Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Salve Bloodroot Testimonials 1

Here are two interesting testimonials that were emailed to me this week! Feel free to share yours with me and I will put it up with or without your name as you choose. Email to

Hi Rick ,

I have had swelling under right underneath my eye, off an on for 9 months. Finally it was one solid lump,
even after I had it drained. I started using the total care body wash, after about 4 weeks it finally went away. Now there is no evidence of any trauma, no swelling and it has been 4 months. What a relief! If anybody wants to call me to ask more questions, they can. I hope this helps. You provide a wonderful service! Tina 619-339-6231

Hi Rick,

I was glad to get your email update. I wanted to give you an update also. My arm has healed up nicely after losing the eschar fell off, thanks to the after care product. For my daughters warts, it seems that the bloodroot has worked some on the warts around her cuticles,they look much much better, but others pop up now on her palms and fingers. But we will continue to attack a few at a time. Since she has started the EIF, it seems like the ones on her ankles and her knees have flattened out!!! yay!!!!

Also, I love the bloodroot toothpaste! I have gum issues because of a 8 tooth crown I wear, and I don't floss enough. Since using the toothpaste, my gums feel so much better and don't bleed at all when I brush!! I love it, and it does not taste bad at all!



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