Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Detects problem Total Care Body Wash with Former Breast Cancer Patient

Here is another picture testimonial, my comments follow hers at the bottom :)

Hi Rick,

I’ve been using the body wash on most of my torso which detected
an underlying problem by showing a reddening under my left breast which
spread just a tiny bit over to my right. (I had breast cancer about 12 years
ago which was treated conventionally, lumpectomy and radiation, I refused
the Tamoxifen.) What happened was most unusual in that the skin went
like a snakeskin: scaly, very red and dry yet a smooth, whole piece.
It definitely wasn’t an allergic reaction as the edges were well defined
and the whole thing was very even in shape and colour and didn’t hurt or itch.
It’s now gone rougher, scaly and some areas are peeling.

UPDATE: As promised, the photograph of the peculiar patch under my left
breast which developed after using the Total Care Body Wash. It originally
spread under my right breast a little, but this seems to have faded now. At
first it was bright red, then muted to a brownish pink colour. As I said, the
sloughing skin is not soft and flakey as is sunburn but stiff and scaly like a
shed snakeskin.

I was wondering if this might have been a chronic, low level,
undetected fungal/bacterial/viral infection. I've been using the Body Wash
on it daily and it hasn't changed that much in two weeks. I have peeled
some of the skin off out of curiosity, but it didn't come off easily and I
stopped when it started hurting.

-J. from Western Australia

Rick thoughts are, there is most likely a residual cancer that
is now in the left breast. (cancers are typically a virus, bacteria, or fungus
that can mutate back and forth from one pathogen to the next which leads
to abnormal or cancer cells).

I would use the body wash for 2-3 months and see what develops.
If the rash like skin irritation goes away, then there wouldn't be a need to
put the salve directly on it, though, if the cancer/virus/fungus was gone
then the salve wouldn't react on the skin. What I would do is, start taking
the Internal Black Salve to make sure that any other cancer in the body
is being destroyed.


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