auto-Mohs.

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Josef Smolle. (2003) Homeopathy in dermatology. Dermatologic Therapy 16:2, 93–97

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