Monday, July 09, 2007

Black Salve Body Wash Cures Wart on Eyelid

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After 2 Weeks

After 3 1/2 weeks all gone!

Hi Rick,

Hopefully someone will find these helpful. The Body Wash is brilliant. The lump was a viral wart (the lower portion anyway) and the part closest to the edge of the eyelid was a mybomian cyst (or chalazion) - great combination eh?!. They are both gone now - in 3 weeks. No pain, no scar - although I did accidently get it in my eye which stung but also cleared up other tiny chalazions inside the eyelid!!

The doctor wanted me to use a steriod cream for the chalazion and suggested that I just ignore the wart. Thank goodness I had a better alternative.

Thanks heaps,


thebestdeb said...

I am trying to obtain more information on the wart that Estelle had on her lower eye lid. She used the body wash and it got rid of it in 3 wks? I'd like to know how it was used. I am not familar with this product but I also have a wart in nearly the same spot. I've seen one surgeon that said it could not be removed without scaring, which would deform the appearance of my eye. I wouldreally like to try this product but I have read some not so good things about Black Salve online (eating away flesh etc). I really want to get rid of this wart but I am so scared because of it's location.
Please advise.

Staff said...

There is not a high concentration of zinc chloride in the body wash, so it will not "eat away" the tissue as black salve may seem to do in situations where there is abnormal tissue under the surface that can not be seen. I believe that Estelle just dabbed a little amount on the spot at night and let it dry on, carefully wiping the dried material off in the AM.