Saturday, February 14, 2015

Black Salve Uses

Trish from Australia sent me some pictures last summer of her black salve use after a diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma from her doctor.  Take a look at the video and feel free to share this with others.

There are many uses for black salve, and more info can be found on the site where you can see more video, picture and written testimonials.

Be well, my friends!



Unknown said...

I had a skin cancer just behind the knee of my left leg.The doctor said he must remove it surgically. Before he could do it, I applied Black Salve.It completely removed the cancer, leaving a crater approx. 20 mm across and approx. 10 mm deep. Now it is completely healed. I have a series of photos recording each stage of the process, however I am not computer literate enough to make a video of the photos But it worked 100% Frank Clarke

Staff said...

Hi Frank, that's great, thanks for sharing! You can reach me directly at INFO at BlackSalveInfo DotCom

Ivan said...

Greetings Frank

It is wonderful that people share their experiences of Black Salve. How can a Billion Dollar cancer industry continue to extort funds from Government and use a small part of those funds to replicate a synthetic product so they can charge Billions for what suffering Cancer patients can use for almost free and avoid surgery and the waste of Billions of tax payer funds.

Regards Ivan

Unknown said...

I was suspicious of keratosis in my ear, it had a squirt of liquid nitrogen on one doctor visit.. Some monthe later was very itchy..
I applied a bit of black salve to it, ouch it sure responded.
A second dose again was ouchy... Two panadol sort of ouch.
After all calmed down a 9mm diam Eschar formed with another adjacent 4mm eschar...
All has cleared out now and it weeps as the skin grows into the hollow left by the little growths...
Pleased with progress.
John M

Ivan said...

We should send these posts on and request that our mailing list do like wise it would then become viral and the secret would raise the truth about Black Salve.

Regards Ivan