Friday, March 30, 2007

Internal Black Salve

Taking Black Salve Internally

I have not posted any info as of yet about internals but after many request and reports from many people who have used it that way, I am doing so now. One man in TX was on his death bed so to speak with lung cancer when he started to take the internal black salve. Within a week he was actually up and around and was expected to leave the hospital! My friend knows this man, and I am hoping to get a testimonial from him sometime soon, which I will post here.

I am still a bit hesitant to put info up about it because all black salve is not the same and some use different fillers that I would not want to take internally. The old cansema was good stuff but they have been shut down for over 3 years now. I use the salves from because to date they have shown to be all high quality.

Please realize, this is not medical advice, only reports of what others have been experiencing. Make sure you consult with your health care provider before starting any form of treatment. Also, this protocol is for internal black salve, NOT BLOODROOT SALVE. Here is the way most people have taken the salve internally with the best results.

Take a small pea size amount of black salve 1x a day, either placed into an empty capsule or into a piece of bread, then eat a full meal to avoid nausea.

This is to be done everyday for 10 days, then take 10 days off. Repeat this cycle until you have completed a full 30 days of the salve, meaning 10 days on 10 off, 10 on 10 off, then 10 more on.

IMPORTANT: When abnormal cells (cancers) in the body are being destroyed, it will stir up a lot of chaos and the person taking the internals will feel like garbage, but not as bad as if they took chemo! If the person has never done so before, it would be a good idea for them to do a colon cleanse and possibly a liver cleanse before taking the internal salve (If time permits) because there will be a lot of debris from the dead cancer being pulled through the major organs like the liver, kidneys, and intestines. They will want to make sure that the pathway for the debris is clear before the internal protocol is taken.

Email me for specifics about cleanses and I will point you in the right direction.

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