Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dr OZ Attacks Black Salve with Non-Scientific Explanation

I am so sick and tired of the lies put out in the main stream media,
paid for by Big Pharma.

Today, the Dr Oz show aired a compete hit piece on Black Salve,
and in describing the actions of black salve, threw science right out
the window by saying the following:

"Instead of curing cancer, this dangerous ointment is literally
causing skin to rot, leaving people disfigured." -Dr Oz

Let's define ROT, as described in Webster's Dictionary:

a :  to undergo decomposition from the action of bacteria or fungi

So Black Salve (full of immune boosting herbs) contains bacteria
and fungi that causes skin to rot????

Friends, please recognize that Big Pharma, mainstream media
and the FDA/TGA will stop at nothing to take away your rights to
effective natural products.

I suggest you stock up, because this is the latest wave of medical
tyranny coming for you and your loved one's health!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I've been using Black Salve for years and I promise I'm not disfigured. I wouldn't trust putting it on the tip of my nose or bit my eyes but i know what skin cancer looks like. An itchy wound that never heals. If you apply Black Salve to any skin issue that might be something minor and has no cancerous cell's.... it does absolutely nothing but make you a little red but if its something with diseased tissue it start going to work right away and you will feel it. It goes deep and draws it out to the surface usually in 24 hrs and within weeks when the Escher falls off you will see clean healthy tissue. Sometimes it leaves a scar and sometimes it doesn't. Farmers use it on livestock. It works and it's safe if you do your research and all it properly. I apply only a pinhead amount on the spot and only one spot at a time. It can be painful so only one at a time. There is actually a dr that you can find online and if you get nervous he will walk you through it but he charges a fee. If your worried trhen it's worth it. You have to make sure you get it from the right company...I ordered different ones that did not work. Alpha Omega Lab seems to be the best. You can call them as well and they can answer questions. Once it's completely gone you can get a biopsy for piece of mind.