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Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Reviews September 2018

Black Salve / Bloodroot Capsules Reviews September 2018


I have never written a comment on a product but felt compelled to do so regarding the black salve bloodroot capsules. I can't thank you enough for the info!! My husband did not receive the news he was hoping for from his doctor regarding his throat and was facing several surgeries. A friend told us about bloodroot and my husband immediately started taking it. After only taking it for 3 months he now has a clear report and tests are all negative. His doctors are shocked to say the least. He is continuing to take bloodroot as a preventative and feels wonderful!
-Taylor C.


Thank you for the info on black salve bloodroot capsules. I have struggled with systemic candida my whole life after being given loads of anti-biotics when I was a young child.  This product really relieves me from all of the symptoms, like athletes feet and dryness in my throat.


I have been taking the Bloodroot capsules and the Organic Green Powder for 3 weeks now and know that my body is repairing itself in a big way. I have a lot more energy and am starting to feel really good. Considering I live in New Zealand I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my order arrived. I would highly recommend these great health restoring products. Thank you so much.
-Sharyn from New Zealand.


I have been taking the black salve bloodroot capsule herbs for over 4 years now and I haven't had a re-occuence of my malignant melanoma that I had twice before. Wonderful product.
-Adrienne E.


I have removed 3 cancerous lesions since I bought Black Salve in April. My wife has removed 1 lesion. If you buy this product, and if you don't follow directions, and if you expect instant results, then you will be disappointed. Black Salve worked on a non-cancerous spot, as well. Black Salve formed a small irritation on the non-cancerous spot, and then, the irritation went away. We can't believe the first treatment worked so well. I have had these lesions on the side of my neck for years (the 1st spot). I have been wearing bandaids to bed so that the lesions wouldn't bleed on the pillow case. Weeks later, I no longer wear bandaids; I no longer bleed; and I can't tell the lesions were there. :-) My wife and I have used Black Salve in the past with great results. We haven't used it in years until now because we couldn't find it. We often longed for it. I was thrilled to find it, I ordered it right away, and I applied the Black Salve as soon as it came in. Black Salve works great! :-)


I've been using the Black Salve for around 7 years. I've removed over 50 masses from my skin. My conventional dr has now conceded I've saved my own life. I am grateful to the earth, the angels and the manufacturers for this product.


This product is a "miracle in a jar". I have used Black Salve twice on suspicious looking lesions on my legs, and on both occasions, Black Salve has meticulously and precisely removed the lesion. I truly believe that this product has potentially "saved my life", twice.
-Michelle H


I have done thorough research on “holistic” healing & most modalities far surpass Western medicine “procedures” for my personal choice. Have used black salve topically in past with amazing results do when “diagnosed” in November I KNEW, for ME, what was “prescribed” would ultimately kill me.
I went on line, seeking Black Salvd to take internally... a company in Great Britain offered what I sought, but the order process would not complete & their customer service guy was rude so  I continued my search. Actually tried two different US  companies both willing to answer ‘yes’ to my jnquiry if there product had KEY ingredient of Blood Root. Yet, upon product delivery it was not on ingredients label. Also both companies suggested mix in water or put in Vegie capsules ...for me, taste, smell, upset stomach with both methods. Then , one day I googled my “ diagnosis “,a newsletter popped up & this gentleman shared his experience of “best” black salve was Best On Earth.  At this point with time of the essence I ordered two bottles, great customer service! Blood Root listed as ingredient! I started with the 3 a day, then  took time to read the reviews on their website. Currently,  I am taking 3 capsules three times a day, with one day a week giving my body rest from all supplements. I have improved stamina, no stomach discomfort, & “symptoms” virtually gone..,of course eating organic, exercise, & becoming belief rather than fear based.
-BB in Wisconsin


The black salve does exactly what everyone says it should!!!!!  It's amazing how it works, God gave us such wonderful herbs and they crafted the product to work perfectly.  It's not for the faint of heart but neither are the consequences of not using it!  I have a lot more issues to work with and looking forward to eliminating them all.  Excellent!


I started using this product on the 9th May. Within 21 days my mole which was only very small extracted itself leaving a whole just above my belly button much bigger than i had ever expected. It was very scary watching and feeling the different stages take place. Now i have some scaring around the size of the surface area of my thumb but it is healing quit nicely. Not as itchy as it was and i haven't been using it a month yet. My partner now calls me the celebrity mole because my friends all want to see the healing progress.


I have removed a couple skin cancers as well as two large moles. I scar easily but that doesn't bother me. After 50-years-old hits, who cares what anyone thinks. I did not have to spend thousands of dollars on a Doctor! Worth every penny. Does dry out over time but just add some water.
-Michelle C.


Excellent results with the black salve bloodroot capsules, I am very satisfied with them.  At 82 years of age, and having spent a lifetime working and following recreational activities outdoors in the tropics, I am successfully using the capsules to control and perhaps prevent serious skin problems occasioned by many years of sun exposure. I will continue to purchase this product.
-Stuart A.

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