Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Black Salve Reviews August 2015

Black Salve Reviews for August 2015

This product works very well on DFSB(Dermatofibro sarcoma protuberans) ,rare type of benign cancer.
Out of 3 , 2 tumors removed and i am still under usage of black salve.

My father has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. after hearing of Black salve products we have
been giving my father the Black Salve capsules while he was between Chemo Therapy.
I believe this has helped with his treatment more so than the Chemo. For the month break he had
from Chemo,  he took the recommended dose along with RSO as treatment for his cancer.
After returning to his specialist after the month away from Chemo Therapy, his tumor had shrank
1/2 cm, and his CC blood count had reduced from 600 to 150. I strongly believe it was the help of the
Black Salve and RSO that is helping with his recovery..
I cannot thank you all at BOE enough for your product and your help..
Sincere Regards,
-Sheldon H.

I used it to remove a tumor on my lip and it worked in 8 days. Kept me away from surgery.
Other of the same on me and my wife, with the same results. She calls it "surgery without a scalpel".
My doctor, and integrative medicine practitioner, praised me for my action and "bravery".
BOE black salve is a real savior.
-Jose  C.

In March 2014 I had my adrenal gland removed owing to a very large melanoma being found in the
gland and then the following  August I had my second adrenal gland removed when another
melanoma was found there. I have since been taking 3 Bloodroot Capsules a day and now the
melanoma is in remission. Perhaps this is due to the Black Salve Bloodroot  Capsules.
-Warren R.

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