Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Black Salve Capsules for Cancer on Nose

Hello Rick,
Long time since we talked ,
I was in the Caribbean for 4 + months and did the salve with the black bloodroot capsules and ellagic formula and the cancer beside my nose is gone!

I had a growth like skin colored small mole on my belly and I pulled it off and it bled and I put salve on a band aid and covered it. To my surprise the thing got bigger and all inflamed around it.

After 3 days I removed the band aid and saw this ugly swollen hole with the salve in it.... I reapplied the salve again and it got worse .
I looked at it 2 days later and removed a slimy ball of puss.....

I finished using the salve and it is slowly went away and healed over! :)

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