Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Buttocks Cancer

Im going to start posting some emails I have gotten from Black and Bloodroot Salve users. Below is one from a woman in Australia, very interesting stuff, especially the breast area changes when using that Total Care Body Wash. Keep fighting the fight, folks!

Hi Rick

You might remember I emailed you on the 18th April regarding the eshar activity on my bum(see pic above). You will see that one had already erupted and left a cavity. As you can imagine, it was a difficult area to monitor and I don’t know when that happened. I also have had a couple of the smaller eschars disintegrate so my ‘collection’ is a bit sparse at present. The pain was bearable and I managed without painkillers; there is no pain now and I’m just waiting for them to work their way out. I’ll take another photograph or two of the cavities and any eschars I manage to salvage.

I’m puzzled as to what type of cancer it is and it has led me to the conclusion that the medical profession name cancers according to the area they are found. In other words, all cancers are the same and not specific to an area, eg lung cancer, breast cancer, etc. When they say they are ‘inoperable’, it’s either because they can’t reach them or the organ they’re on would be destroyed if they cut it out and the patient would die. Thus, if they had to remove a liver because of cancer, the patient would die, so they would say it was inoperable. This might not be a revelation to you but it is to me and this is why I’m calling it arse cancer. It couldn’t be ‘skin’ cancer as the sun don’t shine there!

I have recently seen a Naturopath who said ‘there was something going on in your small intestine’ and I’m only guessing this could be it. I have to go back to him after hair analysis tests so might find out. He knows and uses Black Salve although he’s not allowed to sell it here but can use it as treatment.

I have a friend for whom I bought some Black Salve and she is using it on some moles that were cleared by a plastic surgeon as not cancerous. She has had about five erupt at once (thinking they were only moles or warts). One of them is huge and she is in a lot of pain and taking painkillers. We refuse to go to GPs as I’ve even had an ‘alternative’ nurse not believe me. The large one is between her breasts (all the best places!) and she has had earlier problems with her lungs and has had sharp pain when taking a deep breath. Since the eschar has been moving the breathing pain has stopped completely. I’ll try and get her to get photographs taken to send to you.

Finally, I’ve been using the Total Care Body Wash on most of my torso and developed a reddening under my left breast which spread just a tiny bit over to my right. (I had breast cancer about 12 years ago which was treated conventionally, lumpectomy and radiation, I refused the Tamoxifen.) What happened was most unusual in that the skin went like a snakeskin: scaly, very red and dry yet a smooth, whole piece. It definitely wasn’t an allergic reaction as the edges were well defined and the whole thing was very even in shape and colour and didn’t hurt or itch. I should have taken a photo but I didn’t. It’s now gone rougher, scaly and some areas are peeling. When my bottom’s healed, I’ll try the Black Salve on it. Didn’t know if you’ve come across it before.

Well, I think you’ve been updated. Thanks for listening.

Kind regards,

J from Western Australia

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